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Autumn 2018

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Welcome to What’s New, our magazine for clients, showcasing our resources and services. Our accessible resources, including literature, magazines and our library are for clients who are blind or partially sighted.

In this edition we showcase our festive offerings – in particular the newest additions to our Advent and Christmas books and resources. You can also find out about our seasonal freebie – yes, that’s right, we have a mini book that is completely free to receive in your choice of accessible media. The books and resources in this magazine are available to buy in varied accessible formats such as large print, braille and audio. And don’t forget, Torch Trust also operates a postal lending library of 2,500 accessible books that are free for people with sight loss to borrow. We also have over a thousand more accessible books available, just get in touch to find out more.

In What’s New you’ll also be able find out about some of Torch’s other offerings including our radio programme, Reflections, and our Scripture text calendar for 2019.

Please do enjoy this magazine and perhaps pass it on to anyone you know who might be interested. If you would like to receive What’s New in other formats then do get in touch on 01858 438260 or email info@torchtrust.org

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Advent and Christmas Books for purchase

All of the books can be ordered now in braille, large print (17pt, 20pt, 25pt and 30pt) and DAISY*.

A Strange Christmas: A Cover to Cover study for Advent by Krish Kandiah

What could be more familiar than Christmas? And yet ... what could be stranger than God's plan for salvation. Go on that journey again. Dig out the strange circumstances that led to the birth of Jesus, and what that means for us and our messy lives. Question why people responded in such strange ways, and what that means for the way we worship God.

Find out why God included such strange people, and make the connection with the tough challenge of a Christmas story that constantly welcomes strangers. And dig deeper into why, in God's strange wisdom, Christmas is supposed to change everything. Spend 30 days with Krish Kandiah, exploring the mystery and the wonder of the Christmas story. For personal or group study. Ref. 9004, £5.99

Celtic Advent, 40 days of devotions to Christmas by David Cole

This inspirational book takes the reader through Advent to the celebration of Christmas through the eyes and beliefs of Celtic Christianity. Starting in November and reflecting on Jesus' coming at his birth as well as into our lives by the Holy Spirit and at the world's end, the author offers a unique approach to the season to help you gain a new sense of wonder in the birth of Jesus, the Saviour of the world. The DAISY audio is read by the author. Ref. 9002, £8.99

Joy to the World, 25 Christmas Carol meditations by J.John

Advent looks forward to the world being utterly changed in every way by the coming of Christ. This season let's explore Christmas by focusing on carols and what they say. Whether old or new, they point to the truth of Christmas. Ref 9016, £4.00.00

Hark!: The Biography Of Christmas by Paul Kerensa

In this delightful sleigh ride through Christmas history, Paul Kerensa answers the festive questions you never thought to ask... Did Cromwell help shape the mince pie? Was St Nicholas the first to use an automatic door? Which classic Christmas crooners were inspired by a Hollywood heatwave? And did King Herod really have a wife called Doris? Whether you mull on wine or enjoy the biggest turkey, the biggest tree or the biggest credit card bill, unwrap your story through our twelve dates of Christmas past. From Roman revelry to singing Bing, via Santa, Scrooge and a snoozing saviour, this timeless tale is perfect trivia fodder for the Christmas dinner table. Ref. 9010, £7.99

Are you ready for Christmas? by Susan Richards

A selection of engaging seasonal poems by Susan Richards, a long-term friend and supporter of Torch Trust. Ref. 8779, £4.00

A Pirate Christmas by Suzy Senior and Andy Gatling

Chart ye course for the Great Christmas Treasure Hunt! Pirate Dad, Joe, and Cannon, the ship's guinea pig, sit glumly on the poop deck. Tonight is the Buccaneers' Ball AND the Great Christmas Treasure Hunt. It's the best event of the pirate year and all their friends are there - but they're missing it! To cheer them up, Pirate Dad starts to read a Christmassy story. It's not what Joe is expecting... but it's pretty amazing, and soon they are finding out about the greatest treasure of all! A short book, ideal for children with sight loss or for adults with sight loss to read to sighted children. Ref. 9013, £6.99.

*Not available on DAISY CD.

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Our Christmas gift to you

This Christmastime we would like to offer you a gift! We have partnered with Lifewords, Livability and Biblica to produce large print, braille and audio versions of their popular Christmas booklet ‘OUTSIDE/IN’ – and it’s completely free to receive.

Here’s what Lifewords have to say about this lovely resource: ‘This year let the Christmas story turn your church, your community, even your world, OUTSIDE/IN. OUTSIDE/IN is… told from the perspective of Mary, Joseph, the shepherds, and sages: outsiders who find themselves included at the very heart of the story. The Christmas story is full of unlikely characters. Those on the edges are drawn to the heart of the action. Everyone is invited in. We hope you’ll join us in finding ways to share that invitation this year – to welcome people in to the good news of the Christmas story.’

To receive a copy in your choice of accessible media, just get in touch with Client Services on 01858 438260 or email info@torchtrust.org

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Scripture text calendar 2019

Once again we have a produced a lovely scripture text calendar, featuring a piece of scripture for every day of the year. The large print version of the calendar is ring-bound and features an image depicting an aspect of Torch’s work on the front. The calendar is also available in braille. It’s perfect for daily reflection or prayer inspiration – at Torch House we use it in our morning prayer time, where we gather together to pray and reflect on the word of the Lord. The calendar costs just £3.00 and makes a lovely gift (whether that’s to yourself or to friends and family!).

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New books for purchase from Torch

All of the following books are newly available in braille and large print sizes 17pt, 20pt, 25pt, and 30pt. To buy a book or to ask about new books available in DAISY format call us on 01858 438260.

Biography & Autobography

A Life Worthwhile: The Story of Aaron

By John Mollitt. 8965, £8.99. Pastor John Mollitt read that a 4-week-old boy had been taken into hospital & knew that this baby would be the next foster child he & his wife would care for. The story of God's love expressed in a family's life enabling them to overcome great challenges.

On Call: The unexpurgated story of the running doctor!

By Val Inchley. 8979, £14.99. During 43 years in Nepal (many aspects of which are described in the book), Vicky filled a multitude of medical roles before starting Bible Yatra Nepal, a Bible training organisation, and then pioneering work amongst Nepali migrants.

Vicky's Journey: From East to West

By Vicky Meyer. 8980, £9.99. Vicky Meyer was a child in China when the Japanese Army invaded Pearl Harbour, and foreigners in China were now considered enemies of Japan. After the War, Vicky became a stall holder in London's Portobello Road before settling in Thixendale in Yorkshire.

Christian Living

The Art of Rest: Faith to hit pause in a world that never stops

By Adam Mabry. 8909, £6.79. The world never stops. But we need to. And, as Christians, we can. Welcome to the art of rest. Discover the secret to real, realistic, non-rules-based spiritual refreshment.

Count It All Joy

By Helen M. Roseveare. 8945, £3.99. Looking back on a life of struggles and trials, Helen Roseveare shares her testimony of God's dealings with her of his all sufficiency and the response which it requires: not just acceptance, but joy in the face of hardship!

Enjoying Later Life

By Elspeth Jackman. 8973, £7.99. This book will encourage you to see the opportunities and pleasure that later life can offer. It also deals in a sensitive and positive way with the loneliness that can accompany these years. You will be refreshed with new expectancy and vision.

Growing in Gratitude: Rediscover the joy of a thankful heart

By Mary K Mohler. 8910, £6.79. Mary K. Mohler looks into God's word to help us grow in true gratitude to our Lord - and to identify and deal with some of the things that hinder us. This book will encourage and help you to rediscover the joy of a thankful heart.

Losing the Fig Leaf: Power, possessions, productivity, perfectionism, pretence, pastimes... ...where are you hiding?

by Nicki Copeland. 9006, £8.99. A beautifully written and wonderfully understated account of what it means to be made in God's image and how that will change your life forever.

Seize the Day: Living on purpose and making every day count

By Joyce Meyer. 8990, £9.99. Today is no ordinary day. There is something special, valuable waiting for you to discover in each day. And when you spend time with God daily, asking Him to help you find it, you'll unlock the wonderful purpose He has in store for you.

Staying in the Boat: And other things I wish I'd known

By Jeff Lucas. 8958, £7.99. Jeff's back with a collection of some of his most profound wisdom to date. From over 40 years of Christian ministry experience to choose from, Jeff considers some of the lessons he has learned (and is still learning) along the way.


Lydia's Song: The story of a child lost and a woman found

By Katherine Blessan. 8969, £11.80. This novel gives a challenging, painful insight into the horrific truths of child sex-trading in Cambodia from the perspective of an 11-year old Vietnamese girl. It concludes with a message of hope that Christ's power can enable love and forgiveness.

Health & Wellbeing

OCD Be Still and Know: A Christian guide to overcoming Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

By P. A. Kennan. 8975, £6.99. P.A. Kennan describes the biology of OCD, then guides us through the relevant emotional & spiritual issues, providing practical insight that can lead towards recovery. The book provides a biblical, Christian perspective on current medical understanding.

Spirituality & Devotional

Straight to the heart of Joshua, Judges and Ruth: 60 bite-sized insights

By Phil Moore. 8984, £8.99. The Gospel isn't first and foremost about forgiveness. That's why we need these three books of the Bible. They remind us that God has given us some Promised Land to take as a result of our salvation. They help us to discover the God who keeps on giving.

The Way Home: Finding where we belong

By Ron Kallmier. 8954, £4.46. The story of the prodigal son in Luke 15 resonates with many people today, especially those grappling with questions of meaning, identity, security and belonging.

The Father's Kiss: Living in the reality of God's love

By Tracy Williamson. 8993, £9.99. An honest and sensitive blend of biblical teaching and personal testimony which helps people experience the reality of God the Father's love for them in a deep way.

Study Courses

Behold My Servant: The servant songs of Isaiah

By Brian A Russell. 8941, £9.99. The Servant Songs of Isaiah are a beautiful topic for a devotional. Set in the context of Israel's failure, few places in the Old Testament speak so clearly about the merciful Messiah.

Big God

By Orlando Saer. 8935, £7.99. If you sometimes struggle to understand the way God works in the world, or to explain it to others, you will find light here. You'll also be left with a new appreciation of just how big the God of the Bible really is.

Youth Fiction

The Kicking Tree        

By Trevor Stubbs. 9008, £8 99. The Kicking Tree tells the story of two young people in their late teens, living in different parts of the universe, who meet each other through mysterious white gates that connect their different worlds.

Lisa the Moaner

By Stephen Hilliam. 8972, £6.99. Nothing is ever good enough for Lisa. She moans about everything from morning until night. But when her strict yet mischievous Aunt Gladys appears with her mysterious flying dustbin, Lisa's world is about to be turned topsy-turvy.

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New books to borrow from Torch

Torch operates a free postal lending library with over 2,500 books available to borrow in a variety of accessible media. Please ring Client Services to find out more about the books available. The books below are a selection from those most recently added to the library:

Biography and Autobiography

Fixed Lives

By Barry Woodward. Media: Braille B3197 & Giant Print G2605. 'Fixed Lives' is a collection of stories about people who were once caught up in the cycle of addiction, but whose lives have been truly fixed. It provides intriguing and sometimes shocking insights into lives that have been totally changed.

Vicky's Journey

By Vicky Meyer. Media: Daisy & USB D3328. Vicky Meyer was a child in China when the Japanese Army invaded Pearl Harbour, and foreigners in China were now considered enemies of Japan. After the War, Vicky became a stall holder in London's Portobello Road before settling in Thixendale in Yorkshire.

Christian Living

Good Choices

By Keith Gentry. Media: Daisy & USB D3276 & Giant Print G2623. In this book, Keith shares keys to unlock clues within the scriptures that will enable the reader to be more discerning and productive with the investment of their time, effort and money in both the spiritual and natural choices of life.

Life in the Wild

By Dan Dewitt. Media: Daisy & USB D3320. Discover how to live with hope in a fallen, messed-up, "wild" world, and be encouraged.

Those Who Wait

By Tanya Marlow. Media: Daisy & USB D3277 & Giant Print G2639. Follow the lives of four Bible heroes who struggled with waiting: Sarah, Isaiah, John the Baptist and Mary. Written like a gripping novel, we encounter the wonder of the Bible afresh.

What's Age Got To Do With It?

By Louise Morse. Media: Daisy & USB D3301. In this straightforward, wise, practical book which offers real benefits in terms of fruitfulness and cheerfulness. Touching on issues of respect, outlook and purpose the author shows how all of us can continue to play a part in tomorrow's world.

Why am I here?

By Nicky Gumbel. Media: Daisy & USB D3317. Alpha helps guests explore the meaning of life, revealing that Christianity can be every bit as relevant to life today as it was 2,000 years ago. This guide outlines the contents of the 15 talks, which each look at a different aspect of Christianity.

The Divine Embrace

By Christina Rees. Media: Daisy & USB D3292. Read by the author. An honest view of difficulties in believing in God - suffering, doubt, alienation and loneliness - and shows how Christ meets our need of a sense of personal identity, our desire for meaningful relationships and our search for fulfilment. Wherever we are on our spiritual journey, the message of God's compelling love is a message that will change our lives.


Belle of the Ball

By Mary Weeks Millard. Media: Daisy & USB D3281. Aged 16, Lydia’s world is shaken when she becomes a victim in a hit-and-run car crash. She and her family head out to the Greek island of Samos for a holiday and for Lydia to recuperate; there she meets a Ugandan girl, Nakato, fleeing trauma of her own.

The Damascus Way

By T. Davis Bunn. Media: Daisy & USB D3157. Julia has everything money can buy except for acceptance by either the Gentiles or Jews. Julia & her Hebrew mother are seen as second-class citizens. But when they are introduced to followers of the Way, they become part of that community of believers.

The Lost Garden

By Katharine Swartz. Media: Daisy & USB D3279. Marin Ellis is in need of a new start - but she is not prepared for the one she is given, when, after her estranged father and his second wife die in a car accident, she is made guardian of her fifteen-year-old half-sister Rebecca.

Spirituality & Devotional

The Great Embrace

By Tim Sisarich. Media: Daisy & USB D3275 & Giant Print G2610. We live in a world overwhelmed with hurt - our past seems riddled with its scars and shrapnel, damaging just about every aspect of our existence and influencing many of the choices we make. This book offers a guiding help leading you to a place of hope.

Hope When It Hurts

By Kristen Wetherell. Media: Braille B3192, Daisy & USB D3334 & Giant Print G2599. Suffering is real. But so is hope. This is a book for those who are going through a time of struggle, or who love someone who is. A book for women who feel perplexed, defeated, struck down, abandoned or despairing.

Songs of The Spirit

By Megan Daffern. Media: Braille B3217 & Daisy & USB D3315. This sequence of beautiful translations and inspiring commentary provides daily nourishment for your Lenten journey from Ash Wednesday through to Easter.

Study: Thematic

Encountering the God who Heals

By John Ryeland. Media: Daisy & USB D3274. 'Encountering the God who Heals' shows how healing ministry is so closely linked to finding the presence of God and seeing what can flow from him. The author contends that the focus of healing is really all about meeting with Jesus.

Youth Fiction

The Birthday Shoes

By Mary Weeks Millard. Media: Daisy & USB D3284. Emily Jane wants fashionable boots for her birthday, but is given some old-fashioned shoes. She tries them on and discovers an amazing secret! Join Emily Jane on a series of adventures, making friends and some exciting discoveries about God along the way.

Lisa the Moaner

By Stephen Hilliam. Media: Daisy & USB D3336. Nothing is ever good enough for Lisa. She moans about everything from morning until night. But when her strict yet mischievous Aunt Gladys appears with her mysterious flying dustbin, Lisa's world is about to be turned topsy-turvy.

Mystery in the Snow

By J. M. Evans. Media: Braille B3242 & Daisy & USB D3040. Not long after solving their first mystery - 'The Treasure Hunt', the four Christian friends find themselves with another problem. Join them as they find answers in unexpected places. An exciting and gripping story.

The Only Way

By Gareth Rowe. Media: Daisy & USB D3313. When a miserable, disaffected teenager meets the beautiful, mysterious Lily he discovers a new way to live. 'The Only Way' is a moving, fast paced and gripping piece of writing. A story of hope for young people 12+.

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Other Torch resources

Bible Reading Notes

We produce some of the most popular daily Bible reading notes in accessible media and you can choose which suits you best. Every Day With Jesus from CWR, Daily Bread from Scripture Union and The Upper Room from the Bible Reading Fellowship are all available from Torch at no cost. However, if you would like to make an annual voluntary donation to cover our costs, we suggest £16.00.

Magazines and Publications

We also produce a number of magazines in a variety of styles and media to suit everyone:

Torch News – a quarterly news magazine with updates and articles about Torch services and activities.

International News for Praise and Prayer – regular news on Torch in Malawi and elsewhere outside the UK.

Christianity Today Digest – a monthly compilation of articles from this contemporary online magazine.

Premier Christianity and Premier Christianity Lite – the UK’s biggest selling monthly Christian magazine in accessible media.

What’s New from Torch Trust – new books, reviews and new activities at Torch.

Reflections Radio Omnibus – a monthly compilation of previous editions of Reflections radio programmes.

eNews – an occasional email from Torch with news and notices that we want to bring to your attention.

The Torch – Torch’s core magazine with a range of reflections and articles for all.

For more details about any of these resources, please call our Client Services Team on 01858 438260.

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Torch Services

Reflections radio programme

Reflections is a weekly radio programme with a focus on disability and faith in today's world. The show is produced by Torch Trust and presented by Marilyn Baker. Reflections is broadcast on Premier Christian Radio for 15 minutes on Sunday afternoons. If you listen on RNIB Connect Radio you’ll hear a 30 minute version of our show, featuring lots more of the content you like to hear.

Find Reflections on RNIB's Connect Radio – online, on FM 101 (Glasgow), on Freeview 730, and on smartphones and tablets through a variety of radio apps. Broadcast on Sunday just after the 9am news, with repeats on Tuesdays at 2am and Fridays at 1am. Or on Premier Christian Radio – online, on MW 1305, 1332, 1413, on DAB, and on Freeview 725. Sundays at 4pm.

Reflections is also available as a weekly podcast on SoundCloud, iTunes and the Torch website. You can also listen again to the shorter edition of Reflections on Premier Christian Radio’s website, premierchristianradio.com

If you are blind, partially sighted, or eligible to be registered as either you can also receive Reflections as a monthly free audio CD, mailed straight to you. To sign up ring Client Services on 01858 438260.

Torch holidays

Torch Holidays take place at Torch Trust's own Centre in West Sussex. As it's our Centre we have worked over the years to make sure that it's a place that maximises both the independence of blind and partially sighted people and their inclusion in the entirety of each holiday programme.

There's a great diversity in Torch Holidays - book weeks to activity weeks, craft and music, walking and simply taking it easy in the summer sunshine.

Our exciting programme of Holiday and Retreat Centre holidays for 2019 is now released and we’re ready to take your booking! As ever, we have an excellent line-up of get-aways, tailored for people with sight loss, and suited to all tastes.

For example, you might like our Spring Quiet Retreat in April (8th to the 11th, £285.00) or our Music Week in May (20th to 24th £400.00). And, new this year our international week, Flavours and Colours of Europe in September (23rd to 28th).

We have loads of holidays to choose from. Please do visit our website or request a copy of our holiday dates programme, which lists all of our holidays, in print, braille, large print or audio.


TorchTalk is a free service which aims to bring people with sight loss together in fellowship. The groups provide Christian friendship, discussion, prayer, encouragement and fun via telephone conference calls. The groups are open to anyone with sight loss and of all faiths or none. To join a group, please call Torch Trust or visit our website torchtrust.org for a list of current groups. There are a variety of groups from bible studies to friendship groups. Please call client services to find the best group to suit you.

Want to talk tech? Feeling all at sea in the digital age? Then why not join our brand new TorchTalk Technology Group? On the first Monday of each month, starting 5th November, this group will allow participants to ask and discuss technical questions they have. There will also be discussions on how to use technology to gain access to Christian information. The group will discuss gadgets, as well as accessing the internet by phone or computer. This group takes place in the evening, at 7:30pm.

Call client services for more information.

Torch’s on request service

Is there a particular Christian book or resource you are wanting just now; maybe something your church is studying or is being talked about? Then do please ask us and, if it is possible, we will provide an accessible version for you. Torch Trust continues to develop excellent relationships with an increasing number of Christian book publishers and through this has potential access to many titles. So do please contact Client Services and we will do our very best to see if we can help - it's worth asking.

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