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Torch Trust is a Christian organisation with a worldwide vision for people with sight loss

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Blog: Our braille work

Posted: 3rd January 2019 by Torch Trust

Blog: Our braille work Picture

To celebrate World Braille Day 2019 today, we wanted to share the story of our own braille work with you! Braille is very important for Torch as it’s how we communicate with many of our service users: from our leaflets and newsletters, to our scripture calendar, to our postal lending library. Additionally, we produce the world’s largest circulation Braille magazine, The Torch. This periodical goes around the world to well over 7,000 people, and has been running for over 60 years encouraging blind and partially sighted people in their Christian faith.

Do you know how the process of brailling on a large scale work? Many of you may have experience with manually powered braillers, often found in schools or individuals’ homes, but creating enough braille for our many clients requires some fairly hefty machinery!

The most important piece of kit is the braille printer, a huge machine which sits in our production department. The machine is fed by huge spools of braille paper which stand half a metre high! We also have machines which trim the sheets and bind the pages, as well as a bagging machine which gets them ready to be sent out all over the world.

These machines are of course, not the start of our braille process – no, that happens upstairs in Torch House’s transcription department. This is where staff members source and prepare electronic files for books to be transcribed into braille. It’s also where Torch’s own publications get put into a format ready for brailling. The trickiest jobs are ones with a non-standard layout – so perhaps lots of tables, or pictures, or music notation. Our skilled staff work very hard to make sure we can produce as much braille as possible for our clients!

On this World Braille Day, please pray for all the people around the world who use and rely on braille, and for those who are involved in the production and distribution of it.

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Torch in brief

Torch Trust's aims can be summarised as enabling people with sight loss to discover Christian faith and lead fulfilling Christian lives.

Towards this end we provide Christian resources and activities for blind and partially sighted people worldwide. Our services are offered to all who experience sight loss, of all faiths or none, and including those with sight loss who have other disabilities.

Among our services, Torch provides Christian literature, including a free lending library and a range of magazines, in various accessible formats. We also promote Christian fellowship through 110 local Groups across the UK. Torch also runs a varied programme of holidays at our own holiday centre and at other venues around the UK and abroad. Our international arm involves Torch working in partnership with others and being involved in various projects, especially in Malawi which in turn serves the needs of blind and partially sighted people in various other African countries.

Torch Trust has a driving vision for people with sight loss, wherever in the world they may live. Our seven-fold charter is that every blind or partially sighted person may have the opportunity to:

  • Explore Christian faith and discover Jesus
  • Grow as a Christian
  • Enjoy a fulfilling devotional life
  • Access Christian activities and resources they need
  • Join a church of their choice
  • Develop their invaluable God-given gifting
  • Contribute to the life of the church

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