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Summer 2017

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Hello and welcome to this second edition of What’s New, the quarterly magazine that brings you the latest information about Torch’s services, resources and literature.

In this issue you’ll find information about some of the new titles that we have recently added to our fast growing list of books that are ‘available on request’.

You’ll also be able to read a little bit about what’s happening at our Holiday & Retreat Centre and Journeying With, our befriending scheme for people who are losing their sight.

I hope you’ll enjoy this magazine and perhaps pass it on to anyone you know who might be interested.

Happy reading,

David Shepherd, Editor

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Featured Book

The NIrV Accessible Edition, New Testament is one step towards greater Bible access and inclusion within the church. Ensuring that everyone has access to the Bible is at the very heart of the message contained within it. You were made by God. You are loved by God. You matter to God. You are equal to all others in God’s sight. And God wants you to know Him through His Word.

Developed in partnership with Livability, Torch Trust and Urban Saints, the NIrV Accessible Edition uses Biblica’s NIrV translation and features: shorter sentences and simpler language, a specially designed (16pt) font, more white space, single column setting, and simpler navigation. £7.99. Ref 8691

Special offer: Torch’s Thanksgiving and Open Day this year is on 16th September 2017 at Torch House. If you buy a copy of the NIrV Accessible Edition, New Testament on the day, we will also give you a free copy (personalised with the name of your church) for you to place in your church building.

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Torch holidays

Torch Holiday & Retreat Centre

On the border of the South Downs National Park, in Hurstpierpoint, rural West Sussex, the Centre is the location for a varied programme of holidays each year, all specially designed for people with sight loss. Holidays range from themed breaks such as walking weeks, book weeks and craft weeks, to more relaxing summer vacations and holidays during the festive season.

The Centre has recently welcomed Janet Caughley as the new Holiday leader. Janet, who has had a long history with Torch Trust, is delighted to be joining us after a more recent career in physiotherapy and said, “I am so excited to be able to join the ministry at Torch”. The 2018 holiday calendar will be available after September 2017 along with the opportunity to book the centre for conferences and events.

Upcoming holidays:

14–18 August; Summer Memories – a summer holiday of relaxation and activities in and out of the centre; £360

4–9 September; Walking Week – a week of walking the beautiful South Downs and local area; £420

19–22 September; Moving Forward – to encourage, equip and enable you on the next step of your sight loss journey; £220

25–29 September; Hurstpierpoint Festival Week – a week to enjoy the local Hurst Festival including events from musicians, poets, writers, artists and more; £380

30 October – 3 November; Read All About It – Book Week – our annual book week, opening up Christian literature for people with sight loss; £340

To book or find out more about these holidays and all the others coming up this year just call 01858 438260 or email info@torchtrust.org.

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New books from Torch

Unless shown differently all of the following books are newly available in braille and large print sizes 17pt, 20pt, 25pt and 30pt. See individual titles for DAISY audio availability.

40 Days with the Celtic Saints by David Cole

The author draws us to relate our own life journey and developing relationship with God into the life story of the Celtic saint of the day. A corresponding bible passage and blessing encourage and motivate us to transform our lives for today’s world in the light of such historic faith. Braille and large print, £7.99 Ref 8642

Aled Jones My Story by Aled Jones

Aled tells the full story of the effect of being a famous boy soprano. Always refreshingly honest and self-effacing, Aled reveals how he faced up to life after his voice had broken & how he carved out a new career. DAISY, £8.99. Ref 8587

Christianity Explored Guest Handbook (2016) by Rico Tice

A fresh new look Guest Handbook for this popular and faithful introduction to the Christian faith. Braille and large print, £2.99 Ref 8652

Day the Revolution Began, The by Tom Wright

This book will take you to a new level in your appreciation of the meaning of Jesus´ sacrifice and will remind you of the crucial role you can play in the world-transforming movement that Jesus started. Braille and large print, £9.99. Ref 8584

Founding Fathers by Nathan Blackaby

Nathan shares characteristics of great men of faith from the Bible and personal experience, whilst drawing on experts in areas of parenting, giving pointers and ideas to help men be intentional, godly fathers whatever their circumstances. Braille and large print, £4.99. Ref 8627

Full Pardon by Billy McFetridge

After leaving the British Army, Billy led raids for the UDA to raise money for weapons. He spent 7 years in Maze Prison for manslaughter and started to study the Bible – one night God spoke to him. ‘... my prayers became two-way communications with God.’ Braille and large print, £7.99. Ref 8641

Gender Plus by Ennrich Kritzinger

After growing up in insecurity, without a father’s love, and suffering sexual abuse at home and then at school, Ennrich fully embraced the gay lifestyle. Searching for love he felt empty, disappointed, desperate and unfulfilled. His growing relationship with Jesus Christ allowed God’s unconditional love to saturate the delicate areas of his gender and sexuality. Challenging and inspirational. Braille and large print, £8.99. Ref 8622

God’s Belongers by David Walker

This book transforms thinking about church membership by replacing the division between ‘members’ and ‘non-members’ with a four-fold model of belonging. Braille and large print, £7.99 Ref 8643

Good Choices by Keith Gentry

In this book, Keith shares keys to unlock clues within the scriptures that will enable the reader to be more discerning and productive with the investment of their time, effort and money in both the spiritual and natural choices of life. Braille and large print, £9.99. Ref 8625

The Great Embrace by Tim Sisarich

We live in a world overwhelmed with hurt – our past seems riddled with its scars and shrapnel, damaging just about every aspect of our existence and influencing many of the choices we make. This book offers a guiding help leading you to a place of hope. Braille and large print, £8.99. Ref 8610

Hiding in the Light by Rifqa Bary

The compelling personal story of a teenage girl who stood against her family’s faith to convert to Christianity and who gave up everything in her flight from religious persecution. DAISY, braille and large print, £9.99 Ref 8588

In His Eyes by Michael McMillan

This book spans over fifty years of the author’s life as told through the lyrics from his three solo music albums: Cold and Roofless, Faith to Faith and Meet Me at The Cross. The lyrics depict stories of poverty, crime, and faith. Braille and large print, £6.99. Ref 8624

Left To Die by John McCreedy

Left to Die, but Loved by God tells the biblical story of Hagar in the context of highlighting some of the major issues that affect our world today. Braille and large print, £8.99 Ref 8631

Lies we Believe About God by William P. Young

From the author of the 20-million copy bestselling novel The Shack and the New York Times bestsellers Cross Roads and Eve comes a compelling exploration of the wrong-headed ideas we sometimes have and share about God. Braille and large print, £12.99 Ref 8644

Looking for Love by Joanne Gilchrist

This book is for those who have a desire to love and be loved but who have believed at some point that this desire cannot be filled by God. Joanne looks at the purpose of our existence and of marriage, and compares them to our needs and desires. Braille and large print, £9.99. Ref 8612

The Marriage Course (Alpha) by Nicky & Sila Lee

This guest manual highlights the key points from the talks and contains all of the exercises and ‘homework’. Braille and large print, £2.50 Ref 8645

One For All (Spring Harvest Theme Book 2017 Pt 1) by Malcolm Duncan

In 2017 Spring Harvest celebrates the theme of unity. Instead of fracturing over secondary issues, we have an opportunity to celebrate a God-given unity centred on mission and the primary truths of faith. We have an opportunity to be One for All. Braille and large print, £9.99 Ref 8649

Prepare Your Heart for the Midnight Cry by RT Kendall

Some think that 100 years since Azusa Street has been the final movement of God before the 2nd coming. The author explains that this is not so and reveals that a movement of the Holy Spirit greater than anything yet experienced is about to unfold. DAISY, braille and large print, £9.99, Ref 8614

Pressed But Not Crushed by Andrew Davies

Thirty-three years old, happily married, a great job in dentistry, a strong Christian faith – life seemed just about perfect for Andy. But then, shockingly, he suffered a massive stroke, leaving him with ‘locked-in syndrome’ and his life changed forever. Braille and large print, £8.99. Ref 8638

Rewards of the Secret Place by Ian Christensen

In this book you will discover what God desires to do in our encounters with Him and how He wants to bless or ‘reward’ us simply for being there. We also discover that in ‘the secret place’ He is able to release the miraculous into our lives. Braille and large print, £8.99. Ref 8620

The Search for God by Peter May

The Search for God challenge us to enthusiastically engage in reaching twenty-first-century men and women with a reasoned faith that helps answer the difficult questions. Braille and large print, £9.99. Ref 8633

Serving God in a Migrant Crisis by Patrick Johnstone

Patrick Johnstone helps us understand what’s causing today’s refugee crisis, explore Christian theology and see how Christian workers around the world are opening their hearts to embrace these modern outcasts. Braille and large print, £9.99. Ref 8619

Serving God in Today’s Cities by Patrick Johnstone

For the first time ever, more people now live in cities than outside them. Patrick Johnstone explores the fastest growing cities and megacities, showing how Christian workers address people’s spiritual, physical and social needs. Braille and large print, £9.99. Ref 8613

Silence And A Shouting, A by Eddie Askew

Another in this popular author’s series of lively and insightful reflections and prayers inspired by different passages of Scripture. DAISY, £5.00. Ref 547

The Hour Before Dawn by Penelope Wilcock

As they support their leader and their barely-welcome guest, the community of brothers undertake the task of nurturing the grace of God in their souls and in each other. DAISY, £7.99. Ref 8519

The Long Fall by Penelope Wilcock

Peregrine, strong and beloved abbot of St. Alcuin’s monastery, suffers a stroke. How will he find the courage to make this demanding journey of vulnerability with his friend? How will they communicate, now Peregrine can no long speak? DAISY, £7.99. Ref 8517

The Ultimate Survival Guide by CVM Demolition Squad

The Ultimate Survival Guide aims to make the complexity of Christian apologetics accessible for the bloke on the street, by reducing the often complex arguments into easy-to-understand articles. Braille and large print, £7.99. Ref 8634

Unbelievable by Justin Brierley

Born out of Premier Radio’s popular Unbelievable? podcasts, this book invites readers to unpack some of the most common objections to Christianity, equipping them to respond to sceptics and better understand the reason for their faith. Braille and large print, £9.99. Ref 8697

Walking Free by John Edwards

After spending twenty years of his life as a drug addict and alcoholic in Dublin, Ireland, in a hopeless downward spiral of despair, John experienced an incredible encounter with God that transformed his life. Braille and large print, £7.99. Ref 8637

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Journeying With

Struggling with sight loss? Not sure who to talk to? Feeling lost? Journeying With might be just the thing for you. Journeying With is a distinctively Christian befriending scheme, which pairs trained volunteers with people who are losing their sight. The volunteers can visit you at home, meet out and about, or be a listening ear over the telephone. They will support you for a few hours each week, over six months, to help rebuild your confidence and support your longer-term independence.

If you’d like more information about this, or would like to volunteer as a befriender, then please do get in touch. Call us on 01858 438260 or email info@torchtrust.org.

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Other Torch resources

Torch Lending Library

Torch operates a free postal lending library with over 2500 books available to borrow in a variety of accessible media.

Bible Reading Notes

We produce some of the most popular daily Bible reading notes in accessible media and you can choose which suits you best:

Every Day With Jesus, bimonthly from CWR on DAISY audio CD or USB memory stick

Daily Bread, bimonthly from Scripture Union on DAISY audio CD or USB memory stick or monthly in braille

The Upper Room from the Bible Reading Fellowship in large print (17pt, 20pt, 25pt, or 30pt)

These are all available from Torch at no cost. However, if you would like to make an annual voluntary donation to cover our costs, we suggest £16.00.

Magazines and Publications

We also produce a number of magazines in a variety of styles and media to suit everyone:

Torch News – a free quarterly news magazine with essential updates and articles about Torch services and activities.

International News for Praise and Prayer – free quarterly news on Torch in Malawi and elsewhere outside the UK.

Christianity Today Digest – a free monthly compilation of articles from this contemporary online magazine.

Premier Christianity – the UK’s biggest selling monthly Christian magazine on one DAISY audio CD or USB memory stick – suggested annual voluntary donation £30.00.

Premier Christianity Lite – Premier Christianity condensed into two braille or two large print (17pt or 25pt) volumes – suggested annual voluntary donation £30.00.

What’s New (from Torch Trust) – a free quarterly listing of new books, reviews and Torch activities.

Reflections Radio Omnibus – a free monthly compilation of previous Reflections radio programmes.

eNews – an occasional email from Torch with news and notices that we want to bring to your attention.

The Torch – Torch’s free core magazine with an international focus and a range of reflections and articles for all.

For more details about any of these resources, please call our Client Services Team on 01858 438260.

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