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2019 – Issue 1

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Welcome to What’s New, our magazine for clients which showcases our resources and services, including literature, magazines and our library.

In this edition we’re looking at Lent – in particular the excellent books and resources we have to help you and your church reflect at this time of year. If your church is currently choosing reading material for Lent and Easter, why not show this magazine to your church leaders and suggest they chose material that’s available in accessible formats!

The books and resources in this magazine are available to buy in varied accessible formats such as large print, braille and audio. And don’t forget, Torch Trust also operates a postal lending library of 2,500 accessible books that are free for people with sight loss to borrow. We also have over a thousand accessible books available for purchase, just get in touch to find out more.

In What’s New you’ll also be able find out about some of Torch’s other offerings including our 2019 programme of holidays and In Your Pocket, an exciting new gadget for people with sight loss.

We hope you will enjoy this magazine and perhaps pass it on to anyone you know who might be interested. If you would like to receive What’s New in other formats then do get in touch on 01858 438260 or email info@torchtrust.org

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Lent books for purchase

All of these books can be ordered now in braille and large print (17pt, 20pt, 25pt and 30pt). Please call 01858 438260 for DAISY audio availability.

Celtic Lent: 40 days of devotions to Easter

By David Cole. Ref: 9032, £8.99. This inspirational book takes the reader through the 40 days of Lent to the celebration of Easter through the eyes and beliefs of Celtic Christianity. Drawing on primary sources of pastoral letters, monastic rules and the theological teaching of the Celtic church, the author presents a different perspective on the cross of Christ and draws us to see our own life journeys with a new and transforming vision.

Daring To See God Now (York Courses)

By Bishop Nick Baines. Ref: 9047, £3.10. An ecumenical course for discussion groups in five sessions, written by Bishop Nick Baines. Ideal for Lent, yet not Lent-specific.

Mark’s Gospel begins with Jesus ‘proclaiming the Good news of God’. But, what is this ‘good news’, and who is it for? Taking Mark 1:14–15 as a starting point, this course raises important questions about change, repentance, and how we can become in ourselves living evidence of the good news. Examples are taken from the rest of Mark’s Gospel as well as contemporary and historic Christians.

5 Sessions: 1. The Good News of God, 2. The time is now, 3. God is present, 4. Change your mind, 5. Live it!

The course booklet includes a good selection of questions at the end of each of the five sessions, designed to stimulate wide-ranging discussion.

Reconciliation: The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Lent Book 2019

By Dr Muthuraj Swamy. Ref: 9048, £9.99. Global in scope, but homing in on the role ordinary people play in conflict and division, Reconciliation enables Christians to engage confidently in a ministry bequeathed to us by Christ himself.

The book issues a vibrant call to the church to support and strengthen relationships amongst church members; to cross borders to build connections with different denominations, and to maintain open attitudes towards our neighbours from other religions and ideologies.

Forty biblically-based meditations introduce topics such as impediments to reconciliation, risking the self, humility and self-criticism, radical openness to the other and peace with justice. Questions for reflection are included, making Reconciliation suitable for use at weekly gatherings or for everyday devotion during Lent.

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Book review

Holy Habits (course)

By Andrew Roberts. Refs 9020 to 9030, £4.99 each. Holy Habits is a new resource to help churches engage more intentionally with discipleship. Based around 10 habits the course can be taken at your own pace (though we estimate the full course taking about two years). An easy-to-use, intergenerational approach to discipleship which has already got a lot of people talking.

“Methodist minister Andrew Roberts has achieved an ambitious task. He and a team of editors have delivered a set of ten Holy Habits booklets that will enable an entire church community to explore a multifaceted approach to discipleship.

“The series covers ten elements of discipleship distilled from the life of the early Church as described in Acts 2:42–47: Biblical Teaching, Fellowship, Breaking Bread, Prayer, Sharing Resources, Serving, Eating Together, Gladness and Generosity, Worship and Making More Disciples.

“There is much to commend in the Holy Habits initiative. Each booklet offers a range of suggestions for incorporating and exploring each respective habit. This includes worship ideas, preaching notes, small group activities, creative projects and individual and community practices.

“The books will act as a starting point for churches planning a long-term discipleship programme, but leaders will need to put in effort themselves to flesh out some of the ideas contained within.”

Review by Justin Brierley, Premier Christianity August 2018.

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Our Easter gift to you

This year we will once again be offering an Easter free gift to all of our clients. The gift itself is yet to be finalised but we can promise that it will be a great short read focusing on the real meaning of the holiday, and will be available in all of our usual formats. Stay tuned to find out what this year’s gift will be!

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In Your Pocket

If you’re a regular reader of What’s New, you’ll have already heard a bit about our collaboration with In Your Pocket: a mobile device designed specially for people with sight loss. Created by RNIB, Real Thing and O2, In Your Pocket aims to make accessing talking books and newspapers easy, and soon Torch’s library will be available on it too!

In Your Pocket (which costs £22/month) functions as a speech-enabled smart phone and can make phone calls and manage your contacts, as well as enabling users to access over 60,000 talking books, 200 newspapers and magazines, and 50,000 podcasts. The device comes setup and ready to use, along with a protective case, headset and audio CD with instructions on how to use it. To order call the dedicated helpline 0333 772 7708, or order online at inyourpocket.net

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New books for purchase from Torch

Books in this section are all available in braille and large print (font sizes 17pt, 20pt, 25pt, and 30pt), and on DAISY CD where shown. To buy a book or to ask about books available in DAISY format call us on 01858 438260.


Out of the Ashes (featured at Torch Book Week 2018)

By Peter Gladwin. 8208, £7.99. Also available immediately on DAISY CD. Peter was barely one when a domestic fire left him partly disabled. Raised on a rough council estate, he was always in trouble with the police. After contemplating suicide, a talk with his sister led to an encounter that would change his life forever.

Christian Living

Baptism, Belonging and Breaking Bread: Preparing for Baptism

By Paul Beasley-Murray. 9015, £3.50. Also available immediately on DAISY CD. A study guide for preparing for baptism, written for the Baptist Union GB by Paul Beasley-Murray. This book is a development and replacement of Baptism and Belonging and is more detailed in content with a new section on the Lord’s Supper. Booklet: 25 pages

Some Words for Another Time: Some thoughts for anyone who has been bereaved

By Ken Benjamin. 9031, £1.50. Some Words for Another Time offers seven key thoughts to help someone with the process of grief and bereavement.

The 10-Second Rule

By Clare De Graaf. 8791, £7.99. Within 10 seconds do the next thing you’re reasonably sure Jesus wants you to do and you could change a life forever. Clare De Graaf offers a straightforward antidote to break habits of inaction and re-energize your faith. He calls it the 10-Second Rule.

The Divine Embrace: Discovering the reality of God’s love

By Christina Rees. 8881, £10.95. Note: This book is only available on DAISY CD. Christina Rees shows how Christ meets our need of a sense of personal identity, our desire for meaningful relationships and our search for fulfilment. Wherever we are on our spiritual journey, God’s compelling love is a life changing message.

The Father’s Kiss: Living in the reality of God’s love

By Tracy Williamson. 8993, £9.99. Also available immediately on DAISY CD. An honest and sensitive blend of biblical teaching and personal testimony which helps people experience the reality of God the Father’s love for them in a deep way.

Wounded by God’s People

By Anne Graham Lotz. 8721, £9.99. An inspiring blend of Old Testament narrative with the author’s own experience, this is a book that will show you that, just like Hagar found, ‘you can’t outrun God’.


A Pocketful of Prayers

By Joan Copeland. 8970, £2.99. This booklet contains 28 prayers in the form of poems that cover aspects of life that we all face from birthdays to Christmas, from trust to forgiveness, from remembering the past to expectancy of the future.

Power of Seven

By Emily Owen. 9012, £9.99. Also available immediately on DAISY CD. This book encourages us to look afresh at some of the themes of 7 in the Bible. Creation, who God is, God as shepherd, the ‘I AM’s of the Bible, the last words of Jesus from the cross, what we add to our faith, & the Revelation churches are all examined.

Bible Studies/Courses


By Matthew Bartlett. 8746, £10.99. Step-by-step analysis of Ephesians with discussion questions and sample answers. The series has been field tested and improved in real-life situations. Challenging, relevant, but simple and easy to understand. Suitable for home/church leaders and groups.

Evangelism: A way of life (Lifebuilder)

By Rebecca Manley Pippert. 9005, £3.99. Most of us can think of at least 100 reasons not to share the gospel. Evangelism can be intimidating. But it can be a natural and exciting way of life. This guide features questions for starting group discussions & for meeting God in personal reflection.

Everybody Welcome – Members’ Manual: The course where everybody helps grow their church

By Bob Jackson. 9001, £3.99. Anyone attending church should be made to feel welcome, not just by the clergy but by every member of every church. Everybody Welcome is the complete course to transform your church by improving your approach to newcomers.

Life to the Full? (York Course): An ecumenical course in 4 sessions

By Matt Woodcock. 9033, £3.10. Also available immediately on DAISY. A 4-session course for discussion groups that explores what it might actually mean to experience fullness in the midst of our messy lives. What does it look like? Why does it seem so elusive? And how can we lead others to experience this fullness?

Making A Splash: A guide for baptism

By Nick Lear. 9000, £4.00. Also available immediately on DAISY CD. This book explores what Christians believe by considering the questions that are often asked about their faith when someone is baptised. It looks at why people are being baptised & gives practical advice about what will happen on the day.

The Gospel of John: Home Bible study guide

By Matthew Bartlett. 8887, £10.99. John’s Gospel Bible study guide with full Bible text, commentary, discussion questions and sample answers. Faithbuilders Bible study guides will lead you to a deeper appreciation of God’s Word and its relevance for your life today!

The Gospel of Luke: Home Bible study guide

By Matthew Bartlett. 8735, £12.99. A simple verse by verse guide to the Gospel of Luke for individual or group use. Every chapter has thought provoking discussion questions to aid study and sample answers are provided.

The Gospel of Mark: Home Bible study guide

By Matthew Bartlett. 8737, £9.99. A verse by verse guide to the Gospel of Mark with thought-provoking questions and sample answers.

Health & Wellbeing

Down Not Out

By Chris Cipollone. 8912, £6.79. DAISY CD is now in progress. This book unpacks many aspects of depression and anxiety, and brings our gospel identity to bear on each one.


Hebrew Foundations of the Christian Faith

By David Hamshire. 8784, £10.99. The book contains a series of studies based on a few of the origins of the Christian faith and were assembled as a result of the authors conviction that Christians can only really understand their faith if they respect their faith’s Hebraic background.

Youth Fiction

In Search of Livi Starling

By Karen Rosario Ingerslev. 8960, £7.99. Having been brought up in the countryside by her sister, Livi has dreamed about the great life she could have had & takes no time in reinventing herself upon their arrival in a new city. But her quest for greatness is disrupted by two startling discoveries.

Under The Tamarind Tree

By Mary Weeks Millard. 8605, £5.99. Also available immediately on DAISY CD. Joshua and Timo’s lives are about to change forever. Their fathers are doctors and the boys have to leave their old lives behind to go and live with their families in rural Rwanda. The exciting sequel to ‘I Want to Be an Airline Pilot’ & ‘Living in Hope’.

Browse by media type

DAISY audio CD

Out of the Ashes, 8208, £7.99.

Baptism, Belonging and Breaking Bread: Preparing for Baptism, 9015, £3.50.

The Divine Embrace: Discovering the reality of God’s love, 8881, £10.95.

The Father’s Kiss: Living in the reality of God’s love, 8993, £9.99.

Power of Seven, 9012, £9.99.

Life to the Full? (York Course): An ecumenical course in 4 sessions, 9033, £3.10.

Making a Splash: A guide to Baptism, 9000, £4.00

Down Not Out, 8912, £6.79 – Coming Soon.

Under The Tamarind Tree, 8605, £5.99.

Braille and large print

Out of the Ashes, 8208, £7.99.

Baptism, Belonging and Breaking Bread: Preparing for Baptism, 9015, £3.50.

Some Words for Another Time: Some thoughts for anyone who has been bereaved, 9031, £1.50.

The 10-Second Rule, 8791, £7.99.

The Father’s Kiss: Living in the reality of God’s love, 8993, £9.99.

Wounded by God’s People, 8721, £9.99.

A Pocketful of Prayers, 8970, £2.99.

Power of Seven, 9012, £9.99.

Ephesians, 8746, £10.99.

Evangelism: A way of life (Lifebuilder), 8746, £10.99.

Everybody Welcome – Members’ Manual: The course where everybody helps grow their church, 9001, £3.99.

Life to the Full? (York Course): An ecumenical course in 4 sessions, 9033, £3.10.

Making A Splash: A guide for baptism, 9000, £4.00.

The Gospel of John: Home Bible study guide, 8887, £10.99.

The Gospel of Luke: Home Bible study guide, 8735, £12.99.

The Gospel of Mark: Home Bible study guide, 8737, £9.99.

Down Not Out, 8912, £6.79.

Hebrew Foundations of the Christian Faith, 8784, £10.99.

In Search of Livi Starling, 8960, £7.99.

Under The Tamarind Tree, 8605, £5.99.

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New books to borrow from Torch

Torch operates a free postal lending library with over 2,500 books available to borrow in a variety of accessible media. Please ring Client Services to find out more about the books available. The books below are a selection from those most recently added to the library. Each book has the media it is available in listed in the description.


Battling With Nazi Demons

By Oder Werner. Media: DAISY & USB D3316. The story of how Jesus stepped into the life of the son of a Nazi war criminal, and how he dealt with his legacy.

Progress of a Modern Pilgrim

By David Sullivan. Media: DAISY & USB D3363. ‘David’s life is a testimony that to be a witness today, means to speak the language of media, which is the language of the culture. It’s a fascinating story, and one that needs to be told.’ Phil Cooke, filmmaker, media consultant and author.

Refugee Stories

By Dave Smith. Media: DAISY & USB D3296. A collection of first-hand accounts by individuals forced to flee their own countries and seek refuge in Britain. In their own words they tell their harrowing experiences of persecution, escape and the long journey to safety.


Then Sings My Soul

By Pam Rhodes. Media: Braille B3257, DAISY & USB D3218. Pam Rhodes brings together 40 of her favourite hymns, alongside inspirational reflections and stories behind their meaning. This book is a treasury of fascinating detail but it is also a source of devotion.


The Reichenbach Problem

By Martin Allison Booth. Media: DAISY & USB D3303. Conan Doyle is on the run from his own fame and the impact it has had on his life. He flees to a peaceful village nestled beneath the Reichenbach Falls and hopes to find anonymity, but finds himself drawn into the mysterious death of a fellow tourist.

The Key of all Unknown

By K. A. Hitchins. Media: DAISY & USB D3298. Brilliant scientific researcher Tilda Mosse wakes up in hospital unable to speak or move and with no recollection of what happened to her. Determined to find answer she travels back through her fractured memories looking for clues.

Spirituality: Christian Living

Baptism, Belonging and Breaking Bread

Paul Beasley Murray. Media: DAISY & USB D3355. A study guide for preparing for baptism, written for the Baptist Union of Great Britain, this book is a development and replacement of Baptism and Belonging and is more detailed in content with a new section on the Lord’s Supper. Booklet: 25 pages.

Barking Dogs

By Andy Rushworth. Media: DAISY & USB D3351. This book is about the author’s experiences of taking the Gospel into places where it is desperately needed yet hardest to find. His hope is that you too will be encouraged to take the Gospel into the ordinary places and be amazed at what God can do.

Rouse the Warriors

By Steve Uppal. Media: DAISY & USB D3310. Part of a prophet’s message is to awaken the church, to mobilise the church and to bring clarity and focus on how to build its strength. When people are healed, they are not conscious of how great God is in them.

Take Heart

By Matt Chandler. Media: DAISY & USB D3321. A stirring, passionate call for courage to stand firm and thrive in an increasingly post-Christian culture.

The 7 Laws of Spiritual Success

By Selwyn Hughes. Media: Braille B2917, DAISY & USB D2624 & Giant Print G2281. Selwyn Hughes brought a lifetime of experience and ministry to this work. Explore seven essential elements for a successful Christian life: worship, thankfulness, forgiveness, perseverance, servanthood, repentance, and continual growth.

Youth Fiction

Revenge of the Flying Carpet

By J. M. Evans. Media: DAISY & USB D3332. Paul’s sister Trinity has always made his life a misery. On finding a magic carpet in his gran’s loft he begins to plot revenge! But he gets much more than he bargained for on his journey: forgiveness, justice, mercy, and something totally unexpected.

Rebecca and Jade Choices

By Eleanor Watkins. Media: DAISY & USB D3331. Rebecca and Jade are best friends. When one of them becomes pregnant, both are faced with choices that could affect their own lives, and those of others. Will their friendship be strong enough to survive the difficulties ahead?

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Other Torch resources

Bible Reading Notes

We produce some of the most popular daily Bible reading notes in accessible media and you can choose which suits you best. New Daylight and The Upper Room from the Bible Reading Fellowship, Every Day With Jesus from CWR and Daily Bread from Scripture Union are all available from Torch at no cost. However, if you would like to make an annual voluntary donation to cover our costs, we suggest £17.

Magazines and Publications

We also produce a number of magazines in a variety of styles and media to suit everyone:

Torch News – a quarterly news magazine with updates and articles about Torch services and activities.

International News for Praise and Prayer – regular news on Torch in Malawi and elsewhere outside the UK.

Christianity Today Digest – a monthly compilation of articles from this contemporary online magazine.

Premier Christianity and Premier Christianity Lite – the UK’s biggest selling monthly Christian magazine in accessible media.

Reflections Radio Omnibus – a monthly compilation of previous editions of Reflections radio programmes.

The Torch – Torch’s core magazine with a range of reflections and articles for all.

For more details about any of these resources, please call our Client Services Team on 01858 438260.

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Torch Services

Torch holidays

It’s a new year and a great time to start planning your holidays! And we have a lovely selection of getaways to choose from, all hosted at our fantastic Holiday and Retreat Centre in rural West Sussex.

We have something for you, whatever your interests or sight loss condition — you can rest assured that a Torch holiday maximises both the independence and inclusion of blind and partially sighted people throughout the programme.

Our exciting programme of Holiday and Retreat Centre holidays for 2019 is available and we are ready to take your booking! This year’s line-up features old favourites alongside new experiences, for example May’s ‘Make a Joyful Noise’, our music holiday. If you enjoy singing, play an instrument or just love music, you will love this week. Featuring the opportunity to make your own percussion instruments, worship the Lord with music, and get involved in an end-of-holiday concert, it’s going a be a very joyous occasion!

Due to popular demand, we’re also running several Summer Holidays, all of which will follow a similar programme. These are ideal holidays to bring a friend with you as our summer holidays are a time of fun and fellowship at our beautiful Centre in Sussex. There is plenty of time to relax and enjoy the house and garden, take a stroll in the village of Hurstpierpoint or go on one of our excursions to places such as local gardens, places of interest and the seaside. Enjoy good food, good company and lots of good memories!

Ladies, do you need a pick-me-up after the cold winter months? Then book on to ‘Be-loved: Women’s Pamper Week’. This break will be a special time for women to come together and share in friendship and fun. Immerse yourself in a few days of relaxation and rejuvenation at Torch HRC. The programme will include a spa treatments session, a delicious afternoon tea, fun dance and movement, healthy eating tips for the year ahead and much more. Our speaker will lead devotional times when we will deepen our understanding of who we are as beloved daughters and women of God. Go home revitalised both spiritually and physically.

Remember, these are just some of the many holidays available to you this year. For the full list and more information please visit our website or request a copy of our holiday dates programme, available in print, braille, large print or audio.

Torch’s on request service

Is there a particular Christian book or resource you are wanting just now; maybe something your church is studying or is being talked about? Then do please ask us and, if it is possible, we will provide an accessible version for you. Torch Trust continues to develop excellent relationships with an increasing number of Christian book publishers and through these has potential access to many titles. So do please contact Client Services and we will do our very best to see if we can help.

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