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2019 – Issue 3

Views expressed in the features are not necessarily those of Torch Trust.

What's New from Torch Trust is available in the following formats: email, DAISY and audio CD, braille, and large print (17, 20, 25 and 30 point). It can also be viewed on the Torch website.


Welcome to our client magazine

It is so good to be able to share this magazine with all our clients.

Whether you have recently discovered Torch or have known about us for many years, there is always something new to discover.

This issue is sent to you directly from our Client Services Team and myself, Rose Heaney, Services Lead. My job is to ensure that our clients get the best possible service from Torch Trust and to represent the voice of our clients as we make decisions about what we can offer.

So I would be delighted to hear from you about the difference Torch Trust is making in your life, especially as we are now celebrating our 60th year serving clients with sight loss.

I am also responsible for our friendly and helpful Client Services Team who are always happy to talk to you.

We will help you decide which Torch service is right for you. We can help you choose from our extensive catalogue of accessible Christian literature either from the free lending library or to purchase. We will discuss our Bibles and Bible Reading Notes which we know make such a difference to people's Christian lives. Also if you are looking for a particular book we will do our best to find you an accessible version. We also work in partnership with other sight loss agencies so can help you to know what might be available to you in your local area and suggest ways you can get in touch with the right people.

Our telephone lines are open Monday to Thursday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

If all the Advisors are on the telephone you will hear a message to ask you to try again later so please do that. Remember we are not open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays or Bank Holidays.

Every day we are blessed in our conversations with clients who love to hear about our work. As with everyone at Torch House our day starts in prayer at 9.00 am. Our favourite day is Thursday when we share client stories and prayer points with others in Torch. If you would like us to pray for you please do contact us and we would be happy to do this.

Another important part of our work is receiving the generous donations from our supporters and clients. We are so grateful for this support which Torch relies on. We know from talking to people like you that it is a blessing for both of us. If you would like to support Torch then there are details later in the magazine – or just call us and talk to us and we will help.

I do hope you enjoy reading this magazine. We are trying out a new style and would be really grateful to hear from you to let us know what you like about What's New and also what else you might like to have in the magazine. We will be looking for people to work with us on this project later in the year so if you are interested do ring us and let us know. My priority is to share the voice of our clients within Torch and make sure we are meeting the needs of people who are blind and partially sighted through our services, so I want to make sure this client magazine is just right!

Please do enjoy this magazine and thank you so much for remembering our work in your prayers.

God bless

Rose, Services Lead

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The joy of reading or listening!

I hope you enjoy reading as much as I do! I read in different ways, a print copy in the form of a book, on my Kindle and in audio through a subscription with Audible.

What I have noticed is that listening to a book is different to reading it for myself. My enjoyment of an audio version is dependent upon the reader of the text. The accent they use, the tone, the speed or even whether they are male or female makes a difference.

Our Torch audio library has 1600 books available for our clients. Our books can be borrowed on DAISY, short for Digital Accessible Information System. Each disc holds around 25 hours of audio, all playable on the DAISY player of your choice. They're loaded with chapters and sections so that users can jump around the text at will – giving blind and partially sighted people the same reading opportunities as sighted people. For example, a Victor Reader Stratus 4 DAISY Player costs £300 when purchased from the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB).

An alternative option is to use USB memory sticks. A memory stick player can be purchased for around £60. Their navigation system is not as sophisticated as a DAISY player but they are fine for listening to regular books.

Some memory stick players do go back to the beginning every time the memory stick is used or changed. However the Sovereign Players, available from the RNIB, keep your place in a book even when you temporarily switch to a different memory stick.

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Now what we are really excited about is In Your Pocket

In Your Pocket is the simplest way to access the RNIB Library and Newsagent services, as well as other talking books including the Torch Audio Library. In Your Pocket is a voice controlled phone, streaming media player and vision assistant – designed specifically for people who are blind or have low vision.

For £22 per month (or a single payment of £528) you will have a 24-month plan. This will give you access to Talking Books and connectivity to O2 with 3GB of mobile data per month, unlimited UK phone calls and texts; all provided with the touch-screen handset complete with the RealSAM interactive speech software. In Your Pocket gets updated with new capabilities every month, and now includes the Be My Eyes vision assistant.

To order, please call RealSAM's dedicated In Your Pocket Helpline on 0333 772 7708, order In Your Pocket online at inyourpocket.net or email the team at helpline@realsam.co.uk

At the end of this magazine you will discover some of the new books that Torch has available for you to purchase and some of the new books that have been added to our Library and can be borrowed free of charge.

So whatever way you read then we would be delighted to assist you in finding the perfect accessible Christian book for you.

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Torch is 60 and still celebrating

In my family, birthdays can last longer than a day, up to a week in some cases. Children's birthdays and significant ones for adults can go on for even longer. Here at Torch we are celebrating for a whole year!

We are excited to see Torch shine in celebration in places all over the UK.

Events were held on Saturday 22 June here in Market Harborough at the Torch Trust main office and at the Holiday and Retreat Centre in Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex.

Other activities are happening across the country organised by Torch Groups, Churches and supporters. These events are to celebrate and let the light of Torch shine across the country. Giving thanks for the past 60 years of Torch's ministry and preparing our hearts and hands for the years ahead.

If you are interested in holding your own celebration events please do contact us and we would be delighted to send you a pack. In the pack you will get creative ideas for holding your own celebration events, telling everyone about the work Torch does and encouraging support through prayers or donations.

We really encourage you to organise your own event. We want you to be as creative as possible in the ways you choose to celebrate; from a coffee morning, to a special prayer hour, fellowship meeting, open garden or sponsored bungie jump! Any event that celebrates, raises awareness and, if you wish, provides an opportunity to fundraise would be a perfect combination.

If you would like a pack with ideas on how to organise an event then do please get in touch and we will be happy to send you one.

So, if you have held an event, you're planning an event or if you have a particular memory about Torch then we would love to hear from you. Do call or email us.

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Sight Loss Friendly Church

Is your church sight loss friendly?

In client services we talk to people each week who tell us that they feel lonely and left out within their own church. Churches want to be warm and welcoming to everyone but sometimes do not know how to include a person with sight loss or even realise they have sight loss.

We know that people with sight loss have an equal and valuable part to play in church and all too often people with sight loss are overlooked, they miss out, not just on regular services, but on the sense of community, extra activities and a feeling of human connection. Churches too miss out on the amazing gifts and talents of these people.

Now with the launch of our campaign – Sight Loss Friendly Church - Torch is proud to be working with churches so people with sight loss can grow in their faith and thrive in their Christian community.

Is your church sight loss friendly? Do people from your church enable you to participate fully in church life? Are you able to fully join in with worship, services and social activities?

If so then encourage your church to sign up via sightlossfriendlychurch.org.uk – we want to recognise this and be able to share stories with other churches and clients of their good work.

If not, then encourage your church to sign up via sightlossfriendlychurch.org.uk – we want to offer advice and guidance to your church leaders as well as the free downloadable materials such as our training guides and how to prepare materials for people with sight loss.

Across the country church leaders are visiting our website and signing up their church as a Sight Loss Friendly Church. Once a church has signed up they receive a welcome pack and access to free workshops and training.

We would be delighted if you would talk to your church leaders about this and so inside this magazine there is a leaflet which you could pass on to your church leader.

The leaflet contains information about Sight Loss Friendly Church on one side and on the other some information about Torch. If you have friends with sight loss who might benefit from Torch's services please give them the leaflet!

If you would like more leaflets, or leaflets via email, in audio, large print or braille, please do ring us. Thank you so much for your support, we are so proud of our Sight Loss Friendly Church initiative and excited about how many churches there are who want to make sure people with sight loss are included.

If you have any questions about this or want to tell us about your church experience then we would love to talk to you.

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Holidays and Retreats

Torch Trust offers Christian holidays that are just right for people with sight loss.

The Holiday and Retreat Centre (HRC) in Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex is nestled at the base of Wolstonbury Hill, part of the South Downs National Park. The Centre offers beautiful and comfortable en-suite rooms with delicious home cooked food and a quaint 100-year-old Chapel onsite. HRC is a fully accessible building designed especially for people with sight loss.

There is a great and varied programme of holidays each year. The holidays vary from themed breaks to more relaxing summer vacations and retreats. All the prices are fully inclusive of accommodation, food and trips out.

There are still some vacancies on the following holidays:

Summer Holiday – Mon 19 August – Sat 24 August (5 nights)

After Summer Retreat – Mon 16 September – Thurs 19 September (3 nights)

Crafts for Christmas – Mon 18 November – Sat 23 November (5 nights)

Winter Quiet Retreat – Mon 2 December – Thurs 5 December (3 nights)

Ring and talk to Client Services for more information and to book on 01858 438260.

If you have never been on a Torch holiday before then do please give it a try, you will love it!

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Bible reading notes

We produce some of the most popular daily Bible reading notes in accessible media and you can choose which suits you best. We often receive calls telling us that these Bible reading notes are "a lifeline" and enable people with sight loss to grow in their Christian faith.

If you would like to try a sample of any of the notes then please do call Client Services who are happy to tell you what is available.

At Torch we believe that people with sight loss have an equal and valuable part to play in church and Christian communities.  This means we are committed to offering Christian literature at the same price that a sighted person would pay without the additional costs involved in creating large print, braille or audio copies.  Although we are able to offer Bible reading notes free of charge to clients, we do invite an annual voluntary donation of £17, which reflects what would be paid for a standard print copy.

If you are currently receiving Bible reading notes we thank you for considering how you might support Torch with a regular donation to ensure we can continue to offer this important service.

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Supporting the work of Torch

Torch Trust is a registered charity, relying on the generosity of God and those he prompts to give to source its varied ministry. Torch and its staff are supported by prayer, gift donations and a huge team of willing volunteers.

We are committed to offering Christian literature at the same price that a sighted person would pay. Each book Torch produces in braille, large print or audio costs Torch over £500 to create, produce and dispatch.

Our magazines, booklets and library service are free of charge to registerable blind and partially sighted people. Only a small amount of our income (less than 3%) comes from sale of literature including braille and large print books. Our holidays and events at the Holiday and Retreat Centre are also heavily subsidised.

If you would like to know more about how you can personally pray, give or help then do visit our website torchtrust.org or call and speak to Client Services.

Many people now have and use online banking and find it easy to make payments in this way. All you need is Torch's bank details which are:

Torch Trust for the Blind, SORT CODE: 40-52-40, Account Number: 00017072, CAF Bank, 25 Kings Hill Ave, West Malling, Kent, ME19 4JQ

We are also happy to receive donations over the telephone using your debit or credit card.

To support us in prayer you can request the Torch prayer diary, use the prayer guide on our website or ring our Prayer Phone 01858 438277 which is updated about every 2 weeks.

We value your support!

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Torch's On Request service

Torch is pleased to offer a transcription service especially for our clients and churches that are part of our Sight Loss Friendly Church Network. So, if there is a particular Christian book or resource you are wanting just now, maybe something your church is studying or is being talked about, then do please ask us. If it is possible, we will provide an accessible version for you. Torch Trust continues to develop excellent relationships with an increasing number of Christian book publishers and through these has potential access to many titles. So do please contact Client Services and we will do our very best to see if we can help.

In addition we would love to be able to share in your special occasions. We may be able to transcribe Christian orders of service for weddings, baptisms, church membership, funerals etc. to enable people with sight loss to fully participate in the occasion. Usually such items should be less than 1000 words. We need about 21 days' notice and ask for a donation towards the costs. For more information about this offer please contact Client Services.

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Featured book

How to Pray: A simple guide for normal people

By Pete Greig. Order no. 9135, £13.99.

[Extract from the book.]

One dark night, when my wife, Sammy, was awaiting brain surgery and long before we knew for sure that she was going to survive, my friend Dan kindly came to pray with me.

‘Lord, if this is your time to take Sammy home,' he ventured at last, articulating my deepest dread, ‘would you please give Pete strength to bear the unbearable?' It can't have been an easy thing to pray. It was a faithful and Biblical thing to ask, but I was having none of it. ‘No deal,' I said, interrupting without apology. ‘No way, God. Over my dead body!' I was out of my chair, pacing the room. ‘If you're planning to take my wife from me, if you're planning to take a mum from her two little boys, well, you're going to have to fight me for her.'

Dan looked nervous but I didn't care.

‘And you're going to have to find someone else to do your PR in future too,' I continued. ‘I resign. I quit. I'm not going around telling people you're good if you don't prove it to me now.' Tears were streaming down my cheeks. ‘God, I just don't care what your will is. Let me tell you what my will is – I want my wife to live. I want our boys to know their mum. If she's destined to die of this thing, what I want, what I need, is for you to sort it out.'

I was almost howling my pain while poor Dan just sat there, probably wondering whether it was okay to say ‘Amen' to this kind of irreverence.

It was one of the most honest prayers I'd ever prayed. For a while I felt ashamed that I hadn't been trusting enough, or holy enough, to echo the magnificent submission of Jesus in his darkest hour: ‘not my will but yours be done'.

But then, one day, the Lord showed me very gently that in fact he had cherished my willingness to fight for Sammy's life because he loves her too. That he wouldn't have expected me to do anything less. That he himself had begged the Father ‘take this cup from me', before he managed the other bit.

The Bible is often way more honest than the Church. You've probably noticed how many of the Psalms are cries of unresolved pain. Moses whined about the people God had called him to lead. The prophet Jeremiah ranted – there's no other word for it – at God: ‘You deceived me, LORD, and I was deceived; you overpowered me and prevailed. I am ridiculed all day long.'

The remarkable thing about all the rude, irreverent, self-pitying prayers recorded in the Bible is not that they were prayed in the first place, but that they were never redacted from the text. They were prayed by a litany of anti-heroes – capable of arch narcissism, crass stupidity, and the very heights of nobility. A bit like you and me.

‘Our worst prayers,' says C.S. Lewis, ‘may really be, in God's eyes, our best... God sometimes seems to speak to us most intimately when he catches us, as it were, off our guard.'

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New books to purchase from Torch

Most of the books in this section are available to buy in braille, large print (font sizes 17pt, 20pt, 25pt and 30pt) and audio. Those marked ‘already in DAISY' are available to purchase immediately on DAISY CD. To buy any of these books please call us on 01858 438260.

We have many other books to purchase listed on our online resources catalogue at torchtrust.org and our Client Services team are always ready to help you find what you want.


The Early Church Fathers

By Nick Needham. 8947, £14.99. The early church fathers have always had a special place in Christian theology. Their sayings presented here by Nick Needham are more than just relevant – they present the opportunity to kindle within us something of that same healthy and godly spirit.

Christian Life

A–Z of Discipleship: Building strong foundations for a life of following Jesus

By Matthew Porter. 8813, £9.99. An accessible introduction to the understanding and practice of the Christian faith. It presents 26 aspects of discipleship to help one grow in one's relationship with God, connect with church and live as a follower of Christ.

Capturing God: A surprising image that reveals the truth about God

By Rico Tice. 8900, £2.69. Imagine being offered one photograph that captured the essence of God – an image that revealed everything you need to know about everything that matters. Would you look at it?

Comfort in the Darkness: Helping children draw close to God through Biblical stories of night-time and sleep

By Rachel Turner. 9115, £7.99. Sleep, dreams and the night can be mysterious and troubling. Children can be afraid of the dark. These Bible story retellings exploring God's character and promises will enable parents to help children grow in peace, confidence and understanding of who God is. (DAISY only)

Hungry For More of Jesus: The way of intimacy with Christ

By David Wilkerson. 9014, £1.00. If you hunger for more of Jesus you will find some fragments here to feed your soul. Those who have been recently awakened by the Holy Spirit to a new hunger and thirst for Christ and his holiness will especially appreciate this book.


Niteblessings: Meditations for the end of the day

By Malcolm Duncan. 9094, £9.99. At the end of the day this book invites you to a nightly meditation; nourishing the soul and engaging the spirit. With a blessing for every day of the year it is perfect for those looking to make time to engage with God in the quiet of the evening hours.

Spiritual Healthcheck: 16 Steps to a thriving Christian life

By Carl Laferton. 8901, £2.69. We all need a spiritual health-check from time to time. These 16 devotions will help you to see where and how to grow in faith and joy.


A Newly Crimsoned Reliquary

By Donna Fletcher Crow. 9018, £7.99. Translating an ancient document in an Oxford convent should be a harmless venture, but Felicity can't seem to avoid danger. It's hardly Felicity's fault, though, that severed body parts start showing up in ancient holy reliquaries.

An All Consuming Fire

By Donna Fletcher Crow. 9019, £7.99. A Christmas wedding in a monastery. Felicity has never been happier and she is directing an Epiphany pageant. But certain incidents move close enough to threaten Felicity's life. Will the murderer stalking the Moors shatter the joy of her wedding?

Jonah and the Bony-finned Asteroid Fish

By Jo Sheringham. 9130, £5.99. Daunted by the post from a message-bot who won't take ‘no' for an answer, semi-retired prophet Jonah rushes off for a last-minute city break on planet Tarshish. But his galaxy-traversing escape plan shudders to a halt aboard the haulage cruiser Sheol II. Suitable as a gift or Bible engagement aid for Christians and non-Christians who enjoy imaginative retellings of Bible stories.


Pray Big: Learn to pray like an apostle

By Alistair Begg. 9119, £7.99. Prayer comes hard to most of us. This book combines warmth, clarity, humour and practicality as it examines Paul's prayers for the Ephesian church. Be inspired by Paul to pray bigger and better prayers as we look to our heavenly Father to do more than we ask.

How to Pray: A simple guide for normal people (featured book)

By Pete Greig. 9135, £13.99. This down–to–earth introduction to prayer will guide you deeper in your relationship with God – making you more centred, more aware of God's voice, more likely to see breakthroughs and more able to make sense of your unanswered prayers too.

Small group or individual study books

Acts 1–12 For You

By R. Albert Jr. Mohler. 8911, £8.49. Dr. Albert Mohler works through this thrilling, era-beginning, church-birthing part of Scripture.

Ecclesiastes (Cover to Cover)

By Christopher Brearley. 9123, £3.99. Through 7 stimulating studies, we are taken through the book of Ecclesiastes. Probably one of the least-read books of the Bible, Ecclesiastes seeks to tackle the big issues of life and we uncover a perhaps surprising message that our lives do have meaning.

Exodus (LifeBuilder): Learning to Trust God

By James Reapsome. 9034, £3.99. The story of Israel's Exodus is not just exciting history, but also a model for every Christian's exodus from the enslaving power of sin. Jesus Christ is the Passover lamb who brings his people out of slavery to worship God.

For Everyone Bible Study Guide: Hebrews

By Tom Wright. 9126, £4.99. The letter to the Hebrews is one of the most bracing and challenging writings in the New Testament. Tom Wright helps us to find it full of interest and delight with a powerful message that comes home to today's church as much as it did to yesterday's.

For New Christians – Every Day with Jesus: First steps in the Christian faith

By Selwyn Hughes. 9076, £3.25. A powerful and relevant guide for people new to the Christian faith or for people who need the basics presented to them clearly and dynamically. A favourite with churches across denominations. (already in DAISY)

Pilgrim Journeys: Beatitudes: 40 days of reflections on the Beatitudes

By Steven Croft. 9080, £2.99. Explore the unexpected and challenging vision of Jesus in this crucial part of his teachings. Each day has a short Bible reflection, an invitation to pray and a suggestion of how you might respond to the Beatitudes' challenge to live as God intends.

Women of The Old Testament (LifeBuilder)

By Gladys Hunt. 8206, £4.00. Here are studies on ordinary yet remarkable women, including Sarah, Miriam, Ruth, Rahab, Naomi, and Abigail whose lives demonstrate real courage and faithfulness.


From Creation to New Creation: Making sense of the whole Bible story

By Tim Chester. 9060, £7.99. Running through the many gripping and memorable stories the Bible contains is one big story of God's plan for the world he made and how he brought it about through Jesus Christ. It is a story that will encourage active Christians living in today's world. (already in DAISY)

Jesus – The First 10,000 Days

By Christopher Halls. 9133, £7.99. Jesus – The First 10,000 Days explores the secret or hidden years of Christ's life, the time before he began his ministry. This study takes us on a journey that looks at the factual evidence. It is borne from the conviction that more can be known than is initially apparent as we examine the pointers within God's word.

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New books to borrow from Torch

Torch operates a free postal lending library with over 2,500 books available to borrow in a variety of accessible media. Please ring Client Services to find out more about the books available. The books below are a selection from those most recently added to the library. Each book has the media it is available in listed in the description. Most of the books listed here are also offered for purchase – please check with Client services.

Bible Characters

Heaven, How I Got Here

By Colin S. Smith. Media: Daisy and USB D3323 and Giant Print G2701. What if you woke up one morning knowing that it was your last day on earth? That's what happened to the thief on the cross, who died next to Jesus. His story, told in his own words, as he looks back from Heaven on the day that changed his eternity.


A Life Worthwhile

By John Mollitt. Media: Braille B3285 and Daisy and USB D3366. Pastor John Mollitt read that a 4-week-old boy had been taken into hospital and knew that this baby would be the next foster child he and his wife would care for. The story of God's love expressed in a family's life, enabling them to overcome great challenges.

John Knox, The Sharpened Sword

By Catherine Mackenzie. Media: Giant Print G2700. John Knox spent his life with a sword in one hand and a Bible in the other and he wasn't afraid to use either. God and the church and Scotland owe John Knox for his calling to be a preacher.

Just Get Up Out Of Your Seat: Billy Graham

By Catherine Mackenzie. Media: Daisy and USB D2697. Billy Graham set out to preach to the world. After the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association was founded, Billy preached to over 80 million people in more than 185 countries.

The Season of Singing Has Come

By Shaadia Firoz. Media: Daisy and USB D3389. The inspiring true story of a Muslim woman who had a life-changing experience of the living God and now lives her life completely sold out for Jesus. A real ‘disciple' who lives all out for Jesus – no matter what the cost.

Thunder Dog

By Michael Hingson. Media: Braille B3205 and Daisy and USB D3046. "I trust Roselle with my life, every day. She trusts me to direct her. And today is not different, except the stakes are higher." says Michael. It's the 9/11 story that will forever change your spirit and your perspective.

Christian Life

Count It All Joy

By Helen M. Roseveare. Media: Braille B3284 and Giant Print G2703. Looking back on a life of struggles and trials, Helen Roseveare shares her testimony of God's dealings with her of his all sufficiency and the response which it requires: not just acceptance, but joy in the face of hardship!

God is Stranger

By Krish Kandiah. Media: Daisy and USB D3371. Taking a fresh look at Bible passages he thought he knew, Krish Kandiah was struck by the fact that when God turns up, he never seems to do what people expect – and started to wonder what this might mean for the ways we expect to encounter God today.

It takes a church to raise a parent

By Rachel Turner. Media: Daisy and USB D3401. While it is parents who are on the front line of discipling their children, God has placed us as the church to journey alongside them, nurturing and equipping them and cheering them on. This book will help church leaders grow in the skills needed.

OCD Be Still and Know

By P. A. Kennan. Media: Giant Print G2704. P.A. Kennan describes the biology of OCD, then guides us through the relevant emotional and spiritual issues, providing practical insight that can lead towards recovery. The book provides a biblical, Christian perspective on current medical understanding.

Parenting Children for a Life of Faith

By Rachel Turner. Media: Daisy and USB D3272. This book explores how the home can become the primary place in which children are nurtured into the reality of God's presence and love, equipped to access Him themselves and encouraged to grow in a two-way relationship with Him that will last a lifetime.

Seize the Day

By Joyce Meyer. Media: Braille B3288. Today is no ordinary day. There is something special, valuable waiting for you to discover in each day. And when you spend time with God daily, asking Him to help you find it, you'll unlock the wonderful purpose He has in store for you.

Some Words for Another Time

By Ken Benjamin. Media: Braille B3290 and Giant Print G2705. Some Words for Another Time offers seven key thoughts to help someone with the process of grief and bereavement – for that ‘other' time, whenever it may be.


30 Days with Esther

By Emily Owen. Media: Daisy and USB D3342 and Giant Print G2624. A thirty day devotional look at ‘Esther's diary' with thought provoking points, prayers and questions to help explore this much-loved story in a new way.

Finding God While Facing Death

By Timothy A Sisemore. Daisy and USB D3378. Facing death should not be avoided or feared by the Christian. Looking at this last enemy puts life and our faith into perspective. Whether you are facing death yourself, impending or recent death of a loved one, you will find food for your soul here.

Living on Purpose

By Cathy Madavan. Media: Daisy and USB D3360 and Giant Print G2687. How can we live a life fully surrendered to God? How can we live disciplined but abundant lives? Is there a way we can intentionally choose to remain faithful and stay focused? Cathy Madavan gives her thoughts to these questions.

Then Sings My Soul

By Pam Rhodes. Media: Braille B3257, Daisy and USB D3218 and Giant Print G2706. Pam Rhodes brings together 40 of her favourite hymns, alongside inspirational reflections and stories behind their meaning. This book is a treasury of fascinating detail but it is also a source of devotion.

Things to Pray for Your Heart

By Rachel Jones. Media: Braille B3283. This book has 5 simple suggestions for each area of your Christian life, drawn straight from the Bible; because when we pray in line with God's priorities, our prayers are powerful – they really do change things.


The Penny

By Joyce Meyer. Media: Braille B2811, Daisy and USB D2628 and Giant Print G2698. This beautiful story is inspired by Joyce Meyer's own childhood and her journey from abuse victim to a woman of confidence and passionate faith.

Fiction (youth)

Lisa the Moaner

By Stephen Hilliam. Media: Braille B3286 and Daisy and USB D3336. Nothing is ever good enough for Lisa. She moans about everything from morning until night. But when her strict yet mischievous Aunt Gladys appears with her mysterious flying dustbin, Lisa's world is about to be turned topsy-turvy.

New Testament Tales: The Unauthorized Version

By Bob Hartman. Media: Daisy and USB D3380. These easy-to-read stories of Jesus are told at a cracking pace and make an ideal read for those who prefer something a little more wayward on their bookshelves, particularly boys aged 7–9.

Study: Thematic

Heaven on Earth

By Derek W.H. Thomas. Media: Braille B3267 and Giant Print G2702. For all the scepticism that abounds in our time, people still want to know what happens after death. Do you know with any certainty where your conscious, thinking, self-aware, communicative self will be? And does it matter, as long as you are in ‘heaven'?

Holy Habits: Worship

By Andrew Roberts. Media: Daisy and USB D3369. Worship can arise from a glad heart or it can be the deliberate choice of a hurting one. All of life can be worship, when it is lived for God. Learning to make all we do in our lives a worship offering to God is about 24/7 life, everyday discipleship.

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