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Christian resources and activities for blind
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Torch Book Groups

This is another exciting new venture for the Torch Trust. The vision is for people who are blind and partially sighted and who enjoy reading good Christian literature to be able to meet together and discuss a book, which they have all read beforehand; and we hope as you read this page you too will catch the vision for faith-building fellowship.

Why start a Christian Book Group for people who are blind or partially sighted?

Here are three good reasons:

  • Book groups or reading circles have had something of a renaissance recently. Local libraries run them, specific interest groups run them, churches run them, publishers run them. So let’s make this popular activity available to people who are blind and partially sighted.
  • People with shared interests gravitate towards each other and socialize naturally. Christians have enjoyed fellowshipping since the early church and when you then add the activity of reading the same book, you have a group of people with significant shared interests.
  • Torch can provide Christian books in an accessible format so that everyone can take part.

Not everyone is a reader. However, recent research by the RNIB has shown that people who are on the sight loss journey often become more enthusiastic readers. Many of our Library borrowers have said that books become companions.

How do Book Groups work?

So to share this interest, we can get together in Book Groups, where fellowship is on the agenda as well as books and of course a nice cuppa and some cake!

Each group meets monthly to discuss the book they have read, and then choose and order the next book. Torch has hundreds of Christian audio titles to choose from, some with questions to help your discussions. Groups are open to all, though to qualify as a TorchTalk Group, at least 50% of the group should have vision impairment.

Please contact one of Torch’s librarians for a Torch Book Group Information pack or to register. An ABC Guide to Starting a Book Group can be found here.

How you and your Church can help

Could you and your church be involved in providing local blind people with vital faith-building fellowship?

Support from local church volunteers can be helpful at these groups, especially in the early days, to facilitate discussion where eye contact is limited or not available, and to help as appropriate with booking and preparing a venue; providing refreshments; collecting and driving people with sight loss to the events; and simply befriending people.

Launching new groups is just one of a number of new initiatives from Torch aimed particularly at supporting as many people as possible through the challenging early stages of sight loss. Do get in touch with Carol Nokes at Torch House (01858 438260 or email if you would like to know more.




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