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Prayer Diary January – March 2021

I love the Lord, for he heard my voice; he heard my cry for mercy. Because he turned his ear to me, I will call on him as long as I live.
(Psalm 116:1–2).

TFG = Torch Fellowship Group
SLFC = Sight Loss Friendly Church



1 FRI – Pray that Torch will always be a place where people know the love of Jesus in their lives.

2 SAT – Give thanks for the dedication of the TFG Leaders and Regional Coordinators.

3 SUN – Pray that the Client Services team continue to bring hope and light into clients lives.

4 MON – Praise God that through faithful prayer and financial gifts we can continue Torch's mission.

5 TUE – Pray for our growing Sight Loss Friendly Church community.

6 WED – Pray for the audio transcribers of New Daylight who are recording again after an 8 month break.

7 THU – Give thanks for the skill and dedication of the staff working in the production department.

8 FRI – Pray that we can continue to raise the profile and the needs of Malawi and that our prayers are answered.

9 SAT – We pray that our clients will receive the help and support that they need this year.

10 SUN – Thank God for the platforms like Facebook and YouTube where Torch can have a presence.

11 MON – Pray that the staff working in Torch House stay healthy and safe.

12 TUE – Thank God for the trusts that continue to support the ministry of Torch.

13 WED – Pray for the Torch Together events in 2021 and that they will be a real blessing.

14 THU – Give thanks for time and dedication given by our Trustees, bless them all at this time.

15 FRI – Pray for the Transcription team as they prepare the daily Bible reading notes and books.

16 SAT – Pray that people with influence within churches will see our adverts and messages.

17 SUN – Give thanks to volunteers who commit their time and talents to Torch.

18 MON – Thank God for postal workers especially those in Market Harborough collecting from our offices.

19 TUE – Pray that our supporters will continue to be faithful and support our mission.

20 WED – Thank God for the pastoral support that is given by the Client Services team.

21 THU – Pray that the IT within Torch will continue to be reliable and meet the demands of the service.

22 FRI – Pray for the Executive team for wisdom, guidance and discernment.

23 SAT – Pray for new ideas and speakers for the Reflections radio programme.

24 SUN – Pray that our communications will be timely and helpful to our clients and supporters.

25 MON – Pray for the free lending library, that it is a real blessing and encouragement to clients..

26 TUE – Give thanks to God for enabling Torch to be able to publicise SLFC Taster Sessions.

27 WED – Pray that our volunteer team know how valued they are to the ongoing mission of Torch.

28 THU – Pray for our clients who feel left out or alone and cannot enjoy the things they used to.

29 FRI – Pray for insight, wisdom and guidance for the Operations team.

30 SAT – Pray for the health and wellbeing of our staff, volunteers and trustees.

31 SUN – Pray that we can find new ways of delivering accessible Christian literature.


1 MON – Pray that grants will be available to sustain the ministry of Torch.

2 TUE – Pray for the Client Services team as they offer advice and pastoral support to our clients.

3 WED – Pray for wisdom as we consider new ways of sharing the work of Torch in the current climate.

4 THU – Pray for TFGs that they will be able to continue to connect virtually or remotely to meet the needs of their group.

5 FRI – Thank God for the supporters who are able to donate monthly to the ongoing work of Torch.

6 SAT – Pray that the machinery in our production department continues to work efficiently.

7 SUN – Pray that our resources would bless and build up those who use them.

8 MON – Give thanks for the trustee team who give up their time and energy to serve Torch.

9 TUE – Pray for the sustainability of Torch in this financial year.

10 WED – Pray for the audio editors, that they will have good judgement in their work.

11 THU – We pray that our clients will find the What's New magazine interesting and informative.

12 FRI – Praise God that through faithful prayer and financial gifts Torch's mission can continue.

13 SAT – Pray for the planning, preparation and delivery of the Reflections radio programme.

14 SUN – Pray that sight loss agencies would be aware of Torch and refer individuals to us to receive our services.

15 MON – Thank God for Zoom during this worldwide pandemic, that we can continue to connect with each other.

16 TUE – Pray for God's guidance as the ministry of Torch adapts to the needs of the world about us.

17 WED – Give thanks that there is accessible material for our clients to read at the start of Lent.

18 THU – Pray that churches will access the SLFC website and use the resources.

19 FRI – Pray for the befrienders in Northern Ireland.

20 SAT – Give thanks for the continued prayer support for the ministry of Torch.

21 SUN – Pray for the Executive team for insight and encouragement in these challenging times.

22 MON – Pray a blessing on those receiving books from the small braille libraries in Malawi.

23 TUE – Pray for the telephone service that is so important to our clients.

24 WED – Pray for the profile of Torch and that it can be projected far and wide so that we reach more people.

25 THU – Pray for all those churches seeking to include those who are visually impaired.

26 FRI – Give thanks for the ongoing relationships with publishers to enable Torch to make resources available.

27 SAT – Thank God for the TFGs who through these difficult times have still found ways to donate to the work of Torch.

28 SUN – Pray for those selecting the Christian books for transcription.


1 MON – Give thanks for the trustees for their experience and knowledge as they guide Torch strategically.

2 TUE – Pray that churches consider the needs of partially sighted people when planning Easter services.

3 WED – Pray for the Torch Together events and that they go ahead and are a real blessing.

4 THU – Pray for Christian publishers and that we can access the literature people request.

5 FRI – Give thanks for those able to commit regularly to Torch's work in service, prayer and giving.

6 SAT – Pray for our partners in Malawi and their work of bringing hope to those with sight loss.

7 SUN – Give thanks for the kindness and generosity of our clients.

8 MON – Pray that Torch's ministry would be effective and make Christianity accessible to those with sight loss.

9 TUE – Pray that more churches become aware of the benefits of our SLFC service and sign up.

10 WED – Pray for the strengthening of partnerships that we have with other Christian groups and organisations.

11 THU – Pray that Torch can continue to develop more virtual events.

12 FRI – Pray for each member of each TFG, that they will know God's love and peace during these times.

13 SAT – Pray for the audio transcribers of our Christian books, that the message of the book will come through.

14 SUN – Pray for those people with sight loss moving to new locations and that there is a SLFC nearby.

15 MON – Pray for the Client Services team as they give pastoral support to clients.

16 TUE – Pray that the Prayer Diary encourages people to pray for Torch's ongoing mission.

17 WED – Pray that churches are a place where people with sight loss feel valued and part of a church family.

18 THU – Pray that clients feel inspired to use our free lending library.

19 FRI – Pray that the content of Torch News will inspire more people to support the work of Torch.

20 SAT – Pray for encouragement for our volunteers.

21 SUN – Pray that the Reflections radio programme will reach and bless more people.

22 MON – Pray for wisdom for those who choose library books for our readers.

23 TUE – Pray for the regular flow of financial provision and for wisdom to use it well.

24 WED – Pray that the IT network, PCs and servers continue to work well.

25 THU – Pray for those who receive large print books and magazines, that they will be a blessing and an encouragement.

26 FRI – Pray that accessible formats of The Torch reach far and wide across the world.

27 SAT – Pray for the Executive team, that they will be guided and blessed in all that they do.

28 SUN – Give thanks for TFG regional co-ordinators and local group leaders.

29 MON – Pray that the staff working at Torch House stay healthy and safe.

30 TUE – Pray for the audio transcribers as they record books with a wide variety of topics and styles.

31 WED – Give thanks for the clients and supporters who consider leaving a Legacy to Torch.

Thank you for supporting us through prayer and your generous gifts

Torch relies on the generosity of our faithful supporters, and your financial gifts to Torch are vital for our ministry. Your support enables those with sight loss to grow in faith and thrive in Christian community.

£45 enables Torch to provide Premier Christianity in an accessible version to someone with sight loss for a year.

£90 is the cost to Torch for each client to have full access to our lending library of accessible Christian literature.

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