Prayer Diary
July - Sept 2018

TORCH TRUST, Torch House, Torch Way, Market Harborough, Leicestershire, LE16 9HL, U.K.
Telephone: +44(0)1858 438260, Fax: +44(0)1858 438275, email:
The Torch Trust for the Blind, registered charity number 1095904.

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.
(Colossians 3:23).

Torch HRC = Torch Holiday & Retreat Centre.

REMEMBER! The Torch Prayer Phone can be accessed at any time on 01858 438277. The Prayer Phone information is also available on our website at


1 SUN - Pray for guidance as after 14 years of faithful service Torch House's central heating boilers are in need of replacement

2 MON - Pray for the Client Services team as they take the Torch holiday bookings

3 TUE - Pray for the staff and volunteers transcribing books into braille, large print and audio

4 WED - Pray for our growing Sight Loss Friendly Church network

5 THU - Pray for our dedicated team of staff and volunteers working to ensure the holidays are well run and provide the best possible experience for guests

6 FRI - Pray for the recruitment of Torch staff and volunteers. Pray that the right people are selected, and that those who are not, soon find the role God is calling them to

7 SAT - Pray for our clients who feel alone, left out, or no longer able to take part in things they used to enjoy

8 SUN - Pray for those responsible for the catering at Torch HRC

9 MON - Pray for the Quiet Summer Retreat which starts today at Torch HRC

10 TUE - Pray for the team during the Reflections recording day

11 WED - Pray for the Trustees who will be meeting today to pray and plan for the year ahead

12 THU - Thank God for his financial provision over all the years and for all our donors who give to the work of Torch

13 FRI - Pray for wisdom for those that choose library books for our readers

14 SAT - Give thanks for the support of local churches where a Journeying With scheme is being run

15 SUN - Pray for wisdom about how to promote Torch holidays

16 MON - Pray for the Activity Holiday No 2 which starts today at Torch HRC

17 TUE - Pray blessing on those receiving books from the small braille libraries in Malawi

18 WED - Pray for our Client Services team as they respond to the many letters and emails from clients

19 THU - Pray for the growth of our TorchTalk telephone groups, and the finance to support them

20 FRI - Pray for new ideas and contacts for the Reflections radio programme

21 SAT - Pray for the health and wellbeing of our staff and volunteers

22 SUN - Pray for the recruitment of new volunteer audio readers and editors

23 MON - Pray for safety and protection for all of the property and sites that Torch owns or uses

24 TUE - Thank God for the provision of the equipment that produces the audio books and magazines

25 WED - Pray for the Production team to manage well the peaks and troughs of their workload

26 THU - Pray for those new to sight loss who live in developing countries and cannot easily access support services

27 FRI - Pray for wisdom as we consider new ways of sharing the work of Torch on social media

28 SAT - Pray for the Summer Break holiday which starts today at Torch HRC

29 SUN - Pray for progress as we explore new ways of delivering audio books to mobile phones and tablets

30 MON - Pray for more people to subscribe to Premier Christianity, Torch News, The Torch, What’s New, and Christian Today Digest magazines

31 TUE - Pray for God’s wisdom when tackling I.T. problems


1 WED - Give thanks for Dennis - the cook at Torch HRC

2 THU - Pray for the various telephone services that Torch can offer to clients

3 FRI - Pray for the increasing benefit from Torch’s financial accounting system, Xero, in helping to focus resources

4 SAT - Pray for those who are moving to new locations. Pray that they will be able to join a church of their choice

5 SUN - Pray that our various work teams support each other and work well together

6 MON - Pray for the Summer by the Sea holiday which starts today at Torch HRC

7 TUE - Pray that the I.T. network, PCs and servers work well

8 WED - Pray for more people to find out about Torch and what we can provide

9 THU - Pray that new Torch Groups will begin in our towns and cities

10 FRI - Pray that our website will be well used

11 SAT - Pray for the Torch HRC team as they prepare for the holidays; pray for wisdom, imagination and energy

12 SUN - Pray for safety in travel for those working for Torch

13 MON - Pray for those who suffer from mental ill-health and distress. Pray that they know God's peace

14 TUE - Pray for the family, friends and carers of blind or partially sighted people

15 WED - Give thanks for good working relationships between Torch and Christian publishers

16 THU - Pray for our Client Services team for sensitivity when clients in distress contact us

17 FRI - Thank God for the provision of the equipment that produces braille

18 SAT - Pray for wisdom as Torch supports more remote workers

19 SUN - Pray for the provision of materials to produce and send out braille, large print and audio magazines worldwide

20 MON - Pray for the Summer Sun holiday with Marilyn and Tracy which starts today at Torch HRC

21 TUE - Pray for the meeting of unexpected needs which can arise in Torch’s premises at Torch House and Torch HRC

22 WED - Give thanks for the continuing growth in new book titles that we offer for sale and in the Torch lending library

23 THU - Pray the telephone system continues to work well

24 FRI - Pray the equipment producing large print remains reliable so that deadlines can be kept

25 SAT - Pray that more people will subscribe to our accessible Bible reading notes

26 SUN - Pray that clients will be more aware of the facility to ask Torch for specific books to be made accessible

27 MON - Pray for the Reflections Radio Podcast and CD that they will reach and bless more people

28 TUE - Pray for more people to find out about, and come to, Torch holidays

29 WED - Pray that we can develop high quality 'synthetic' audio that will enable us to offer some DAISY books on demand

30 THU - Pray for Torch as we network with other organisations

31 FRI - Pray for transcribers of New Daylight as they switch from cassette to digital recording


1 SAT - Pray for continued good working relationships with our I.T. support company

2 SUN - Pray for our regional co-ordinators as they promote Torch and serve the Torch Groups

3 MON - Pray for the Walking Week which starts today at Torch HRC

4 TUE - Pray for people to fill our volunteer opportunities

5 WED - Give praise for the accessible Christian books, magazines and Bible-reading notes in the Torch library or available to purchase

6 THU - Pray for all those coming to terms with sight loss

7 FRI - Pray that our computer networks are protected from viruses and hackers

8 SAT - Pray for the preparation and planning for the houseparties arranged by the Torch Groups

9 SUN - Pray for Marilyn Baker as she presents the Reflections radio programmes

10 MON - Pray for Melton Mowbray Torch Group as they visit Torch House today

11 TUE - Pray for the Torch representation at the Christian Resources Together retailers and suppliers retreat

12 WED - Pray for accuracy as our Client Services team use the resources ordering system

13 THU - Pray for the team during the Reflections recording day

14 FRI - Pray for each contact overseas that has literature from Torch that they will be blessed and built up in their faith

15 SAT - Torch Annual Thanksgiving at Torch House

16 SUN - Pray for a regular flow of financial provision and for wisdom in its use

17 MON - Pray for more people to find out about Torch HRC as a venue, and for an increase in centre bookings

18 TUE - Pray for the encouragement of those actively supporting people with sight loss in difficult circumstances throughout the world

19 WED - Pray for those who receive large print books and magazines, that they will be blessed and encouraged by the words they are reading

20 THU - Pray for Jan T and her work with co-ordinating the TorchTalk telephone groups

21 FRI - Pray for new volunteers who are happy to stay at Torch HRC to provide guiding, practical support and friendship to guests

22 SAT - Pray for the Regional day at Bristol today

23 SUN - Pray that our Reflections radio show will encourage and bless people

24 MON - Pray for the Hurstpierpoint Festival holiday which starts today at Torch HRC

25 TUE - Pray for individuals who want to become sight loss champions in their churches

26 WED - Pray that the audio production equipment remains reliable so that deadlines can be kept

27 THU - Give thanks for those able to commit regularly to Torch’s work in time, service, prayer and giving

28 FRI - Give thanks for each Journeying With co-ordinator

29 SAT - Give thanks for the growing number of authors who are recording their own books for Torch

30 SUN - Praise God for our Reflections radio show interviewees

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