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Spring 2017

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Hello and welcome to this first edition of What’s New from Torch Trust, a new magazine that brings you all the latest information about our services, resources and literature. What’s New replaces the now discontinued Reading for All, and I hope you’ll find it just as useful and interesting!

In this issue you’ll find book reviews and recommendations as well as a list of some of the latest books added to the Torch resources catalogue. You’ll also be able to read a little bit about some of Torch’s other services, including our Holiday & Retreat Centre and Journeying With, our befriending scheme.

I hope you’ll enjoy this magazine and perhaps pass it on to anyone you know who might be interested. If you would like to receive What’s New from Torch Trust in other formats then do get in touch on 01858 438260 or email info@torchtrust.org. The magazine is available in braille, large print (various sizes), audio and email.

Happy reading,

Grace Davis, Editor

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Book reviews

All of the books reviewed below are now available on request in braille and large print sizes 17pt, 20pt, 25pt and 30pt.

Faith for all Seasons by Jeff Lucas

Jeff Lucas explores Elijah’s journey of faith and shows us that, come rain or shine, God is committed to shaping and equipping us for all the different stages of life that we have to navigate. And whatever we are facing, God’s love and purposes for us remain the same. With his usual mix of humour and honest reflection, Jeff Lucas invites us to discover how God’s love is sufficient for every season of life, mountain tops and valleys alike. As he looks at Elijah’s great bravery in chapter 2, Jeff warns that for the majority of us courage will be a quiet hum rather than an epic roar; to remain when it would be easier to give up, to trust when our situation gets worse rather than better and to do what is right in the face of threats. There are many other aspects to Elijah’s character and, as Jeff draws our attention to them throughout the book, the reader will be encouraged, inspired and enlightened. Christian Living. £9.99 Ref 8646.

Review by Kath Cope. From Together magazine, used with permission

Heaven’s Morning by David Winter

This is an excellent book looking at the Biblical teaching of death and what happens after it. It is a blend of good Bible study and topical modern research set out in what is, as you’d expect from David Winter, an easy-to-read style of short paragraphs and chapters that clearly spell out in easily absorbed sections what we can perhaps best expect as Christians from all the materials and ideas out there cluttering up our world and theology. This would be a good book for using as a study with an interested group (although there are no questions included in it). It is also a handy book perhaps to pass on to someone who has suffered a bereavement or is worried about the nature of death and dying — gentle and insightful as it is. Themed Bible study. £7.99. Ref 8647.

Review by Melanie Carroll. From Together magazine, used with permission.

Hope when it hurts by Kristen Wetherell & Sarah Walton

One of the most refreshing things about this devotional is that the two authors are still in the midst of suffering so they write from real experience.

The book is an exploration of verses taken from 2 Corinthians and focusses on how God wants to give us hope within our hurts.

It can be hard to take in anything in the midst of deep suffering but the authors are sensitive, honest and vulnerable, which provides an instant connection for the reader. They acknowledge that we all have changing responses to pain; they do not belittle that process but rather indicate the invitation it gives us to wrestle with God.

Each chapter concludes with reflective questions, a prayer and suggested scriptures for further meditation. There is also space for journaling.

There are a few things unique to the nationality of the authors (American), such as the financial burden of medical care, but that does not detract from their poignant insights. Devotional. £11.99. Ref 8648.

Review by Claire Musters. From Premier Christianity, used with permission.

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Torch holidays

Torch Holiday & Retreat Centre

Set on the border of the South Downs National Park, in rural West Sussex, the Centre is the location for a great and varied programme of holidays each year, all specially designed for people with sight loss. Holidays vary from themed breaks such as walking weeks, book weeks and craft weeks, to more relaxing summer vacations and holidays during the festive season.

Torch Holidays also run Moving Forward breaks throughout each year. These residential breaks are for people who have recently begun to lose their sight or have experienced a deterioration in their sight. The breaks are designed to give people information and basic skills that will help them in their daily living, as well as the chance to meet and share with other people going through the same experience, all in a context that is emotionally and spiritually supportive.

Upcoming holidays:

16–19 May, Moving Forward – to encourage, equip and enable you on the next step of your sight loss journey; £220

22–26 May, Sports Week – a fun filled week exploring accessible sports; £450

26–30 June, Summer Moments – a summer holiday of relaxation and activities in and out of the centre; £360

17–21 July, World Food Week – a tasty holiday exploring food and activities from cultures around the world; £360

To book or find out more about these holidays and all the others coming up this year just call 01858 438260 or email info@torchtrust.org.

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New books from Torch

All of the following books are newly available on request in braille and large print sizes 17pt, 20pt, 25pt and 30pt. See individual titles for DAISY audio availability.

I Want to be an Airline Pilot by Mary Weeks Millard

A victorious, heart-warming story about Shema an eight-year-old Rwandan goatherd from a child-led family. Through his adventures he learns little by little about “Mister God” a Father in heaven who cares for him. Christian fiction for 8-11 year olds. Also available in DAISY. £5.99. Ref 7688

The Treasure Hunt by J. M. Evans

Four Christian friends have a mystery to solve. An exciting and inspiring story. Christian fiction for 8-11 year olds. £4.99. Ref 7685

London’s Gone by J. M. Evans

London has been bombed by terrorists. The government has been wiped out and riots have begun. Maria must make a hazardous journey to safety with her sister and a Christian friend and faces issues she has never had to consider before. Christian fiction for 11-15 year olds. Also available in DAISY. £6.99. Ref 7689

The Only Way by Gareth Rowe

The Only Way is a moving, fast paced and gripping piece of writing. A story of hope for young people 12+. £5.99. Ref 7683

For Heaven’s Sake by John Edwards

For Heaven’s Sake is filled with miraculous stories of how God has moved in John’s life and ministry. Read about the incredible ups and devastating downs as he battled through cancer, hepatitis C virus and a liver transplant. Autobiography. £7.99 Ref 8629

Home at Last by Mark Stibbe

Many people suffer with homesickness throughout their lives as a result of being sent away to boarding school at a young age. Home at Last tells the author’s story and offers a unique model of healing. Autobiography. £8.99. Ref 8617

Life Hurts by Elizabeth McNaught

Lizzie couldn’t believe it. She had just gone to the hospital for a quick check-up and they diagnosed her with anorexia. They told her she could die. Life Hurts tells Lizzie’s story, reflecting on it from her perspective as a doctor. Autobiography. £8.99. Ref 8616

Fixed Lives by Barry Woodward

Fixed Lives is a collection of stories about people who were once caught up in the cycle of addiction, but whose lives have been truly fixed. It provides intriguing and sometimes shocking insights into lives that have been totally changed. Biography. £8.99 8630

Gerald Coates Pioneer by Ralph Turner

This book celebrates Gerald’s life. A pastor, a pioneer and a provocateur, his bold prophetic ministry – both in terms of speaking prophetically and in terms of living that way – has challenged the established church. Biography. £8.99. Ref 8626

Musings Through Mark by Sarah Woodall

Musings Through Mark is a unique, creative storytelling experience combining prose, poetry and striking images. The author walks us through Mark’s Gospel, showing at each step how Jesus’ identity as the Son of God unfolds. Bible study aid. £8.99. Ref 8621

Ruth, A Parable of the Kingdom by Peter Lyne

In this book, Peter Lyne draws on his own lifetime of experience to show how the timeless principles at work in the story of Ruth have just as much power to change our world today. Bible study aid. £5.99. Ref 8639

Chosen? by Mel Menzies

As a counsellor, based in Exeter’s Cathedral Green, Evie Adams ponders the extraordinary circumstances surrounding her latest clients and the way they’ve impacted upon her own life. Christian fiction. £8.99. Ref 8628

Time To Shine by Mel Menzies

The interweaving tale of counsellor Evie Adams and her client Julia Worth, a well-off ‘lady of leisure’, unhappily married to Carl. Time to Shine is a psychological mystery, which readers of Jodi Picoult will no doubt enjoy. Christian fiction. £8.99. Ref 8635

To Everything a Time by Eleanor Watkins

Alison Harper might be considered a woman who has it all – husband, healthy children, friends, a home in a beautiful setting. But, as a new year unfolds, unforeseen events arise, some trivial, others that are matters of life and death. Christian fiction. £8.99. Ref 8636

Barking Dogs by Andy Rushworth

This book is about the author’s experiences of taking the Gospel into places where it is desperately needed yet hardest to find. He hopes that you too will be encouraged to take the Gospel into ordinary places and be amazed at what God can do. Christian living. £9.99. Ref 8615

Naturally Supernatural by Wendy Mann

This book unpacks over ten years of Wendy Mann’s journey of learning how to live a naturally supernatural life. It is full of inspiring insights and practical tools that she and her church community, King’s Arms Church, Bedford, are learning along the way. Christian living. £8.99. Ref 8632

Holy Habits by Andrew Roberts

The call to Christian discipleship is a call to adventure. Holy Habits explores the nature of that adventure through a rich mix of biblical material and inspiring stories. Devotional. £8.99. Ref 8623

Teach Us To Pray by Rob White

Do you find praying easy, or a struggle? Here’s some help so it becomes a delight. Based on the Lord’s Prayer, Rob White examines each part of the prayer and shows how we can practically apply these to our everyday lives. Devotional. £6.99. Ref 8640

Developing Prophetic Culture by Phil Wilthew

Using more than two decades of experience, Phil Wilthew unlocks some of the keys to building environments that develop prophets and prophetic people in a healthy, Bible honouring and Jesus-centred way. Themed study. £8.99 8618

A Fresh Understanding of Israel by Jacob Vince

This book provides distinctive answers to questions at the heart of the Christian encounter with the Jewish people with the aim to offer the church a concise account of the consistency of God’s love for the Jewish people throughout Scripture. Themed study. £7.99. Ref 8611

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Journeying With

Struggling with sight loss? Not sure who to talk to? Feeling lost? Journeying With might be just the thing for you. Journeying With is a distinctively Christian befriending scheme, which pairs trained volunteers with people with sight loss.

A Journeying With volunteer will give you the opportunity to discuss your feelings and offer practical, confidential support as you adjust to life with sight loss. They can visit you at home, meet out and about, or be a listening ear over the telephone. The volunteer will support you for a few hours each week, over six months, to help rebuild confidence and support your longer-term independence. They’ll be as flexible as possible to meet your needs, and ready to pray and support you on your faith journey if you choose.

If you’d like more information about this, or would like to volunteer as a befriender, then please do get in touch. Call us on 01858 438260 or email info@torchtrust.org.

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Other Torch resources

Torch Lending Library

Torch operates a free postal lending library with over 2500 books available to borrow in a variety of accessible media.

Bible Reading Notes

We produce some of the most popular daily Bible reading notes in accessible media and you can choose which suits you best. Every Day With Jesus from CWR, Daily Bread from Scripture Union and The Upper Room from the Bible Reading Fellowship are all available from Torch at no cost. However, if you would like to make an annual voluntary donation to cover our costs, we suggest £16.00.

Magazines and Publications

We also produce a number of magazines in a variety of styles and media to suit everyone:

Torch News – a quarterly news magazine with essential updates and articles about Torch services and activities.

International News for Praise and Prayer – regular news on Torch in Malawi and elsewhere outside the UK.

Christianity Today Digest – a monthly compilation of articles from this contemporary online magazine.

Premier Christianity and Premier Christianity Lite – the UK’s biggest selling monthly Christian magazine in accessible media.

What’s New from Torch Trust – new books, reviews and new activities at Torch.

Reflections Radio Omnibus – a monthly compilation of previous editions of Reflections radio programmes.

eNews – an occasional email from Torch with news and notices that we want to bring to your attention.

The Torch – Torch’s core magazine with a range of reflections and articles for all

For more details about any of these resources, please call our Client Services Team on 01858 438260.

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