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Torch Trust - The Christian Sight Loss Charity

Daily Bible verse and prayer topic - Thursday 22 October 2020

Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved Acts 16:31 (more daily Bible verses)

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Torch Holiday and Retreat Centre - Announcement

Posted: 9th September 2020 by Tim Jeffery, Interim CEO

It is with very mixed emotions that I bring to you the news that the sale of HRC has now completed.  HRC has been a significant part of the ministry of Torch over many years and I know that it was a special and much loved place for so many people.  It is therefore appropriate for us to mourn the ending of that era of Torch’s work but also to give thanks for all that God has done in and through HRC.  So many people have been instrumental in establishing and running the Centre and we are so grateful for all that has been poured out by so many to make it the very special place it has been.

At the very heart of creation and our faith is the mystery of crucifixion and resurrection.  We know that it is out of death that new life emerges.  Sad though the ending of HRC is, we can also be a people of hope that God will do new things.  Like so many charities and ministries, Torch is experiencing very uncertain times and significant challenges both in the ways we operate and in the finances that enable all that we do.  Unfortunately HRC was making a significant financial loss and so the decision was a hard but necessary one. The sale of HRC will help us to recover those losses and give us some ability to invest in some new things – including to develop new ways of providing the spiritual refreshment, space to relax and fun that so many experienced at HRC.  We trust the Lord, as we move forward to guide us into new and exciting areas of ministry as we seek to be good stewards of all that he has entrusted to us.  

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Torch in brief

Torch Trust's aims can be summarised as enabling people with sight loss to discover Christian faith and lead fulfilling Christian lives.

Towards this end we provide Christian resources and activities for blind and partially sighted people worldwide. Our services are offered to all who experience sight loss, of all faiths or none, and including those with sight loss who have other disabilities.

Among our services, Torch provides Christian literature, including a free lending library and a range of magazines, in various accessible formats. We also promote Christian fellowship through over 60 local Groups across the UK. Our international arm involves Torch working in partnership with others and being involved in various projects, especially in Malawi which in turn serves the needs of blind and partially sighted people in various other African countries.

Torch Trust has a driving vision for people with sight loss, wherever in the world they may live. Our seven-fold charter is that every blind or partially sighted person may have the opportunity to:

  • Explore Christian faith and discover Jesus
  • Grow as a Christian
  • Enjoy a fulfilling devotional life
  • Access Christian activities and resources they need
  • Join a church of their choice
  • Develop their invaluable God-given gifting
  • Contribute to the life of the church

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