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Is this how some of
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Just Imagine

Just imagine what it would be like to go to your church if you had little or no eyesight. How will I get there, who will be there to greet me and will they guide me to a seat? Where will I be seated, will I be next to somebody who will give me any help I need? Which way am I facing, who is here that I know, how will I find them, will I meet anybody I’ll like? Then there would be the reading material I’m offered – Bible, songbook, order of service, newssheet – or perhaps even worse: “it’s all on the screen”. How can I join in? And that’s just the first few moments!

There are twice as many people living with debilitating sightloss in the UK as there are in Birmingham. That’s too many to ignore, yet often that’s their experience – even in church! These are perfectly ordinary people like you and I, simply with one sense that doesn’t work well, or at all; people who need Christ as much as any of us; people who need the community and fellowship that church offers, especially as those that live by themselves can lead terribly lonely lives.

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In Britain, 2 million people live with debilitating sight loss - that's almost 1 in 30!

45% of blind and partially sighted people live alone - isolated and often lonely.

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