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And the Word became flesh, and dwelt among us, and we saw His glory, glory as of the only begotten from the Father, full of grace and truth. (John 1:14, NASB)

God with us

We will soon be starting the countdown to Christmas and this year it may be very different for us all. Church fellowships are not meeting in the same way and nor are the large family get-togethers happening as some people are accustomed to.

There are people for whom Christmas is just another season, just another date in the calendar. As Christians we can celebrate the fact that God is with us. We can look at the period of Advent, starting this year on Sunday 29th November, as a preparation for the coming of Jesus on Christmas Day. To help you prepare for Advent I have listed some of the books Torch has available to buy or to borrow from our Library. Why not try one or two of these?

There are two new Advent books we have transcribed this year. They are very different from each other but both have helpful reflections for the Advent period. Unexpected Jesus is part of the Cover to Cover series published by CWR. CWR is the vision of one man, Selwyn Hughes, and over the last 50 years it has grown into a diverse and international ministry. Cover to Cover is for Churches and individuals, and Torch is delighted to add this Advent study book to its catalogue.

The second book is called 37 Kings and a Budgerigar and is one I am planning to use myself for Advent. It has Advent reflections inspired by nativity sets from around the world. As someone who loves nativity sets I was so pleased to come across someone else who shares my passion. The book’s author, Richard Littledale, says it was challenging for him to choose which of his 60 plus sets to use for the reflections. Just to say I only have about 10 in my collection.

Finally, our Christmas gift to you is a little book called Just Hay in the Manger? This booklet produced by the Bible Society takes you behind the scenes of the nativity play to what we know about the time, place and people who played their part in the true story of the birth of Jesus. If you would like a copy then call Client Services or email info@torchtrust.org (remember to tell us what format you would like).

Thank you for your support and encouragement to myself and all the staff at Torch Trust. Remember that Client Services are happy to be a listening ear, to pray for and with you.

Every blessing,

Rose, Services Lead

Premier Christianity Magazine

My name is James Brookman and I coordinate the production of Torch’s audio books, Bible reading notes and magazines. Unfortunately I don’t have enough time to actually read much of the material we produce but I always make time to read the magazine Premier Christianity because it is so good. Essentially it is a newspaper from a Christian perspective so there is plenty of opinion about current news events from Christian leaders and thinkers but it also covers the news events both good and bad which would never feature in the mainstream channels. However, that doesn’t mean the coverage is academic or dull, in fact I would say it’s more characterised as accessible and light, with plenty of discussion to challenge conventional evangelical thinking, and plenty of humour too.

Torch has produced an audio version for about 6 years now in both DAISY CD and USB memory stick formats, and via our website for registered users. It lasts for about 3.5 hours over 20 tracks; DAISY users have an added advantage in that the News track is sub-divided into its individual items, as is the Book Reviews track, so you can skip past any book if you choose. The magazine is voiced by half a dozen volunteer readers and where possible I try and stick to the same person for the same columnist. Premier provide Torch with a digital copy of the magazine about a week before it is printed and we always aim to get our audio version out within a day or two of its general release. The challenge for me as a producer, apart from the tight schedule, is how to pronounce some of the contemporary trends or people’s names we’ve yet to come across in the UK – which often involves searching US YouTube videos; it’s no good us Brits having the American fast food outlet Chick Fil-A rhyming with Polyfilla!

The annual subscription for the print edition of Premier Christianity is about £50 but Torch provides the audio version on a voluntary donation basis. We also on the same basis produce a braille and large print edition (in various font sizes); these we call Premier Christianity Lite because space limitations prevent us from including the magazine in its entirety but the best bits are always featured.

To give you a taste of the magazine’s tone here’s the editorial from September’s issue (they call it First Word) written by the editor Sam Hailes:

A wise person once told me:

“Sam, 20 per cent of your theology is wrong. The problem is, you’ve no idea which 20 per cent it is!” Leaving aside their generosity (the percentage could surely be far higher), I think they were onto something. Nobody has the full revelation of God; even St Paul admitted his knowledge was partial (1 Corinthians 13:12). The fact that we are fallible is what motivates many of you to pick up this magazine. You and I want to read the opinions and perspectives of other Christians. As the Jewish proverb goes: “Who is wise? He who learns from everyone.”

Over the past few years I’ve interviewed close to 100 Christian leaders for The Profile radio show and podcast (premierchristianradio.com/theprofile). I’ve asked many of my guests this question: “Over the years, what theological issues have you changed your mind on?” Occasionally, I’ve received a great answer, but most people struggle to think of anything. I’ve been astonished and disheartened at how a prominent leader can walk with Jesus for 30 years, and yet never change their mind on anything of real substance.

Not every change of mind is positive. It’s possible to go from believing the truth to believing a falsehood. Nevertheless, our hope and prayer must be that the Holy Spirit will do as Jesus promised and guide us into “all the truth” (John 16:13).

If we really believe the Spirit is able to do this, each of us should find our perspectives shifting and developing over time.

This month, I’m delighted that five brave Christian leaders have stuck their necks out and revealed the theological issues they’ve changed their minds on. Rethinking a key doctrine often comes at a cost. I can think of leaders who have been booted out of their denominations for subscribing to what I would consider orthodox beliefs. I’m also aware that in past generations, some leaders paid a heavy price for defending a fledging charismatic movement. I’m not recommending we adjust our thinking on huge topics every five minutes, and we must each exercise careful discernment (see Ephesians 4:14). But this month I have been wondering about my 20 per cent – not just praying the Holy Spirit reveals it to me, but that, once that happens, I’d have the guts to make the change, no matter the cost.

Sam Hailes, Editor Premier Christianity

Premier Christianity is available in all accessible formats from Torch Trust. If you are interested then ask Client services for a sample copy or a subscription.

Welcome to new clients

During the past year we have welcomed nearly 200 new clients to the Torch family.

It continues to be a pleasure to serve everyone including those who have been part of the ministry for many years – some were even at the very beginning, over 60 years ago.

We do now have a new leaflet called Introducing Torch Trust which we send out to our new clients when they first get in touch with us. If you have not seen this and would like a copy for yourself or to pass on to someone, then please ask Client Services. We also have a video available to view on the Torch Trust YouTube channel (just search for Torch Trust 2020, where you will find Introducing Torch Trust, plus many other videos of interest).

A reminder to all of you that Client Services is available to take your calls Monday to Thursday between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. If all the Advisors are on other calls and they can’t answer you at that time please do call again later. Some days are busier than others but we will always want to speak to you when we are free.

Just Hay in the Manger? A free book for our clients

This short book produced by the Bible Society takes you behind the scenes of the nativity play to what we know about the time, place and people who played their part in the true story of the birth of Jesus.

If you would like a copy then call Client Services or email info@torchtrust.org

Remember to tell us what format you would like.

Torch Scripture Text Calendar 2021

We are once again selling our popular large print and braille scripture text calendar. Available for just £5, the calendars are printed in A4 size with a hook on the large print for easy hanging. Every day features a different piece of scripture.

The calendars are great for inspiring daily prayers or Bible readings and discussions. They would also be a lovely Christmas gift. To buy yours just contact Client Services.

Torch Together dates and bookings

Something to look forward to?

Torch Together, our planned new retreat and holiday service that promises an exciting programme focusing on friendships, growing in faith, fellowship and fun, has been delayed as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. We are still planning to get it going in 2021 but we are having to wait until the virus situation will allow us to meet in such a way. These events are for our Torch clients, their friends and our supporters in specially selected venues around the UK. Our tentative plan for 2021 is to visit 4 Christian centres where you can rest, relax and be refreshed. By choosing centres in different parts of the UK we are bringing the heart of Torch closer for more of you.

Yorkshire: Cober Hill, Scarborough, 19 – 23 April 2021

Dorset: Greenhouse Trust, Poole, 21 – 25 June 2021

Northern Ireland: Corrymeela, County Antrim, 17 – 19 September 2021

Staffordshire: Shallowford House, Stone, 27 September – 1 October 2021

We think that it is highly unlikely that the event in Scarborough in April 2021 will now go ahead and we will continue to monitor and take advice before holding any of the events.

Information about prices and how to book will be available from early 2021. For now just make a note of the date of the one you would like to be a part of.

Bible Reading Notes

As we move into another year Torch Trust would like to encourage you to choose from the range of Bible reading notes we have available for you. Nearly 1,000 of our clients already receive at least one on a regular basis.

Although we do not charge a subscription fee for the notes, in order to help cover the costs of production we suggest an annual donation of £17. Many of you ask about paying for them and we can always take your donation over the telephone by quoting your card number or you can send us a cheque made payable to Torch Trust for the Blind. We will not send out reminders but I guess the start or end of the year is a good time for you to do it.

If you would like to try a sample of any of them please do contact Client Services.

Thank You

It is a real pleasure to be able to provide accessible Christian literature for you. Talking to you on the telephone, receiving your letters and emails makes all that we do worthwhile. During these difficult months our Christian books have proved to be a lifeline to many.

Here are few comments we have received recently.

‘Just felt the need to support your wonderful work. Your books have been such a wonderful encouragement to me, and, through them I know my faith has deepened. God bless you all for your dedication.’

‘I am also wanting to express my appreciation for your voluntary workers who have done so much during this pandemic to bring us the pleasure and uplifting experiences that these books represent... please keep up and continue with your good work and may the blessing of Jesus Christ be with Torch Trust and all the members of your community.’

If you are not already a member of our free Library then do please give us a call to chat about how it works.

Without the generosity of our supporters and clients the work of Torch would not be able to continue. If you would like to know more about how you can give regularly to the work and ministry then we would be happy to talk with you.

It is lovely to receive cash in the post but sending it this way is not very safe. So please do not put cash in the pouches you return to Torch. We would not like to lose your kind donation. Call for information about how you can support the ministry of Torch Trust safely.

A big thank you to you all!

Advent books to purchase

This is a selection of the Advent books that Torch has available for you to purchase. All of them are available in DAISY, Braille, Large Print 17, 20, 25, 30pt.

Check with Client Services which ones are also in our free Library.

New for this year:

Unexpected Jesus (Cover to Cover) by Anna Robbins

£6.99 Ref. 9367.

During the Advent season, we often sing, “Come thou long-expected Jesus...” We put up the same decorations, sing the same carols, lay out the same nativity scene; we imagine what it was like to welcome Jesus into the world on that silent night. So peaceful. So lovely.

But what if everything was not as it seems? What if Jesus actually challenged everyone’s expectations of what a Messiah would be like, how he should arrive, what he would do? What if he was born in a house with a family, in a noisy bustling town and not a quiet stable? What if he was more interested in those who were outside the religious and social establishment than those who were in it? What if looking closely at the scriptures overturns our expectations of Advent and Christmas in a way that changes us forever?

37 Kings and a Budgerigar by Richard Littledale

£7.99 Ref. 9366.

Nativity sets are a given at advent. They come in all shapes and sizes and appear in churches, homes and even garden centres. Some are a treasured family heirloom, and some are a new addition to enjoy throughout December. They are all so different though, from the kitsch to the contemporary, and everything in between. But what do they tell us about the original story, and about ourselves, as the people who buy them?
Richard Littledale shares his own personal collection of nativity sets from around the world as he provides food for thought and spiritual reflection this advent. For each day of advent Richard includes a reflection, a Bible reading, a question to ponder and a prayer. Just like unexpectedly finding a figure of a budgerigar in one of his nativity sets, Richard Littledale’s accessible devotional allows us to be surprised anew as we see the wonder of the nativity story with fresh eyes.

A Selection from our catalogue – check online for more titles or speak to Client Services.

Love Life Live Advent by Paula Gooder

£2.99 Ref. 8576.

Make room for the manger this December with Love Life Live Advent, a resource to help you celebrate the run-up to Christmas. It offers a prayer activity designed to enrich your understanding of the Advent season.

The Little Book of Advent by Arthur Howells

£4.99 Ref. 8575.

The Little Book of Advent is an indispensable collection of readings from some of the most celebrated modern-day spiritual writers, with passages specially selected for each day of Advent. It can be used year after year.

Advent Hope (Cover to Cover) by Joel Edwards

£6.99 Ref. 6849.

We consider Isaiah’s prophecies about the Messiah, the transformed lives of Bible characters such as David, Mary, Elizabeth and Simeon, and the fulfilment of God’s promises in the death and resurrection of His Son, Jesus. The Bible overflows with hope.

Celtic Advent by David Cole

£8.99 Ref. 9002.

This inspirational book takes the reader through Advent to the celebration of Christmas through the eyes and beliefs of Celtic Christianity. Reflecting on Jesus’ coming at his birth as well as into our lives by the Holy Spirit and at the world’s end.

Joy to the World by J. John

£4.00 Ref. 9016.

Advent looks forward to the world being utterly changed in every way by the coming of Christ. This season let’s explore Christmas by focusing on carols and what they say. Whether old or new, they point to the truth of Christmas.

The One True Light by Tim Chester

£4.99 Ref. 8591.

We may be familiar with the baby in the manger, but have you met the Word who was in the beginning with God? Have you met the One True Light who is full of grace and truth? Or the Cosmic Lord who won the right for people to become Children of God? They are one and the same person. Join Tim Chester as he guides us through the opening verses of the Gospel of John, and enjoy a Christmas infused with new meaning and light. With ideas for reflection, prayer and application, these short, meditative readings will excite you about Jesus in the busyness of the run up to Christmas Day.

Real God in the Real World by Trystan Hughes

£7.99 Ref. 8136.

This book offers a lively, engaging and accessible look at the theme of the Incarnation, the mysterious event at the heart of Christmas, using personal stories, illustrations from popular culture and the arts, as well as daily Bible readings. The starting point is what the ‘Word made flesh’ means for us and how the first Christmas should still have an impact on our everyday lives.

We will be taken on an absorbing journey to help us recognize the person of Jesus in the people we meet, the conversations we have, and even in our relationship with nature and the arts. By the end of our journey, we will not only recognize Christ in others but also in ourselves, as we model ourselves on him and share his love, compassion and peace with our neighbours, whoever they are and whatever their backgrounds.

New books to borrow from Torch

Torch operates a free postal lending library with over 2,800 books available to borrow in a variety of accessible media. Please ring Client Services on 01858 438260 to find out more about the books available. The books below are a selection from those most recently added to the library. Each book has the media it is available in listed in the description. Do let us know if there is a book available in Giant Print and you would like it in Braille.

Most of the books listed here are also offered for purchase – please check with Client Services.


A–Z of Prayer

By Matthew Porter, Authentic Media. Giant Print G2764. An introduction that gives practical guidance on how to develop a meaningful prayer life. It presents twenty-six aspects of prayer to help you grow in your relationship with God, explore new devotional styles and deepen your daily conversations with God.

Christian Living

Breaking Through Barriers to Blessing

By David Legge, Malcolm Down Publishing. DAISY and USB D3481. In Breaking Through Barriers to Blessing, David Legge seeks to help you identify and overcome the hindrances to your progress as a Christian, releasing you to a life of blessing and fulfilment.

No Longer Strangers?

By Javed Masih, Instant Apostle. DAISY and USB D3477. What is it like to seek asylum in Europe? What welcome is given and what difficulties faced? No Longer Strangers tells the story from the inside.

Restoring the Balance

By Anne Le Tissier, CWR. DAISY and USB D3461. We may long for a more meaningful connection with God but are distracted by problems, discouragements & day-to-day demands. But be encouraged in the knowledge that it is possible to restore the balance & live a Spirit-filled life of overflowing abundance.


The City is My Monastery

By Richard Carter, Canterbury Press. DAISY and USB D3462. Richard Carter swapped a life of simplicity with an Anglican religious order in the Solomon Islands for parish ministry in one of London’s busiest churches, St Martin-in-the-Fields.

Faith in The Fog: Believing in what you cannot see

By Jeff Lucas, CWR. DAISY and USB D3491. Jeff Lucas explores the fear & pain of walking through a spiritual fog when doubts about faith undermine the joy of belief & how to reach the other side. Focusing on the person of Jesus & the way he approaches those who are worn out when life is tough.

To Seek and To Save: Daily Reflections on the road to the cross

By Sinclair B. Ferguson, The Good Book Company. DAISY and USB D3455. Travel with Jesus on the road to Jerusalem. These short yet profound, devotions will hold up a mirror to your own heart and, more importantly, give you a window into the heart of the Lord Jesus, the one who came to seek and to save the lost at Easter.

Transformed Living: Living out your life – Ephesians 4–6

By Dave Smith, CWR. DAISY and USB D3459. In the second half of his letter to the Ephesians, the apostle Paul focuses on the unity and purity of God’s people. He shows us how living in relationship with Jesus can help us stand firm during spiritual warfare and find our unique place in the Church,

Where Is God in a Coronavirus World?

By John C. Lennox, The Good Book Company. DAISY and USB D3502.


Stand Against Injustice

By Michelle Diskin Bates, Malcolm Down Publishing. DAISY and USB D3379. In 1999, TV presenter Jill Dando was murdered outside her home in London. Barry George was convicted and imprisoned for the murder but was later acquitted after an appeal and retrial. Stand Against Injustice is the powerful memoir of his sister Michelle.


The Death of Mungo Blackwell

By Lauren H Brandenburg, Lion Hudson Ltd. DAISY and USB D3499. The Blackwells, a family with an extraordinary history and traditions, including attending their own funerals before they die! Charlie Price’s world has crumbled leaving him unemployed. On relocating he finds himself flung into the world of the Blackwells.

The Forgotten Palace

By Luke Aylen, Lion Hudson Ltd. DAISY and USB D3500. Antimony ‘the tall dwarf’ finds the broken shards of a magic mirror in which he glimpses the ruins of an ancient palace & sees a vision of it restored. He meets a stranger who shows Antimony a fuller version of his vision in the mirror. (Sequel)

Harvest of Mercy

By Moses Oladapo Adio, Faithbuilders Publishing. DAISY and USB D3497. Samantha takes a job at the British Embassy in Liberia. It is not long before a new love beckons & as civil war breaks out, she must make choices which will change her world forever. A journey of love & faith, betrayal & loyalty, failure & redemption.

I Hope You Dance

By Beth Moran, Lion Hudson Ltd. DAISY and USB D3485. Ruth, 33, with a teenage daughter has hit rock bottom. There is no way out except one. She moves home to face her estranged father, whirlwind mother, and the boy-next-door. A story of loss and hope, friendship and love, and daring to dance again.

The Kilfinan Treasure

By Harry Hunter, Instant Apostle. DAISY and USB D3498. Something has happened to disturb the routine of Kilfinan. Anonymous poetic entries in the local newspaper hint at hidden treasure in the area & the key to solving their mystery seems to lie in passages from the Bible. But who is setting the clues & why?

Making Marion: Where’s Robin Hood when you need him?

By Beth Moran, Lion Hudson Ltd. DAISY and USB D3483. Marion Miller comes to Sherwood Forest to uncover her father’s mysterious past. She finds herself on the wrong side of the reception desk at the Peace & Pigs campsite and despite her horrible shyness she lands a job working for the big-hearted Scarlett.

Man of Glass

By Andrea Sarginson, Instant Apostle. Giant Print, DAISY and USB D3468 & G2763. It’s spring 1349 and a terrible plague is spreading like wildfire across England. When the gruesome pestilence at last reaches Warren Horesby and neighbouring Meaux Abbey, Amalric and his family are blamed. Can Amalric save his honour and the village.

A Map of The Sky

By Clare Wong, Lion Hudson Ltd. DAISY and USB D3501. Kit doesn’t understand why his family has been moved to a village in the North. At Askfeld Guest House he meets an eclectic group of neighbours & forms an unlikely friendship with Beth. A story of the adult world through the eyes of an 11 year old boy.

The Name I Call Myself

By Beth Moran, Lion Hudson Ltd. DAISY and USB D3484. All Faith Harp wants is a quiet life – to earn enough money to stop the wolves snapping at her heels & to keep her past buried as deep as possible. She is now engaged to the gorgeous Perry & her brother Sam’s latest treatment seems to be working. But...

Springtime at Hope Hall

By Pam Rhodes, Lion Hudson Ltd. DAISY and USB D3492. Springtime at Hope Hall is the first book in a delightful new trilogy of stories by Pam Rhodes centred on a Victorian church hall, the like of which can be found at the heart of life in so many towns across England.

New books to purchase from Torch

All of the following books are available for you to purchase immediately in braille and large print (font sizes 17pt, 20pt, 25pt and 30pt). However we may also be able to supply some of the books in audio on request. Please call Client Services on 01858 438260 for more details or to place an order.

We have over 1,000 other accessible books for you to buy and these are all listed on our online resources catalogue at torchtrust.org – if you need any assistance, our Client Services team are always ready to help you find what you want.


Approaching the End of Life

By Virginia Moffatt, Darton Longman & Todd Ltd (DLT). Ref. 9363, £7.99. A Bible Study book for individuals or groups, which explores how the Bible today can help us better to understand the processes of death and grieving.


By Frank Cottrell-Boyce, Darton Longman & Todd Ltd (DLT). Ref. 9364, £7.99. Why should we forgive? What if the subject of our forgiveness is undeserving? What is Jesus’ scandal of grace? What difference will being able to forgive make to our lives? Part of a new series called How the Bible can Help us Understand.

Illness, Disability and Caring

By Bernadette Meaden, Darton Longman & Todd Ltd (DLT). Ref. 9365, £7.99. What are the challenges facing carers in today’s world, and should it be seen as a gift? What is meant by terms ‘strength in weakness’ and ‘the authority of suffering’? Part of the all new series, How the Bible can Help us Understand.

Resources others have loved

All of the following books have been recently enjoyed by other clients and are available for you to purchase immediately in braille and large print (font sizes 17pt, 20pt, 25pt or 30pt). However, we may also be able to supply some of the books in audio on request. Please call Client Services on 01858 438260 for more details or to place an order.


5 Things to Pray For Your World

By Rachel Jones, The Good Book Company. Ref. 8902, £2.99. How do we pray meaningfully for people who we don’t know & will probably never meet? Most of us don’t know where to start. This book will help & equip you to pray powerful prayers for the world around you, prayers that are based on God’s word.

The Bible: A book like no other

By John Stott, Inter-Varsity Press. Ref. 9201, £2.99. Scripture has brought us light in darkness, strength in weakness, comfort in sadness. Here we focus on the urgent need to continue in, respond to, interpret and expound God’s Word.

Ephesians (LifeBuilder): Wholeness for a Broken World

By Andrew T. Le Peau, Inter-Varsity Press. Ref. 9369, £4.99. Broken marriages, shattered friendships, racial divisions, war between nations – we live in a fractured world. In Ephesians Paul lifts the veil from the future to allow us to see God’s plan to unite everyone and everything in Christ.

Prayer: Experiencing awe and intimacy with God

By Timothy Keller, Hodder & Stoughton. Ref. 8710, £9.99. “Can’t anyone teach me how to pray?” Millions of people today are asking the same question. There is a sense of the necessity of prayer – we have to pray. But how?

Surprised by Scripture: Engaging contemporary issues

By Tom Wright, SPCK. Ref. 8433, £12.99. In this challenging collection of his best recent sermons and speeches, Tom Wright provides a series of case studies that show how the Bible can be applied to pressing contemporary issues.

Christian Living

A Good Old Age: An A to Z of loving and following the Lord Jesus in later years

By Derek Prime, 10Publishing. Ref. 9166, £5.99. Old age often gets a bad press, associated with grumpiness, aches and pains, loneliness, and isolation. This is a book to dip into, meditate on and read prayerfully as you let the truths it contains gently transform the way you live your old age.

Daily Devotional

30 Days with John

By Emily Owen, Authentic Media. Ref. 8724, £4.99. A 30 day look at “John’s diary”. Thought-provoking points, prayers & questions encourage us to look at Christ and life from his friend John’s perspective and so question ourselves. Encouraging, uplifting and helpful for personal growth and contemplation.

All Together: The family devotional

By Steve Legg, CWR. Ref. 9189, £8.99. Bring your family together over breakfast or dinner, on the sofa or at the table, to explore God’s Word. From Genesis, Moses & Esther, to the birth, life & resurrection of Jesus – discover something new each day.

Living on Purpose: 30 Days in the book of James

By Cathy Madavan, CWR. Ref. 8956, £5.99. How can we live a life fully surrendered to God? How can we live disciplined but abundant lives? Is there a way we can intentionally choose to remain faithful and stay focused? Cathy Madavan gives her thoughts to these questions.

When You Pray: Daily Bible reflections on the Lord’s Prayer

By Joanna Collicutt, Bible Reading Fellowship, The. Ref. 9228, £10.99. Helping equip the Lord’s Prayer as a tool for lifelong faith and prayer, this daily read helps you gain a deep understanding and appreciation. Includes discussion questions for groups.

Biography / Autobiography

Adoniram Judson, Danger on the Streets of Gold

By Irene Howart, Christian Focus Publications Ltd. Ref. 8924, £5.99. Even when Adoniram abandoned his belief in God and travelled far from his loving family, God had plans to bring him home and then send him to the other side of the world – to Burma. He was to become America’s first overseas missionary.

Children of the Himalayas

By Diane Bell, Instant Apostle. Ref. 9233, £8.99. Social worker Diane Bell called to offer family-based care to street kids in Nepal where multiple challenges would have to be overcome for this life-giving vision to become a reality, Diane co-founded WIN Nepal to rescue these vulnerable children.

The Chronicles of the Box: A personal journey of healing and restoration from shame

By Peppy Ulyett, Malcolm Down Publishing. Ref. 8663, £9.99. The effects of past abuse were threatening to blow the lid off the box of Peppy Ulyett’s life. But God helped her unpack its shameful hoard, releasing her from the tyranny of silence. This is a story of restoration from shame and its toxic effects.


Mystery in the Snow

By J. M. Evans, Dernier Publishing. Ref. 7686, £5.99. Not long after solving their first mystery – ‘The Treasure Hunt’ – the four Christian friends find themselves with another problem. Join them as they find answers in unexpected places. An exciting and gripping story.

The Mystery of Matthew Gold: What do you do when words won’t come?

By Chick Yuill, Instant Apostle. Ref. 9273, £8.99. Matthew Gold: wealthy & successful but totally alone. Afflicted by a crippling stammer, words have been his greatest problem. As a writer of detective fiction words become his passion. But what happens when life itself becomes a mystery you cannot solve?

Rooks at Dusk: On the other side of despair what is left to believe in?

By Chick Yuill, Instant Apostle. Ref. 8874, £8.99. Ray Young, an experienced Christian leader’s once vibrant faith is steadily fading. This book is a sensitive exploration of questions of grace and forgiveness in a world where not everything can be mended, but where there is still reason for hope.

The Unquiet Bones

By Mel Starr, Lion Hudson Ltd. Ref. 8849, £7.99. Hugh of Singleton, 4th son of a minor knight, has been educated as a clerk but he turns to the profession of surgeon. In Oxford Hugh is asked by a local lord to track the killer of a young woman whose bones have been found in the castle cesspool.

Pre-loved books

These books have been recently donated to Torch. If you are interested in any of them contact Client Services. I have listed a few of the large print books this time but there are many Braille ones too! A full list of books is available on request.

My Rock, My Refuge by Timothy Keller (17 & 25pt)

The Day the Revolution Began by Tom Wright (25pt)

Cakes, Bakes, Pudding & Prayers by Susan Over (25pt)

Instant Expert: The Bible by Nick Page (17pt)

Alpha Guide: Why Am I Here? (17 & 20pt)

His Name is Wonderful by Mathew Bartlett (25pt)

Tidings of Comfort & Joy by Pam Rhodes (17pt)

The Penny by Joyce Meyer (17pt)

Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer (25pt)

100 Minute Bible by Michael Hinton (25pt)

Hearts Aflame by Stella Heath (25pt)

Hear My Heart by Billy Graham (17pt)

Reconciliation by Dr Muthuraj Swamy (17pt)

Why Jesus by Geoff McIlrath (25pt)

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