Torch Prayer Phone

Here is the update for the prayer phone for 16th Oct: 

1. Pray for our trustees as they meet for a retreat at Torch Holiday and Retreat Centre this week.

2. Pray for Torch representatives at the Christian Resources Exhibition at Sandown Park this week.

3. Clive Leakey, with a small group of people interested in the work of Torch, is visiting Torch House on the 18th.

4. Sheila Armstrong is at the Christian Helplines Meeting on the 19th.

6. Pray for Carol & Brian Nokes with Trevor & Cathie Roach visiting the Barnet Torch Fellowship Group on the 20th.

7. Paul, Graham and Julia are hosting a breakfast for local church ministers at Torch House on the 27th, in connection with the 'Sight Loss Friendly Church' project.

8. Pray for Julia Hyde at the North East Torch Fellowship Groups Leaders' Meeting on the 28th at Stockton.
Thank you