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Sight Village

Posted: 20th July 2020

We are pleased to share with you the opportunity to participate in the first Sight Village online event.

Sight Village will be presenting Sight Village Virtual; an online event providing a series of videos, podcasts and interactive workshops from the UK’s leading providers of products and services - all from the comfort of your own home!

There will be contributions from over 20 exhibitors including ourselves at Torch Trust, advertising our new leaflet called Introducing Torch Trust.

For many this is an unmissable event for people who are blind or partially-sighted, for professionals supporting and advising VIPs and for all businesses and other organisations wishing to improve their services for the visually impaired.

QAC Sight Village is described as “The UK's Leading exhibition for blind and partially sighted people and for those experiencing sight problems”. Each year thousands of people visit their events to find out at first hand the latest technology, products and support services available to people who are blind or partially sighted. Exhibitors include charities, commercial companies and voluntary organisations from across the UK, Europe and the world. In addition to the main show in Central England, there are a number of roadshow events in cities such as London, Leeds, Manchester, Exeter and Cardiff. Admission is FREE to all the events.

Sight Village Virtual will take place from:

Wednesday 22nd July – Thursday 23rd July

10am – 2pm

There is no need to pre-register all you need to do is visit: or on 22nd and 23rd July, between 10am and 2pm.


Torch's ministry thriving in challenging times - July

Posted: 13th July 2020

Paul Rhodes our Production Manager

‘The production department has been carrying on as normal throughout lockdown, producing and sending out resources like Premier Christianity magazine, Bible reading notes, Everyday with Jesus, Daily Bread, New Daylight and Upper Room. The Torch Library has been busy, as have sales for books to clients as well as through the online book shop Eden. Torch News and What’s New have been produced and sent out too.

‘It’s been great knowing that we have helped people get through this strange time of lockdown by being able to produce books and magazines and keeping the library open. The post has been a bit slower for some people but it seems as though everything we send does arrive, eventually!’

James Brookman our Audio Transcription Co-ordinator

‘The biggest impact of lockdown on audio transcription was the loss of our recording studios at Torch House. At short notice we had to get our local readers in and equip and train them in the use of portable recording devices which they could set up at home; no mean feat when they’re expected to do their own editing on the device and also transfer the audio back over the internet. My job as co-ordinator was also impacted as I moved to working exclusively from home although the wonders of modern technology mitigated most of the difficulties, including switching to digital books to avoid reliance on the postal service.

‘Despite, or maybe because of, lockdown all our normal audio has been produced well ahead of time – all my volunteers being confined to barracks has provided plenty of spare time. In fact, the biggest barrier to productivity has been me struggling to keep up with demand from my volunteers for books to record – so you can look forward to a bonanza of Christian audio books to listen to over the coming months!’

Becky Davies our Acting Sight Loss Friendly Church Manager

‘I am delighted to report that the first virtual SLFC training session recently went extremely well and was well supported with over 20 people joining Zoom from one church. It was also a real blessing to have Matthew Horspool, one of our SLFC Representatives, Chich Hewitt and James Hassall, 2 of our SLFC volunteers on the Zoom session with us. They were able to share their experiences of sight loss with all of the participants. We will continue to promote our virtual training sessions to churches who have already signed up to being sight loss friendly. If you are part of a SLFC who has not received training yet please do encourage them to contact us to discuss this opportunity further.

‘We are also very pleased to offer you the opportunity to join us at the launch of one of our new events from July. These will be virtual SLFC Taster Sessions on Zoom. These will be a perfect opportunity to hear more about SLFC, meet the SLFC team, and find out about all the benefits for your local church when they sign up to be a SLFC. These will last no more than 30 minutes and will be a perfect event to invite members of your groups to find out more and be better informed. You could also invite leaders in your churches who would like to know more about SLFC. There will be opportunity to ask questions. To book onto any of these sessions and for more information about them or our training events email’

And finally

We continue to thank the Lord for your ongoing messages of support, prayers and donations for the UK and Malawi.

Your emails and letters do give encouragement to the Torch team and so thank you. We really do like to hear from you so please stay in touch!

Deuteronomy 31:8 ‘The Lord Himself goes before you and will be with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged’

Week of Prayer & Torch Thanksgiving 2020

Posted: 23rd May 2020

Week of Prayer & Torch Thanksgiving 2020 Picture

We are delighted to invite you to join with us for this year’s Week of Prayer and annual Thanksgiving. Whilst we are unable to gather in person, we will be able to share and interact through various ways, thus making these precious times available to all.

More than ever Torch needs prayer, so please we ask you to commit a little time each day to remember the ministry of Torch via our Week of Prayer.

As our 60th anniversary year comes to an end we have so much to be thankful for, but also, it’s vital we look around and ahead to the next chapter of God’s calling. And so, our Thanksgiving set for Saturday June 6th was a time of praise, sharing and call to action.

Torch Thanksgiving

from its dedicated YouTube channel Torch Trust 2020

Week of Prayer

Monday 1st June - Torch Trust

Led by Rev'd Michael Heaney, Chief Operating Officer

Monday's video and Monday's audio

Tuesday 2nd June - Our Trustees

Led by Paul Wood, Chief Technical Officer

Tuesday's video and Tuesday's audio

Wednesday 3rd June - Our Supporters

Led by Mandy Blow, Relationship Lead

Wednesday's video and Wednesday's audio

Thursday 4th June - Accessible Christian Literature including Reflections

Led by Rose Heaney, Services Lead

Thursday's video and Thursday's audio

Friday 5th June - Sight Loss Friendly Church

Led by Matthew Horspool, Torch Representative

Friday's video and Friday's audio

Alternatively call 0333 123 1255 to hear the same presentations and prayer points

We look forward to you joining in our events.

With every blessing

Michael Heaney
Chief Operating Officer

Torch Trust a special time for our prayers

Posted: 27th April 2020 by Mandy Blow

Torch Trust a special time for our prayers Picture

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” (Philippians 4:6)

Dear Friends,

The coronavirus outbreak is the greatest global health emergency in living memory. It is affecting the way we all go about our daily lives and this will continue today, tomorrow and for the foreseeable future.

In these uncertain times, small acts of kindness can make a huge difference to people’s lives.

We wonder how people with sight loss now navigate being safely guided while social distancing? We cannot stop the virus, but we can still be there for our clients, as their lifeline in their hour of need!

In recent weeks Torch has had to make many difficult but necessary decisions that have impacted on our charity. We have cancelled and postponed crucial events and projects which will have a significant impact on our income and ultimately the sustainability of Torch going forward.

Covid-19 has meant that our loyal volunteers are all now self-isolating in their homes to keep them and their families safe, which is Torch’s top priority. However, some volunteers are still able to give their time to support the work of Torch through these difficult times by working from their homes which we are so very thankful for.

We are currently in a position where several of our staff have been furloughed through Covid-19, however we still have skeleton staff in Torch House with a high priority placed on our production so that we can continue to dispatch library books and daily bible readings notes to our clients. They are a ‘lifeline’ our clients tell us, and client services are still giving a bespoke telephone service to our vulnerable clients, supporting them through these difficult days.

Some staff are also working from home producing audio recordings and transcribing books, so that our clients are able to still receive bible reading notes and other resources. A real blessing during this time.

Our mission of getting every church in the UK to become sight loss friendly was gaining good momentum before Covid-19 came along but now we find ourselves in another arena, navigating like many churches, ways to connect and work collaboratively by virtual platforms.

This has also become a challenge for our Torch Fellowship Groups across the United Kingdom and so we are currently working hard to put together guidance and arranging practice Zoom sessions with Group Leaders and Regional Co-Ordinators to support them with this new way of connecting virtually.

The corona virus has also now reached our mission partners in Malawi and the regular financial support we provide them will help produce braille leaflets that talk about the symptoms of Covid-19, the way this virus is transmitted and prevention measures. The people with sight loss will suddenly be even more vulnerable during these challenging times.

As always it is the generosity of our supporters that enables our work to continue, not only in the United Kingdom but across several parts of the world including Malawi. We rely on your support to keep Torch going. With your help we will continue to provide a vital ‘lifeline’ to people with sight loss throughout the effects of Covid-19.

Could you help some of the poorest people in the world to stay safe against coronavirus?

Help people with sight loss in the UK to continue to access a personal and pastoral telephone service?

We need to be able to continue to answer the phone and be the comforting familiar voice who can guide in these testing times. We need to continue to produce and send out accessible Christian literature that will bring peace and hope during the present crisis.

It is a difficult time for everyone and we have been humbled and amazed at the messages of prayer support and additional gifts already received – your continued prayers and anything financially you can give today will make a difference and be a lifeline to people with sight loss to give a brighter tomorrow.

So please do continue to pray for the ongoing ministry and sustainability of Torch and for God to come alongside us all at these unprecedented times.

In respect of financial support, we would really benefit in these times from online donations to limit the manual processing of cheques.

Torch's bank details are - Torch Trust for the Blind, SORT CODE: 40-52-40, Account Number: 00017072.

We are also still able to bank cheques at the current time, but this could of course change moving forward.

If you could make a monthly commitment to Torch this would really make a difference to the planning and sustainability of our ongoing ministry.

We thank you in advance for your prayers and your continued financial support during the weeks and months ahead.

''For I know the plans I have for you,'' declares the LORD, ''plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.'' (Jeremiah 29:11)

God continues his great plans for Torch Trust. We pray for the continuation of our established ministry through these difficult months ahead as we navigate Covid-19 together.

God Bless you all and please stay safe.

Mandy Blow
Relationships Lead

Audio version of this message

Message from our Chair of Trustees

Posted: 27th March 2020 by Dr. Mike Townsend

The Trustees have asked that I inform you that Julia Hyde is leaving her employment with Torch Trust on the 31st March, Julia will remain on sick leave until this date. 

Julia has brought lots of energy and fresh ideas to Torch and worked hard to set up our Sight Loss Friendly Church initiative. We wish her all the best for her future.

Please pray.

These are very challenging times. The Executive Team and Trustees are prayerfully looking to God to guide us. Key areas of work are carrying on with staff involved both at Torch House and home working. we are looking at easy-to-use technologies to help our friends and clients stay connected and support them spiritually in these difficult times.

We have a loving and caring God, "cast all your cares on him because he cares for you" (1 Peter 5:7).

Dr. Mike Townsend, Chair

Torch Trust updated statement in relation to Covid-19

Posted: 25th March 2020 by Michael Heaney

Following further restrictions advocated within the wider society for the benefit of all, and our duty of care towards our staff team, we have had to make a further review of how we can operate. Torch House will still currently be in operation, albeit with an absolute minimum of staff onsite to continue to provide services with priority towards the production of accessible Christian resources (including Bible Reading Notes), and the library service.

Our usual telephone lines with support for our clients remain operating and handled by staff from their homes. However, this is not at our full capacity so do bear with us when trying to contact us.

We continue to review and cancel as necessary any upcoming Torch Together events, anyone already booked on an event cancelled will be contacted in due course to arrange refunds. We have cancelled any dates currently set for Church or Group visits/SLFC training/exhibitions for the foreseeable future.

We have also advised Torch Fellowship Groups who cannot now meet in person to try to make every effort of supporting people online and by the telephone. Indeed, we will be using this time to review, advise and promote how best the many platforms for remote meetings and fellowship can still take place.

These are incredibly challenging days for us all and for those living with sight loss is an added consideration. In these unprecedented times we continue to invite your prayers, acts of kindness towards each other, and as able any financial support, without which we would be unable to continue.

In respect of financial support, we would really benefit in these times from online donations to limit the manual processing of cheques. Torch's bank details are - Torch Trust for the Blind, SORT CODE: 40-52-40, Account Number: 00017072. It is really helpful to quote a reference if you have one, your Client Code if you know it, or simply your post code will help us identify you.

As a ministry centered upon Jesus Christ, we turn to God in these days to ask for his peace upon ourselves, our communities and all those close to us.

Torch Trust latest statement in relation to Covid-19

Posted: 19th March 2020 by Michael Heaney

Subject to availability of staffing and services Torch House will remain open as normal to continue to provide services with priority towards printed resources, library service and telephone support of our clients.

Only essential minimal staff are working safely on site with all others working from home.

In view of the latest government advice decisions are being taken to review and cancel as necessary any upcoming Torch Together events, anyone already booked on an event cancelled will be contacted in due course to arrange refunds.

We are also cancelling any dates currently set for Church or Group visits/SLFC training/exhibitions for the foreseeable future.

We advise Torch Fellowship Groups to also heed the general advice and to cease meeting in person for the foreseeable future and to try to make every effort of supporting people online and by the telephone.

These are challenging days for us all and for those living with sight loss this presents additional challenges. In these unprecedented times we continue to invite your prayers, acts of kindness towards each other, and as able any financial support without which we would be unable to continue.

Message from the new chair of trustees

Posted: 7th March 2020 by Dr. Mike Townsend

Message from the new chair of trustees Picture

From March 1st 2020, I have the honour and responsibility of being the new chair of Torch Trust. For some time, Marilyn Baker has served God in this role. She has been a blessing and immense pastoral lead over several years. She now feels it is time to place more emphasis on her other activities. Marilyn remains a trustee and will support us pastorally.

This is a time of change in Torch. The Governing documents for the Trust state that one of the key roles of chair is to be an ambassador. At the very heart of Torch are its core values which are: Christ centred, people focused, open, and creative. We have some exciting projects including Torch Together and Sight Loss Friendly Church. I am also excited about the fresh opportunities of helping blind and partially sighted people build their relationship with God through the use of technology.

I look forward to renewing links , making new friendships, and supporting you all in God's good future.

Please pray for me.

A Letter from our Chairperson - Marilyn Baker

Posted: 7th December 2019

A letter from our Chairperson, Marilyn Baker

‘As I was with Moses, so I will be with you; I will never leave you nor forsake you.’ Joshua 1:5b.

This wonderful promise was given to Joshua when he was facing a very big change in his life. His beloved mentor Moses had died. Would God work just as powerfully through him as He had through Moses?

God reassured him: ‘As I was with Moses, so I will be with you.’ He doesn’t have favourites and wants to work through all His children. He was with Israel in this new season and is with us in Torch too.

This year we celebrated 60 years of the Lord’s amazing work through Torch and we now need to lean on Him as we move into a new phase of partnering in His work.

Sight Loss Friendly Church is our key initiative where we long to see people with sight loss more connected than ever before to their local spiritual communities; truly becoming part of church life, valued, and using their gifts to enrich the body of Christ. Please pray for us that Torch can make strong relationships with churches, so they too can catch this vision.

Our Holiday and Retreat Centre will close at the end of December, and we thank God with all our hearts for the wonderful work that has been done there, and for the many lives changed. So many people have found faith and restoration in their lives and discovered the joy of belonging and acceptance. We are actively seeking a new way forward for HRC. We pray that God’s purpose for HRC will be fulfilled. We don’t know what this will look like yet, so please pray that God will show us His perfect plans. Pray for the remaining holidays this year, including the Christmas and pre-Christmas holidays, that they will be full of joy, and for our wonderful staff and volunteers who have served us so faithfully that God will guide them into the new works He has for them and will look after their every need.

Thinking of Christmas, I am excited to share that I’ve just released a new Christmas album: Hallelujah Christmas, jazzing up some traditional carols and adding some of my own. Here are some words from my song Rescue Plan to give you an idea:

Hallelujah, Hallelujah, we can find this love again;

Hallelujah, Hallelujah, finding God as Father and Friend.

And He’s here today with His arms outstretched

He can fill you with His love.

Open up your hearts to this mighty power from above.

Drink in the hope of the Christmas story, knowing that Jesus loves us so much that He left Heaven’s glory to be with us in all our struggles and frailty. He knows what it is to be poor and He willingly carries our sorrows and shame. Through Him we can truly know not just that God will be with us in our own lives but will guide and bless the work of Torch too.

The Lord has promised to lead us as we continually seek Him, and we so much value your love and prayers at this time. We look forward to seeing you in future fellowship events we will arrange, so do watch this space for news and keep in touch.

May you know the joy and peace of Emmanuel, God with us, this Christmas, Marilyn.

Torch Alternative Black Friday Guide

Posted: 27th November 2019

Torch Alternative Black Friday Guide Picture

Whilst many people are thinking about the commercial and material aspects of Christmas, we are delighted to offer you some FREE alternatives to fill your heart rather than empty your wallet.


A conversation with God is never a waste of time. Sometimes setting out a deliberate prayer slot in your diary can really help that connection. Torch has a Daily Prayer guide as well as our Prayer Diary Resource 

Why not visit our website every day to be inspired in your daily prayers?

Connect with your Bible

Connect with your Bible is a fresh way – have you ever used Bible notes to support you? – Torch offers 4 different types in various media. Also try using our daily Bible reading resource which offers a daily verse to inspire you. 

Give your time

Volunteer for Torch – we are so thrilled to have some dedicated and treasured volunteers. If you are local to Market Harborough and would like to be involved, then please do get in touch.

If you live further afield you could start with your own church, visit and find out how you can ensure anyone with sight loss can enjoy fellowship at your church.


Listen to our free Torch Radio show! We produce a weekly radio programme called Reflections. Aired on both Premier Radio and RNIB Connect Radio, the show has features on faith and disability in today’s world and is also available as a weekly podcast, featuring all episodes from that month. 

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