Torch Trust

Prayer Diary October - December 2021

My only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me.
(Acts 20:24).

TFG = Torch Fellowship Group
SLFC = Sight Loss Friendly Church.

Thank you for supporting us through prayer and your generous gifts

Torch relies on the generosity of our faithful supporters, and your financial gifts to Torch are vital for our ministry. Your support enables those with sight loss to grow in faith and thrive in Christian community.

£24 pays for the USB drives and wallets for an individual to receive audio Bible reading notes for a year.

£120 enables Torch to run a ‘Focus in’ training session to equip churches to be Sight Loss Friendly.

Torch Trust, Torch House, Torch Way, Market Harborough, Leicestershire, LE16 9HL
Tel: 01858 438260
twitter: @torchtrust

The Torch Trust for the Blind. A company limited by Guarantee. Registered in England number: 4616526. Registered charity number: 1095904



1 FRI - Pray that everyone who receives Bible reading notes from Torch will be encouraged and inspired.

2 SAT - Pray for Leonard and all the faithful volunteers who run the TFGs that they would see individuals they support grow in faith.

3 SUN - Please pray for our Bible Sunday episode of Reflections, focussing on the provision of accessible Bible materials.

4 MON - As the staff team gather remotely to pray may they be strengthened, guided and equipped by God for the tasks ahead.

5 TUE - Give thanks for all the churches who have signed up to SLFC and pray for those attending the 'Focus on' training tonight.

6 WED - Pray for the ministry in Malawi that they would have the skills and resources to maintain their braille production.

7 THU - Give thanks for the work of Keren, Suzanne, Laura and Tina in Client Services, pray they would be encouraged and led by God in their work and service.

8 FRI - Pray for positive engagement on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube that new people will hear about the ministry of Torch and get in touch.

9 SAT - Pray that God will be at work in their lives of all our clients through the services that they receive from Torch.

10 SUN - Pray for partnerships with churches to further the sharing of the gospel with those who are blind and partially sighted.

11 MON - Give thanks for new opportunities to advance the ministry of Torch utilising new technologies.

12 TUE - Pray that God would give us new connections with Christian trusts to support the ministry of Torch.

13 WED - Pray for the planning of Torch Together events in 2022, that they go ahead safely and many will be encouraged by being involved.

14 THU - Give thanks for the opportunity to meet together online for community prayer times and for all those who faithfully pray for Torch.

15 FRI - Pray for our Trustees that they would have wisdom and discernment and for new Trustees to come forward to join the leadership team.

16 SAT - Give thanks for the new website and pray that it would encourage new partnerships with Torch and attract new clients.

17 SUN - We pray for all the Churches involved in SLFC Sunday and pray that they would be a blessing to all involved.

18 MON - Pray for new clients that they would feel that they belong and would benefit from access to resources, groups and SLFCs.

19 TUE - Pray for the Leadership Team - Tim, Paul, Mandy and Michael - for wisdom, guidance and strength as they lead Torch.

20 WED - Pray for wisdom for the Torch Befrienders as they support clients with sight loss over the phone.

21 THU - Pray for Paul, Mickey and Mark in the Production department ensuring the dispatch of vital resources.

22 FRI - Pray that those who are experiencing sight loss will hear about the work of Torch and get in touch.

23 SAT - Give thanks for all those who volunteer with Torch and pray for more helpers for the TFGs as they return to meeting in person.

24 SUN - Pray that more people will hear the Reflections programmes and be encouraged to find out more about Torch.

25 MON - Pray for the ongoing development of our text to speech audio, that the voices will better render Scripture.

26 TUE - Pray that the IT network, PCs and servers continue to work well; pray for the SLFC 'Taster' session running online today.

27 WED - Give thanks for the free postage of 'Articles for the Blind', which enables us to provide resources without charging for delivery.

28 THU - Pray that more individuals will take up the opportunity to use the free lending library utilising new online access.

29 FRI - Pray for groups in Malawi that they would be able to continue to meet and support one another in prayer and fellowship.

30 SAT - Give thanks for the TFGs throughout the UK who offer fellowship and support to individuals locally and support to Torch nationally.

31 SUN - Pray that more churches would be aware of the needs of those who are blind and partially sighted and offer a warm welcome to all.


1 MON - Pray for the writers of our Bible reading notes and magazines, for inspiration and relevance.

2 TUE - Pray for the Sight Village exhibition taking place in London today and tomorrow.

3 WED - Pray that God would strengthen and equip our sisters and brothers in Malawi as they face multiple challenges.

4 THU - Give thanks for those reviewing resources for What's New and pray that they will discover the very best for our clients.

5 FRI - Pray that we would be able to build closer relationships both locally and nationally with Sight Loss Agencies.

6 SAT - As many Torch Fellowship Groups return to meeting in person pray for volunteers to help with transport, organisation and support.

7 SUN - As Marilyn presents Reflections on RNIB Connect radio, pray it would reach those who could benefit from its stories and spiritual encouragement.

8 MON - As What's New goes out this month pray that individuals are inspired and there are many requests for the books and resources reviewed.

9 TUE - Give thanks for the new telephone system facilitating our services, pray that it would be an effective tool.

10 WED - Give thanks for all who support Torch in prayer and for the Prayer Phone to share up-to-date information.

11 THU - Pray for Becky and Matthew as they support and equip Sight Loss Friendly Churches and pray for a positive 'Catch up' session tonight.

12 FRI - Give thanks for each of the Trustees and Leaders serving at Torch; pray for protection, clear vision and strength.

13 SAT - Give thanks for Torch CEO Tim Jeffery as he leads the ministry; pray for opportunities for him to inform other organisations about the ministry of Torch.

14 SUN - Pray that God would provide new opportunities to increase awareness of Torch among UK churches.

15 MON - Pray for new and deeper relationships with sight loss agencies that more people would hear about the services Torch can offer.

16 TUE - Pray that Torch would have more relationships with Christian Bookshops to make accessible resources widely available.

17 WED - Pray that the new website would connect us to new clients, keep supporters informed and encourage regular giving to the ministry of Torch.

18 THU - Pray for Mandy as she heads up the Services team that her faithful work would create a positive impact in many lives.

19 FRI - Give thanks for The Torch magazine that is sent around the world, pray that it be an encouragement to all who read it.

20 SAT - Pray for all Torch staff and volunteers for rest and refreshment.

21 SUN - Pray for TFG Leaders and volunteers that they will be able to keep in touch with members and find new individuals to join the groups.

22 MON - Pray for Laura, Suzanne and Tina as they support our clients on the phone with requests and prayer.

23 TUE - As lockdown eases pray for opportunities for Torch to exhibit and reach more churches and individuals.

24 WED - Pray for development of our text-to-speech software, that it will be a really practical and useful tool to create audio resources.

25 THU - Pray for Leonard, for God's leading as he supports our network of local fellowship groups and Torch Together events.

26 FRI - Pray for Michael as he heads up the Central Services team, ensuring the smooth running of Torch as an organisation.

27 SAT - Give thanks for the lives of those who have supported Torch in praying, giving their time and leaving a gift in their will.

28 SUN - Pray for Grace, as she prepares the Reflections radio programme and writes Torch News, for inspiration and guidance.

29 MON - Pray that God would give us deeper relationships with Christian publishers and new opportunities.

30 TUE - Pray for Paul as he ensures that all the technology Torch uses works effectively to enable the ministry to continue.


1 WED - Pray for James and Ildi in the Transcription team who along with our faithful volunteers make resources accessible.

2 THU - Give thanks for all our clients; may each one of them have opportunities to make a difference in their communities.

3 FRI - Pray God's blessing upon Stanley and the staff team in Malawi for both the vision and resources for their ministry.

4 SAT - Pray for the TFG regional co-ordinators and local group leaders for guidance for the future.

5 SUN - Give thanks for all the SLFCs and pray that the latest newsletter will be an encouragement.

6 MON - As the staff team pray online for the week ahead pray that God would equip them for each task.

7 TUE - Give thanks for all the accessible resources available to purchase or borrow, may they be well used.

8 WED - Pray for Michael, Niall & Suzie that their work in the Central Services team would help the ministry run smoothly.

9 THU - Give thanks for all the equipment and technology that enables the production of accessible resources.

10 FRI - Pray for new financial grants to enable Torch to deliver Torch Together events.

11 SAT - Give thanks for the all those who have shared their stories on the Reflections radio programme; pray they inspire others.

12 SUN - Pray for Becky, Matthew and our volunteers as they reach out to churches to equip them to be SLFCs.

13 MON - Pray for those who are accessing Christian resources through their smart speaker and the new website and online shop.

14 TUE - Pray for our volunteer audio transcribers and editors for clear thought and sustained concentration.

15 WED - In this Advent season of waiting we pray a blessing on all our clients waiting for a new guide dog, or for medical interventions.

16 THU - Pray that people would be blessed as we gather at Torch House and via zoom for the Carols and Christmas event.

17 FRI - Give thanks for each of our befrienders as they provide a listening ear and encouragement for people with sight loss.

18 SAT - Pray for all the TFGs that they would have the volunteers to continue and that God could connect new members to the groups.

19 SUN - Give thanks for the freedom to broadcast Christian radio, pray that Reflections would be a blessing to all who listen worldwide.

20 MON - Pray for new partnerships with other Christian groups and organisations to help promote the ministry of Torch.

21 TUE - Pray for staff who are using the new telephone system; give thanks for the new possibilities it gives us to support our clients and partners.

22 WED - Pray for God to challenge and inspire people to start new TFGs.

23 THU - Give thanks for all those who pray regularly for Torch; may we feel fellowship as we pray together online and at home.

24 FRI - Pray for the Torch staff team over the Christmas closure that they would return refreshed for the New Year.

25 SAT - As we thank God for the gift of Jesus today we pray that many would come to know Immanuel through the ministry of Torch.

26 SUN - Pray that we will be able to connect those with sight loss to a SLFC nearby and that one day all churches would be accessible.

27 MON - Give thanks for God's word and for the accessible Bibles available to those in the UK and Malawi through Torch.

28 TUE - Pray for the resources to continue Torch services into the future and that God would prompt more people to support the ministry.

29 WED - Pray for all those blind and partially sighted people who are feeling isolated, may God provide befrienders.

30 THU - As many plan New Year celebrations we pray for all those with sight loss who are isolated that they will find fellowship through Torch.

31 FRI - Give thanks for all that God has done through Torch in 2021 and pray that in 2022 Torch will reach even more individuals.

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