Torch Prayer Phone

Here is the update for the prayer update for 14th Feb: 

1. Please continue to pray for the appointing of a new CEO to replace Gordon Temple who will be retiring this year.

2. Pray for the trustees meeting in connection with selection of new CEO on Friday 16th.

3. Pray for Janet Stafford travelling to Exeter on 23rd for a very busy series of meetings over the following week.

4. Janet is at Exeter and Exmouth Torch Fellowship Group on Saturday 24th, and at Exmouth Chapel morning service on 25th.

5. She will be speaking at Exmouth Chapel women's prayer time on 26th and at their ladies' meeting on 27th.

6. She is speaking at Teignmouth Ladies' Group on 27th, and at Exmouth Chapel Missionary meeting on 28th.

7. Finally on 29th she is speaking at Exeter Chapel Friendly Circle 7.30 to 9.30 pm
Thank you