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2014 Issue 1

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Loss of sight doesn’t mean loss of good Christian reading!

Just look at what’s available in accessible media from the Torch Trust...

Free lending library; Bible reading notes; Bibles and Magazines; Books to own; Book Groups

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In the Beginning...

Welcome to the first edition of Reading 4 All, for everyone who likes a good Christian read!

We have launched this new magazine in response to a need to inform people with sight loss about all the good Christian resources there are available, whether through Torch or elsewhere.

We start with Torch Resource News bringing you up to date with a few changes, some freebies and other Torch services available to you.

If you have been a fan of the Torch Library Magazine we are sure you will enjoy Reading 4 All, which retains several of the features of TLM but includes many more new ones along with the latest information on daily Bible reading notes for Your Quiet Time, and Christian magazines - On Your Coffee Table. There are of course some book reviews as well as an Author Profile - which we’re really thrilled is Jennifer Rees-Larcombe in this our first issue. Leaving an Impression asks what books have influenced Marilyn Baker and then we re-visit some of the most requested titles for Your Bedside Table.

We have a distinct Daily Devotional flavour this quarter as we all have a passion to encourage everyone to read scripture every day.

Do let us know what you think by email at

We produce Reading for All in 17, 20, 25 and 30 point large print, as well as audio, email and braille - please let us know if you would prefer a different format.

Happy Reading!

Lydia Tebbutt Editor

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Torch Resource News

Where are all the new books?

We are adding new titles to the Torch Library collection all the time, which would make for a very bulky magazine! Therefore we have decided to only produce a list of new titles twice a year (and this list will be available in audio). However, you don’t have to wait till they come out - to find the latest titles from the website: under ‘Latest Titles’. Alternatively, the librarians can produce a list for you in braille, large print or print.

Changes to Every Day With Jesus and Daily Bread Bible Reading Notes in Audio

Please note that, for Every Day With Jesus and Scripture Union’s Daily Bread, Torch no longer produces cassettes. However they are available on DAISY CD or USB memory sticks.

We do still offer various shorter Bible reading plans on cassette, but the memory stick players are very easy to use and we have lots more material available for you if you have a memory stick player (priced at £24) or a DAISY CD player. DAISY CD players cost around £250 and are available from Royal National Institute of the Blind. We can put you through to the RNIB if you want to discuss this option.

Cassettes are becoming increasingly difficult for us to source or produce. We could be compelled to cease production altogether if our machinery breaks down - please do consider changing so that we can provide you with much better Christian listening.

Book Week at Torch HRC

Do you enjoy books and having some holiday time and fellowship? Then the Book Week holiday at Torch Holiday and Retreat Centre in East Sussex could be for you.

If you are a member of our Libraries, or even if you are not but like to discuss a favourite book or hear about some exciting new titles and everything bookish, then this is for you.

Not only sharing aspects of what we all have read, but learning to explore recording ourselves, or hearing an author speak, are just some of the many aspects we have delved into during our Book Weeks.

Fellowship and holiday activities are also part of the holiday. These include outings to the theatre, parks and garden centres. We have also included art, chapel times, and audio described film nights, all with a bookish feel.

The main themes are fellowship, fun and books. We would love to have you join us in the wonderful, homely atmosphere of the Torch Holiday and Retreat Centre and look forward to sharing our love of books together.

The Torch Holiday and Retreat Centre has just been beautifully extended and refurbished and now has all en-suite rooms.

For more information or to book for this year’s Book Week on 10-14 November

Please call Torch Holiday and Retreat Centre on 01273 832282

Torch Book Groups

Beating loneliness - with books!

Torch Book Groups are an exciting new idea. It’s simple: a group of people who are mostly blind or partially sighted meet regularly to chat over coffee, discussing the latest audio book they’ve read. The shared interest in reading gives them a starting point for real fellowship and friendship. Torch helps to get the groups off the ground, sends out the books on loan, and even gives some ice-breaking starter questions.

Jenny in Telford dreams of the fellowship that might be possible through a Torch Book Group. Jenny describes life as being ‘in my own little shell’ now that sight loss over many years has robbed her of her mobility and independence. She was first diagnosed in 1989 with a degenerative sight condition.

‘At first I pushed aside the diagnosis. I ignored it. Over the years I’ve needed to make constant adjustments. Now I’m down to my last bit of seeing light and dark, a few shapes. I’m totally reliant on audio. I make myself seek out some social situations but mainly they are secular. I can’t find any spiritual input.’

She described many churches she visited as ‘like social clubs, with no real sense of a church family’.

Torch Regional Leader David Palmer spends much of his time criss-crossing the country trying to encourage the start-up of new Groups.

‘Social exclusion is a major issue for many people who are blind or who are losing their sight, and many of them live alone,’ says David.

‘Torch Book Groups give people a meaningful shared interest which is foundational for friendship and fellowship.’

TorchTalk Groups - Friendship on the phone

Telephone friendship groups for blind people are not new. RNIB have run these very successfully for some time. Now a new project offering Christian fellowship on the phone is up and running and doing well.

The Groups - known as TorchTalk groups –and run by Torch Trust, they link blind and partially sighted people from all around the UK over the telephone.

Jan Turner, who is blind, explains that TorchTalk, comes from an understanding that sight loss frequently brings with it loneliness and isolation.

Jan says: ‘we talk about all sorts of things and we have good times! TorchTalk is open to people of any faith or none, but to take part you really need to be sympathetic to the Christian ethos. In the particular group I’m part of, we always have a Bible reading and opportunity to pray for one another, but all the groups develop their own personality.’

Currently there are four groups that meet weekly and one, which meets monthly for no more than an hour. The monthly group is a telephone book group, which meets to discuss two or three books over the course of 6 months.

There are other groups in the pipeline too –some of them are special interest phone groups based on books; one for enquirers into the Christian faith through Alpha; another for young adults with sight loss and even shared holiday experiences.

Ask us for a Torch Book Group Information Pack or come and join one of the TorchTalk telephone groups. Contact Client Services on 01858 438260 or email

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New Resources

New FREE booklet

A new FREE resource, for this WWI Centenary year is, ‘We Will Remember Them’. This short booklet contains fascinating facts, stories of deliverance and sensitive reflections on the price paid for our freedoms. If your church, local blind society or local British Legion are holding any events to mark this occasion, perhaps you would like some of these booklets in accessible media. They are available in braille, giant print and audio CD.

(Standard print copies can be obtained from Christian Publishing and Outreach,

Commonwealth Games and World Cup Tie-in

‘Life to the Full’ is a short leaflet, which looks at the

role of a sporting coach who can often be a ‘game changer’. Of course Jesus Christ is the ultimate ‘Game changer’ as the leaflet points out.

With the Commonwealth Games being held from 23rd July to 3rd August, this is a great opportunity to engage your sporty friends including those in or supporting the para-sport events - especially if you live in Scotland!

And of course it’s the World Cup - you must know someone who’s a football fan?

This resource is available in braille, giant print and audio CD. (Standard print copies can be obtained from Christians in Sport,

New for Church groups

Torch has a growing list of accessible course books and now is the time to start considering what your group will be studying together this autumn.

A list can be obtained from our website, by going to the ‘Resource Catalogue’ and search for ‘courses’. Alternatively, we can print you a list in standard print, 24 point or braille for you to peruse.

If the medium you require is not listed we can still help so do contact us.

However, if you require a course which is not on the list we will need at least 4 weeks from receipt of the electronic files plus two print copies of the course book, one of which will be returned when the transcription is complete. We are required to retain one standard print copy in compliance with the Copyright Licensing Agreement.

The following courses are available in accessible media.

If your church is running an Alpha Course or The Marriage Course, Torch has 15 supporting titles in braille and giant print so that you can invite your blind or partially sighted friends to this introduction to the Christian faith.

We have transcribed 4 titles to support Christianity Explored.

From CWR’s Cover to Cover series we have 10 titles available in accessible media.

We have 4 Freedom in Christ course titles transcribed.

There are 21 Lifebuilder Courses available in accessible media and 9 York Courses available plus many more stand alone courses - so what are you waiting for? Tell your group about these great accessible resources and participate along with everyone else!

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Author Profile: Jennifer Rees-Larcombe

Jennifer is one of the most borrowed authors from the Torch library. A mother of 6 children, she was severely disabled in 1982 and became a wheel-chair user. However, in 1990 she was miraculously healed. Her ministry organisation is Beauty from Ashes.

Lydia Tebbutt asked her about her latest book:

Your new book ‘A Year’s Journey with God’ is a daily devotional, a departure from your usual style. What prompted you to write this style of book?

“For years I’ve been keeping a diary of the little things the Lord says to me through my grandchildren, dogs or my garden. I also keep a journal of the verses and thoughts, which bless me. I so wanted to share them all with other people, so I thought I would make them into a book of short pages, one for every day of the year.”

How long did it take you to write it?

“AGES! I had to fit writing in round my busy lifestyle so every holiday for a couple of years I spent typing madly.”

The book is organised in ‘series’. How did you come to choose the theme of ‘Faces’ for February?

“Well it had nothing to do with February! I was just blessed by doing my own little bible study on the word ‘face’ and I had a gap in February where it seemed to fit.”

Writing 365 different pieces is very challenging. Did you ever get stuck for ideas?

“Oh yes!!! I had a bad ‘dried up time’ in mid November. I had run out of my stock of journal and diary thoughts, and I felt I had nothing left to give. I knew I’d be Ok when I got to December with a Christmas theme to work on, so I prayed with a very prayerful friend to give me two more weeks!’ and the Lord began to give me all kinds of ideas!”

What do you think it is that makes your books so popular?

“I think it’s because I’m not clever enough to write proper books, I just chat about ordinary things that help me to connect with God just as if I were sitting in the kitchen with a friend. I don’t do scholarly!”

If you would like to buy or borrow Jennifer’s new book or some of her other books, do contact Client Services who will arrange this for you.

A Year’s Journey with God To loan in DAISY & USB Purchase price £10.99

Journey Into God’s Heart To loan in braille, giant print and DAISY & USB Purchase price £8

Beauty from Ashes To loan in DAISY & USB Purchase price £5

Turning Point To loan in DAISY & USB DAISY only Purchase price £5

For more of Jennifer’s titles contact Torch Client Services on 01858 438260 or email

Print copies can be obtained via the Beauty from Ashes website:


A Year’s Journey with God was awarded ‘Best Devotional Book of 2014’ at Christian Resources Together earlier this month.

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In Your Quiet Time

Our look at accessible Daily Bible Reading Notes.

Every Day With Jesus still the market leader

Torch audio readers can look forward to these themes for the quarter beginning July ‘14.

The July & August edition is based on the book of Jeremiah, the ‘weeping prophet’ - maybe not the first book that comes to mind for summer reading!

But when you get into it, it’s less about doom and gloom and more about God’s genuine deep love for us, ‘slow to anger and quick to forgive.’

Available in DAISY CD or USB

And from SU - Daily Bread

For the quarter July - Sept 2014 Jenny Hyatt SU Editor comments:

“... In this quarter’s readings, we encounter some situations, which require perseverance. ‘Stick with it!’ is the theme of our readings in 1 Timothy. We also find Paul telling the Philippians about his determination to ‘press on towards the goal’ (3:14). And then of course there is Job, who keeps his faith in the face of overwhelming suffering.”

Available on DAISY CD or USB or Braille

For Giant Print Readers - The Upper Room

There are lots of features in this product, which encourage readers into a daily reading of scripture. Susan Hibbins, editor of the UK edition writes “ ... as part of our daily prayer life, praise helps us focus on everything that is good, rather than the opposite. We are fed a daily diet of bad news, and the troubles of the world ... can permeate our consciousness until we feel overwhelmed. While it is important to do as much as we can in all of this, it also helps if we remember to praise God for the good things...”

Free Sample to Try

If you would like a free sample of any of the daily Bible Reading Notes please contact Client Services on 01858 438260 or email

Daily Readings for loan from the Torch Library

Have you thought you might like to have some daily readings for a short time, on a certain topic or for a particular season? 30, 40 or 50 day readings may be just the thing for you.

Here are some of the titles to whet your appetite, but we have many more to choose from so do ask if this is something you enjoy as not all can be included here:

Encouraging Carers by Hilary Vogel. Real spiritual encouragement and strength for carers. Encouraging Carers is available in braille B2865, in giant print G2236 and on in DAISY or USB D2701 and on cassette C2701

Praying the Names of Jesus by Ann Spangler: Exploring the different names and titles given to Jesus in the Bible and what they tell us about him. Praying the Names of Jesus is available in DAISY or USB D2661

31 Days Towards Passionate Faith by Joni Eareckson Tada: Daily inspiration from Joni’s own search for an active trust in God. 31 Days Towards Passionate Faith is available in DAISY or USB D2755

The Gospel in the Willows by Leslie J Francis: Drawing out the wisdom embedded in the classic, The Wind in the Willows, and weaving it into a profoundly Christian pattern. The Gospel in the Willows is available in braille B3010, in giant print G2370 and in DAISY and USB D2910

How to be a Secure Woman by Catherine Butcher: God offers the resources not just to cope with life, but to empower you to glorify Him. How to be a Secure Woman is available in DAISY and USB D2650

Reader Reviews

Linda Arnot from Clydebank recommends Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers.

A novel I greatly enjoyed is Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. I almost didn't read it, as the synopsis said it was about the gold rush. This is not the period of history I am keenest on, so I wasn't at all sure I would like the novel.

I'm so glad, however, that I read it because although the gold rush features in it, the story is more concerned with how cruelty and child abuse can make people feel prostitution is their only choice and why they return to it, even when rescued. The book teaches us how Christ's love, demonstrated through us, can heal, how hatred can damage those who hate and those who are hated and to think before judging others. It is quite long, but was rare, in that it was enthralling throughout. In some instances, though, I thought the plot was a little far fetched.

Despite these minor flaws, the book was very difficult to put down. I was desperate to know what happened, but didn't want it to end. I thought the ending wasn't going to be the one I wanted, but was glad that it did turn out to be. I would highly recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys a good, thought provoking read.

Redeeming Love is available in DASY or memory stick and lasts for 17 hours, D2973 or USB; and in braille in 7 volumes, B3052. This book is also for sale in DAISY and Braille at £8.99, order code 7835.

Margaret Scorey from Birmingham enjoyed God Doesn’t do Waste by Dave Bookless

I was privileged to proof read this book for Torch.  It is so easy to read and one of those books that are very hard to put down.

It is a very moving story of the Bookless family, Dave and Anne and their children, of how God spoke to Dave and Anne and the forming of A Rocha UK ensued.

As the back cover says, ‘an ordinary family who went green’, but it is more than that, it is about family life too.

A very moving extract from the book is:

God can recycle lost and broken people into new creations in Christ. God can also transform our most painful experiences into the labour pains of a new life and new hope.

I can empathise with that, for I feel that my life has been recycled over the last year.

I thoroughly recommend this book.

God Doesn’t Do Waste is available in DAISY or USB and lasts 5hr 30, D2956; in giant print in 2 volumes, G2389; and in braille in 2 volumes, B3027.

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On Your Coffee Table

Our look at accessible Christian magazines.

The All New Evangelicals Now Lite or EN Lite for short!

We have been working with Evangelicals Now, to bring you a version of their very popular monthly newspaper initially in braille and giant print.

A sample will be ready for the end of September so let Client Services know if you’d like a copy!

Coming Soon ‘Premier Christianity’ magazine in Audio

We have recently stopped producing Searchlight magazine, which was a compendium of articles from Christian magazines.

In its place we are going to produce an audio version of the entire monthly Premier Christianity magazine (formally known as Christianity).

This will be much too long to fit on an audio CD so it is only available in DAISY CD and memory stick - this will give you the choice of all the articles instead of Torch selecting them for you!

With a contents list at the beginning you can choose which tracks you listen to in the order you want you want to hear them!

If you would like to receive the new magazine please let us know via email using or by calling Client Services on 01858 438260

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On view and on their on way!

Here’s a selection of the most reviewed titles in the recent Christian press, which are on their way into the Torch Library

The Question That Never Goes Away by Philip Yancey

The Good BookStall reviewer: Melanie Carroll

At only 138 pages this is not a long book, but then it doesn’t need to be. Yancey isn’t trying to beat us with the academic and theological arguments for why there is pain, suffering, disaster and tragedy. Rather he is laying out a simple, honest and reasoned look at a difficult subject that every one can understand, and in that respect it is filled with honest consideration and insight.

It’s a personal book filled with Yancey’s own stories and reflections from tragedies such as Japans Tsunami, the shooting at Newtown, Connecticut, and many other horror stories. And in Yancey’s usual way he doesn’t ignore the complexity of the issue, but he does work through it using insight from both theologians - such as Bonhoeffer - and biblical characters - such as Job - to show how there can be things found in turmoil, terror and pain that we might not otherwise see.

Somehow, as always with Yancey, this doesn’t come over as empty platitude but something deeper and more real.

Taken from his ‘blog’ as it were, this book is eminently readable and a great book for anyone wanting something easy to read but deep to consider.

Archbishop by Michele Guinness

Excerpt from Together reviewer: Clem Jackson

This is Michele Guinness’ first novel and it is worth the wait. Given the recent Synod deliberations this is an amazingly timely book given its subject is the first female Archbishop of Canterbury, Vicky Burnhham-Woods.

Written as a fictional autobiography Guinness melds her skill as a journalist and storyteller to good effect producing something of a thriller, weaving a web of intrigue, with double dealing, subterfuge and some real ‘aha’ moments. From the dramatic opening paragraph it hooked me.

At the End of the Day by David Winter

Excerpt from Premier Christianity reviewer: DB

‘There is absolutely nothing to be said in favour of growing older,’ said Patrick Moore. David Winter disagrees... He explains the passages and explores what it means to grow, and be, old, revealing how scripture doesn’t focus on frailty but on how to live with purpose.

The book is well written and researched, with a generous helping of wry wit and warmth. The octogenarian author is incisive and honest as he speaks of the emotional, spiritual and physical rollercoaster of ageing.

Look out for all these new titles by checking the Torch website under ‘Latest Titles’ or call the Torch Library 01858 438266

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Gadgets & Gizmos & Apps

Our occasional look at technology

The Victor Reader Stream

As reviewed on the Humanware website this is a handheld media player for the blind and visually impaired.

Plays DAISY books, MP3, MP4, EPUB, and many other media formats; easy access to over 36,000 web radio stations; wireless access to rich media content; records voice and media with built-in microphone or line-in;

two built-in, human-sounding voices for a pleasant text-to-speech experience; built-in wireless networking capability; weighs less than 4 ounces (110 grams); free tech support; 30 day money back guaranteed.

contact Humanware on 01933 415800 or email:

Bible Reading Apps

Abingdon-based Christian charity the Bible Reading Fellowship (BRF) launched their first daily Bible reading notes app, based on their New Daylight series, in February 2010. Two more apps have followed, based on their Guidelines notes (offering a wider breadth of theological viewpoints) and Day by Day with God, daily reading notes written by women for women. Today downloads of their three apps have passed 100,000, with readers spread worldwide.


(BRF website)

We asked Sheila Armstrong how accessible are they?

We tested these Apps on Apple iOS and android phones.

We found that they were all usable with voice as well as for those of you using magnification.

Various subscription rates are available for all three apps.

Bible Reading Fellowship website:

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Leaving an Impression: Marilyn Baker

Marilyn Baker, singer-song writer and Chair of Torch Trustees talks to Reading For All about some of the books, which have left a lasting impression on her.

R4A: Which book made an early impression on you?

MB: Destined for the Throne was one of the first books to really impress me. It spoke of the Lordship of Jesus and how he cared for the church. It inspired me to write, “Jesus is Lord of All”

R4A: Torch library borrowers often say about their books that they ‘came at just the right time’. Have you ever had that experience?

MB: O yes! If You Want to Walk on Water then You’ve got to get out of the Boat came at just the right time! It told me to ‘get out of my comfort zone’ and it struck me just how much we could miss if we didn’t. Jesus likes us to have a go at something rather than playing safe!

R4A: What book of the Bible do you find yourself reading the most?

MB: Well I love the Psalms - there’s something there for all sorts of moods: take Ps 139 for instance. If you are thrilled with the out door life then Ps 121 is great. If you feel in need of forgiveness then Ps 51 will help you and if you are feeling down Ps 91 is a great pick-me-up.

R4A: Do you like Christian Fiction books?

MB: When we were on holiday, Tracey and I read Francine Rivers’ Redeeming Love. I love her books and this one was such a gripping, compelling story. You kept wanting the heroine to change her mind. I got so involved. I just couldn’t put it down.

R4A: Do you have a favourite biography?

MB: Philippian’s 4:6 says ‘Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God.’ And that’s just what George Muller did. I was just so impressed by his faith. They had no food and yet they said thanks. The baker then arrived saying God had told him to bake and deliver bread and then the milkman also turned up - such amazing faith, he was never discouraged.

This is a model of Trust. If we look at what we can see, our faith will fail. If we keep our eyes on the character of Jesus, who he is, then that enables us to trust him. Muller really understood and trusted the person behind the word.

If you would like to read the books, which have impressed Marilyn, they are all available for loan from the Torch Library unless otherwise stated:

Destined for the Throne by Paul E Billheimer: braille 2 vols B680; DAISY or USB D247

If You Want to Walk on Water... by John Ortberg: braille 3 vols B2124; DAISY or USB 2hr 26, D2297

The book of Psalms is available in all media and we have several books, which will help you take a deeper look at this versatile book.

Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers - the second recommendation in this edition of Reading For All - it must be good! Braille 7 vols B3052; DAISY or USB 17hr 02, D2973; Giant Print 8 vols G2422 For Sale £8.99

The George Muller story is available in several titles so do contact the librarians on 01858 438266 or email

Marilyn Baker’s website is

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Christian Literary News

Amazon Publishing launches Christian imprint

From Together magazine

In January, Amazon Publishing announced the launch of Waterfall Press, a new Christian fiction and non-fiction imprint, reports Christian Retailing.

Waterfall Press non-fiction will aim to provide spiritual refreshment and inspiration to today’s Christian reader, while the imprint’s fiction will include stories in the romance, mystery and suspense genres. Waterfall Press titles will be published by Brilliance Publishing, part of the group of companies, which offers readers self-help and personal growth books under the Grand Harbor Press imprint.

Editorial oversight will be led by Tammy Faxel, who brings 30 years of experience in the Christian publishing industry through prior posts at Tyndale House Publishers and Oasis Audio.

The first book published under the imprint was Four Best Places to Live - by Mark Buchanan (available on Kindle) which reveals the surprising truth about how the best places to live are not based on climate, employment opportunities, or cost of living, but rather on places to experience joy, peace and belonging according to scripture; and The Quiet Revelation Jay Hein, (will be available on mp3 CD) will be published in collaboration with Christianity Today magazine.

The Pearl with a price!


After a 10-month period of preparation, Oyster, a site that offers “unlimited books” for $9.95 (£6.40) a month, has started sending out invites.

The subscription service, which has partnerships with publishers such as HarperCollins and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, already has over 100,000 copyrighted titles - which means that they aren’t available for free elsewhere.

Titles on the service include Life of Pi, The Lord of the Rings series, The Hobbit, Shutter Island and The Chronicles of Narnia.

Readers can apply for currently invite-only participation right now, although access is limited to iPhones at the moment. The iPhone app has five different themes for readability, as well as social hooks such as ratings, readings lists and the ability to follow other Oyster users and see what they’re reading.

A constant Internet connection isn’t required, with books downloadable onto the iPhone for reading on planes or other offline areas. For further information check out the website: and HarperCollins ebook sales direct-to-consumer

Together Magazine reports that HarperCollins has begun selling e-books direct to consumers through new brand-specific websites, beginning with and The publisher has also launched a free app, HarperCollins Reader, allowing readers to search the publisher’s available e-book library and download titles.

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On Your Bedside Table

Some of your favourite reads from the Torch Library

I Dared To Call Him Father by Bilquis Sheikh - Braille 3 vols; DAISY or USB 6hr 20

A London Sparrow by Phyllis Thompson - DAISY or USB 6hr 27

Beyond Beards and Burqas by Martin Goldsmith - Braille 2 vols; DAISY or USB 5hr 18; Giant Print 2 vols

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What’s On?

Events marked with an * are not particularly supported by Torch Resources


Reflections: 9am on RNIB Insight Radio, 4pm on Premier Christian Radio on Sundays in July 6th, 13th, 20th & 27th

*6 Disability Sunday

7-12 ‘Summer Outings’ Holiday at Torch HRC

12-19 ‘Summer Treats’ Holiday at Torch HRC

12-18 Keswick Week 1

15-16 Sight Village Birmingham

*15-19 Soul Survivor Aberdeen

19-26 Torch Keswick House Party at Keswick

19-25 Keswick Week 2

*23rd July - 3rd August Commonwealth Games in Glasgow

*25-29 Soul Survivor Stafford

26-2 Aug Keswick Week 3

*26-1 Aug New Wine Somerset

30-6 Aug ‘Fun in the Sun’ Holiday at Torch HRC


Reflections: 9am on RNIB Insight Radio, 4pm on Premier Christian Radio on Sundays in July 3rd 10th, 24th & 31st

*3-9 Aug ‘New Wine’ Somerset

9-16 ‘Activities for Beginners’ at Torch HRC

*12-21 Soul Survivor Somerset

*23-25 Greenbelt Northants.


Reflections: 9am on RNIB Insight Radio, 4pm on Premier Christian Radio on Sundays in July 7th, 14th, 21st  & 28th

9-12 ‘Moving Forward Holiday’ at Torch HRC

13-20 ‘Autumn House Party’ at Torch HRC

22-26 ‘Harvest Week’ Holiday at Torch HRC

*25 Sight Village Leeds

29-4 Oct ‘Stepping Out’ Holiday at Torch HRC

Further Information

For further information about Torch Holidays please call Torch HRC on 01273 832282

Keswick Ministries website:

Sight Village website:

Soul Survivor website:

New Wine website:

Greenbelt website:

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A complete braille set of Hymns Ancient & Modern are available free. Please contact Mrs Judith Smith, 9 Seymour Road, Mile End, Stockport. Tel 0161 483 8681 or email:

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