Torch Resource Catalogue
Accessible Courses as at May 2015

Alpha Course Materials

1. 30 Days

Nicky Gumbel

Available Media: Giant Print 8259 - £1.00

2. Alpha Administrators Handbook (2003)


Available Media: Braille 5233 - £3.00

3. Alpha Course, The - Explore the Meaning of Life (2009)


Available Media: Braille 7059, Daisy 7059 & Giant Print 7059 - £1.50

The Alpha Course Manual is based on Alpha - Questions of Life Nicky Gumbel.

4. Alpha Manual (2001)

Nicky Gumbel

Available Media: Braille 3467 - £1.50

A practical introduction to the Christian faith.

5. Alpha Team Training Manual (2003)


Available Media: Braille 5237 - £1.50

For all leaders and helpers on the Alpha Course, including suggested discussion prompts and key Bible verses for each week.

6. Challenging Lifestyle (2001)

Nicky Gumbel

Available Media: Braille 3687 - £6.00

Looking at the Sermon on the Mount, the author shows that Jesus' teaching flies in the face of modern lifestyle and presents us with a radical alternative.

7. Life Worth Living, A (2001)

Nicky Gumbel

Available Media: Braille 3275 & Giant Print 3275 - £6.00

PHILIPPIANS: Nicky shows how Paul's letter to the Philippians gives clear and powerful answers to many questions and needs.

8. Marriage Course, The (2006)

Nicky & Sila Lee

Available Media: Braille 5857 & Giant Print 5857 - £3.00

The Marriage Course is a series of seven sessions designed to help any married couple strengthen their relationship.

9. Questions Of Life (2001)

Nicky Gumbel

Available Media: Braille 3186 - £6.00

A fascinating and readable introduction to Jesus Christ. Nicky Gumble tackles answers to questions like, ''What is the point of life''; ''What happens when we die?''; ''Is forgiveness possible?''; etc.

10. Searching Issues (2001)

Nicky Gumbel

Available Media: Braille 3274 - £6.00

Why does God allow suffering? Do all religions lead to God? Is there anything wrong with sex before marriage? Tough questions that require straight answers. This book looks at these and four other common objections to the Christian faith.

11. The Da Vinci Code

Nicky Gumbel

Available Media: Braille 5623, Daisy 5623 & Giant Print 5623 - £3.00

Is there any evidence that Jesus married Mary Magdalene? Did an earlier form of Christianity exist? Where does the truth lie? This short response addresses these and other questions raised the bestselling hardback fiction book of all time.

12. The Marriage Preparation Course (2009)

Nicky Lee & Sila Lee

Available Media: Giant Print 7638 - £2.00

13. What About Other Religions? (2001)

Nicky Gumbel

Available Media: Braille 4685 & Giant Print 4685 - £0.00

Is Jesus the only Way to God? What do we say about other religions? What about those who have never heard of Jesus? Nicky Gumbel suggests ways to respond to these tough questions.

14. Why Easter? (2009)

Nicky Gumbel

Available Media: Braille 6998 & Giant Print 6998 - £0.00

An Easter version of 'Why Jesus?' What's so important about Easter? Why is there so much interest in a person born 2,000 years ago? Why are so many people excited about Jesus? Why did he die? Why do we need him? Why did he come?

15. Why Jesus? (2011)

Nicky Gumbel

Available Media: Giant Print 7892 - £0.00

Christianity Explored Courses

1. Christianity Explored 2011 Handbook

Rico Tice et al

Available Media: Braille 7620 & Giant Print 7620 - £3.00

2. Christianity Explored 2011 Leader's Guide

Rico Tice et al

Available Media: Braille 7619 & Giant Print 7619 - £10.00

3. Christianity Explored Study Guide 2001

Rico Tice et al

Available Media: Braille 7112 & Giant Print 7112 - £3.00

4. Discipleship Explored Study Guide (2005)

Rupert Higgins & Barry Cooper

Available Media: Braille 7098 & Giant Print 7098 - £3.00

For anyone who wants to make the most of their Christian lives, but especially for people who have recently completed an evangelistic course and decided to follow Christ.

Cover to Cover Courses

1. 1 Corinthians (Cover to Cover)

Christine Platt

Available Media: Braille 6959 - £3.99

2. 1 Timothy Bible Study (Cover to Cover)

Christine Platt

Available Media: Braille 5788 - £3.00

''Bringing in-depth biblical understanding to 'thinking Christians'.''

3. 2 Timothy And Titus (Cover to Cover)

Christine Platt

Available Media: Braille 5810 - £3.00

''Bringing in-depth biblical understanding to 'thinking Christians'.''

4. Advent Hope

Joel Edwards

Available Media: Braille 6849, Daisy 6849 & Giant Print 6849 - £6.99

We consider Isaiah's prophecies about the Messiah, the transformed lives of Bible characters such as David, Mary, Elizabeth and Simeon, and the fulfilment of God's promises in the death and resurrection of His Son, Jesus. The Bible overflows with hope.

5. Joy to the World (Cover to Cover)

David Coffey

Available Media: Braille 6848, Daisy 6848 & Giant Print 6848 - £5.00

As we consider again the joy that our Saviour's birth brought to individuals such as Mary, Joseph and the Magi, David challenges us to take on our role as part of the 'community of joy', the church, in spreading the joyful news to the ends of the earth.

6. Meekness And Majesty (Cover to Cover)

Elizabeth Rundle

Available Media: Braille 5552 - £3.00

This book takes you through the week leading up to the crucifixion, looking at the amazing paradox of Christ the Servant - Christ the King.

7. Nehemiah - Principles For Life (Cover to Cover)

Selwyn Hughes & Ian Sewter

Available Media: Braille 7771 - £4.00

8. Preparing The Way (Cover to Cover)

Derek J. Tidball

Available Media: Braille 7782 & Giant Print 7782 - £6.00

9. Revelation 4 - 22 (Cover to Cover)

Brian Hoare

Available Media: Braille 7360 - £3.00

10. Rivers Of Justice (Cover to Cover)

Ruth Valerio

Available Media: Braille 6789 - £3.00

Freedom in Christ Courses

1. Freedom In Christ Participant's Guide 2009

Neil T. Anderson & Steve Goss

Available Media: Braille 7494 & Giant Print 7494 - £4.00

2. Grace Course, The - Participants Guide

Neil Anderson & Steve Goss

Available Media: Giant Print 8051 - £3.99

3. Steps To Freedom In Christ

Neil T. Anderson

Available Media: Braille 5620 & Giant Print 5620 - £3.00

This is for every Christian but is especially helpful if you feel that you are not growing as you should. This expanded UK edition contains testimonies and a new section for church leaders.

4. Victory Over The Darkness

Neil T. Anderson

Available Media: Daisy 4968 - £7.00

Every day millions of Christians live below par - emotionally, physically, spiritually. Because they do not grasp the central fact of their identity in Christ, they miss out on the freedom and maturity they should enjoy.

Lifebuilder Courses

1. Acts: Seeing God's Power in Action (Lifebuilder)

Phyllis J. Le Peau

Available Media: Giant Print 7348 - £4.00

2. Christian Community (LifeBuilder)


Available Media: Braille 7932 & Giant Print 7932 - £4.00

3. Daniel (Lifebuilder)

Douglas Connelly

Available Media: Giant Print 5921 - £4.00

12 Studies for individuals or groups.

4. David - Developing a heart for God (Lifebuilder)

Jack Kuhatschek

Available Media: Braille 7208 & Giant Print 7208 - £4.00

5. Fruit of the Spirit (Lifebuilder)

Hazel Offner

Available Media: Braille 7373 & Giant Print 7373 - £4.00

6. God's Comfort (LifeBuilder)

Jack Kuhatschek

Available Media: Braille 8304 - £4.00

7. Hebrews (Lifebuilder)

James Reapsome

Available Media: Braille 7370 & Giant Print 7370 - £4.00

8. Hosea (Lifebuilder)

Dale & Sandy Larson

Available Media: Braille 7371 & Giant Print 7371 - £4.00

God never gives up. When we stray or make a mistake, God continues to pursue us with a relentless love. In Hosea's unfailing love for his wayward wife, he lived out the way God loves his people. His story is a reminder that God will never abandon us.

9. I AM Sayings of Christ, The (Lifebuilder)

Douglas Connelly

Available Media: Braille 7157 & Giant Print 7157 - £4.00

10. John: The Way to True Life

Douglas Connelly

Available Media: Braille 7504 & Giant Print 7504 - £4.00

11. John's Letters (LifeBuilder)

Ron Blankley

Available Media: Giant Print 7405 - £4.00

12. Jonah, Joel & Amos (Lifebuilder)

Dough & Doris Haugen

Available Media: Braille 8010 & Giant Print 8010 - £4.00

If we slow down long enough to listen, these three minor prophets have much to teach us which can have a major impact on the quality of our lives.

13. Joshua (Lifebuilder)

Donald Baker

Available Media: Giant Print 6400 - £4.00

Studying Joshua encourages us to persevere in our own daily battles, arming us with the powerful weapons we need - God's promises.

14. Nehemiah (LifeBuilder)

Don Fields

Available Media: Giant Print 8169 - £4.00

15. New Testament Characters (Lifebuilder)

Carolyn Nystrom

Available Media: Braille 6303 & Giant Print 6303 - £4.00

These are some of the ordinary people - some never even mentioned name - who were touched Jesus.

16. Old Testament Characters (Lifebuilder)

Peter Scazzero

Available Media: Braille 7153 & Giant Print 7153 - £4.00

In the Old Testament we meet many examples of real flesh-and-blood people mirroring our own strengths and weaknesses who can provide us with genuine examples to follow. Each of the 12 studies takes a different biblical character.

17. Parables (Lifebuilder)

John White

Available Media: Braille 6613 & Giant Print 6613 - £4.00

18. Psalms - Prayers of the Heart - (Lifebuilder)

Eugene Peterson

Available Media: Braille 7066 & Giant Print 7066 - £4.00

The Psalms show us how to relate to God as we pray our doubt, fears and anger. They show us how to respond to God in praise. Here we find the best place to explore who we are and what God means to us. 12 studies for individuals or groups.

19. Sermon on the Mount (Lifebuilder)

John Stott

Available Media: Braille 7372 & Giant Print 7372 - £4.00

20. Spiritual Gifts (Lifebuilder)

R Paul Stevens

Available Media: Braille 7369 & Giant Print 7369 - £4.00

21. The Kingdom Of God

Greg Jao

Available Media: Braille 8153 - £4.95

22. Women Of The New Testament (Lifebuilder)

Phyllis J. Le Peau

Available Media: Braille 6433 & Giant Print 6433 - £4.00

In meeting each of these women, you will grow deeper in your understanding of what it means to be a disciple.

23. Women Of The Old Testament (Lifebuilder)

Gladys Hunt

Available Media: Braille 8206 - £4.00

Pilgrim Course

1. Pilgrim - (1 - Follow Stage) Turning to Christ

Stephen Cottrell et al

Available Media: Braille 8176 & Giant Print 8176 - £5.99

This book explores the questions candidates are asked to consider when they decide to become followers of Jesus. Over six sessions, Turning to Christ aims to help you discover your own answers to these questions.

2. Pilgrim - (2 - Follow Stage) The Lord's Prayer

Stephen Cottrell et al

Available Media: Braille 8177 & Giant Print 8177- £5.99

This book takes us through one of the greatest Christian treasures, The Lord's Prayer. Over six sessions, you are invited to explore each powerful line of the Lord's Prayer as a gateway to the Christian gospel.

3. Pilgrim - Leaders Guide

Stephen Cottrell et al

Available Media: Braille 8175 & Giant Print 8175 - £8.99

The Leader's Guide supports church leaders who are thinking about introducing Pilgrim into the life of their church and is also a handbook for those who will lead groups through the course.

York Courses

1. Build On The Rock

John Young

Available Media: Braille 8133 & Giant Print 8133 - £4.00

2. Expecting Christ

David Wilbourne

Available Media: Giant Print 8145 - £4.00

3. Glimpses Of God

David Winter

Available Media: Braille 8000 & Giant Print 8000 - £3.90

4. Handing On The Torch

John Young

Available Media: Braille 7767, Daisy 7767 & Giant Print 7767 - £3.25

Christianity continues to grow at an immense pace especially in Asia, China, Africa and Latin America. At the same time, Christianity in the West struggles to grow and perhaps even to survive. In this course we consider some of the reasons for this.

5. It's All About Love


Available Media: Braille 7314 - £4.00

6. Live Your Faith

John Young

Available Media: Braille 7711 - £4.00

7. Praise Him

Paula Gooder

Available Media: Braille 8235 & Giant Print 8235 - £4.00

8. Rich Inheritance - Jesus' legacy of love

Stephen Cottrell

Available Media: Braille 7528, Daisy 7528 & Giant Print 7528 - £3.50

A five session course for groups and individuals - for Lent or any season.

9. The Lord's Prayer: Praying It, Meaning It, Living It


Available Media: Braille 6674 - £4.00

10. These three ... Faith, Hope and Love

John Young

Available Media: Braille 6964 & Giant Print 6964 - £3.00

Various other courses

1. 2 Corinthians: Serving from the Heart

John Ortberg

Available Media: Braille 8057 & Giant Print 8057 - £5.00

Jesus came to serve, sacrifice, and die. His humble life-style flies in the face of the conventional wisdom of a society that is fixated on getting more and clawing our way to the top. Jesus calls his followers to join him in this mission to serve.

2. Acts: Seeing the Spirit at Work

John Stott

Available Media: Braille 7949 & Giant Print 7949 - £4.50

3. Better Together

Rick Warren

Available Media: Braille 5665 & Daisy 5665 - £6.00

40 Days of Community workbook. A vital resource for everyone who participates in 40 Days of Community. Includes 40 days of devotional readings based on the ''One Anothers'' of the Bible.

4. Blowing Your Cover - Workbook

Kevin Higham & Mike Sprenger

Available Media: Braille 6250 & Giant Print 6250 - £7.00

5. Bold I Approach

Tony Payne

Available Media: Braille 8060 & Giant Print 8060 - £3.50

In six challenging and encouraging Bible studies, Bold I Approach looks at the glories and struggles of Christian prayer - what it is, why we do it, and why we don't do it!

 Breaking News

J. John

Available Media: Braille 5962 - £3.00

A practical 6 week course designed to help the reader share God's good news today. This 6 week course attempts to provide a simple but insightful training program for all churches wishing to encourage their members toward more effective evangelism.

7. Enabling Church

Gordon Temple & Lin Ball

Available Media: Braille 7813, Daisy 7813 & Giant Print 7813 - £7.99

Enabling Church is for churches, home groups and individuals who believe that disabled people should be welcomed, valued and enabled to make a contribution to the work of God in their community.

8. Freely Forgiven

Marie Dinnen

Available Media: Braille 8258 - £4.00

9. Getting the Best from the Bible

Selwyn Hughes

Available Media: Braille 7737, Giant Print 7737 & Large Print 7737 - £0.00

Through this practical and informative book, Selwyn Hughes provides what could be the catalyst for a watershed in your Christian experience.

10. God's Story Your Story Participant's Guide

Max Lucado

Available Media: Daisy 8109 - £6.50

11. Growing Leaders

James Lawrence

Available Media: Braille 6631 - £9.00

12. Hosea: God's Love Song

Dan Wells

Available Media: Braille 8160 - £3.50

13. Immeasurably More

Cris Rogers

Available Media: Braille 8317 & Giant Print 8317 - £8.99

14. Joshua - A Devotional Commentary

Colin Peckham

Available Media: Giant Print 7841 - £8.00

Colin Pekham draws out the rich typology to be found in the book of Joshua. He challenges readers with penetrating insights into Scripture. The 'Exploring the Bible' series has been specially chosen for Giant Print as a fresh new set of commentaries.

15. Life Attitudes

Robert Warren & Sue Mayfield

Available Media: Braille 8171 - £5.00

16. Life Source: A Five-session Course on Prayer for Lent

Kate Bruce & Robert Warren

Available Media: Braille 8170 - £4.00

Wherever you are on the journey of faith, Life Source will encourage a discovery of new-found joy and delight in prayer for novices and old hands alike. Ideal for Lent, cell or house groups.

17. Men Of Courage

Dorothy Russell

Available Media: Braille 8174 - £4.00

18. One People

Elizabeth McQuoid

Available Media: Braille 6636 - £3.00

These six interactive studies will show us how to give our best for God's greatest idea - the church.

19. The Arrival

Gilbert Lennox

Available Media: Braille 6958, Daisy 6958 & Giant Print 6958 - £3.00

The booklet you have in front of you is an invitation to read with me the inspired account of the arrival in our world of the greatest person who ever lived: Jesus Christ.

20. The Enabled Life

Roy McCloughry

Available Media: Braille 8204, Daisy 8204 & Giant Print 8204 - £9.00

Roy calls for a change in attitudes to disability, both inside and outside the church. What God wants of us is that we should liberate one another to celebrate who we are in our diversity.

21. The Purpose Driven Life

Rick Warren

Available Media: Braille 5302, Daisy 5302 & Giant Print 5302 - £10.00

This book will help you understand why you are alive and God's amazing plan for you. Rick Warren will guide you through a personal 40-day spiritual journey that will transform your answer to life's important question: What am I here for?

22. The World's Only Hope

Dorothy Russell

Available Media: Braille 8143 - £4.00

23. Uncover

Rebecca Manley Pippert

Available Media: Braille 8173 & Giant Print 8173 - £3.00

Important Notice

Due to copyright and postal restrictions, these books are ONLY available to registered visually impaired people, or those whose sight is less than N12 as certified a medical practitioner. A suitable form for this latter purpose is available from Torch House. Contact us to request the form.

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