Volunteer – Role Profile

Volunteer Audio Reader

Torch Ethos

The Torch Trust aims can be summarised as ‘enabling people with sight loss to discover Christian faith and lead fulfilling Christian lives.’ To achieve this we provide Christian resources and activities for blind and partially sighted people worldwide.

Torch Trust has a distinctive culture that reflects its Christian beliefs and has been shaped by its history of seeking to be faithful to God’s guidance.

Our values inform the choices made by Torch, what we do and the way we do it. Our values are:-

Christ-centred; People-focussed; Openness; Creativity

We are a Christian mission and will seek to faithfully represent the Christian message in what we do and in what we say but we will never impose our faith or belief on others.

Occupational Requirements
Torch is a Christian Mission working primarily with Christian organisations and Christian clients. The person undertaking these duties is not expected to have close contact with our users and is therefore not required to accept the Torch Basis of Faith however they are required to acknowledge that they are working for a Christian Mission and to have sympathy with, and understanding of, the Torch Ethos.


Volunteer Audio Reader.

Reports to

James Brookman, Audio Transcription Coordinator.

Main Purpose

To read, record and edit books and publications as required by the Audio Transcription Coordinator. Subject to agreement, the work will be carried out at Torch premises or at the applicant’s home.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

To ensure that audio recording work schedules are kept to and deadlines met.

To produce accurately read audio files and pass them to the Audio Transcription Coordinator.

Desirable Skills and Experience

Previous experience of reading or acting is desirable but not essential.

The applicant will be required to record a successful voice test before being considered for the role.

The ability to read accurately

An attractive but natural reading voice with variable expression, inflections and intonation.

Concentration and attention to detail.

A working knowledge of audio recording and editing hardware and software is desirable but full training will be provided

A good ‘ear’ for audio editing.

The ability to work to deadlines.

If working from home, a quiet place to work without intrusive background sounds

Expected Hours and Pattern of Volunteering

This is a part-time role with days and hours to suit the applicant. However, the applicant must be prepared to commit time to projects in order to meet deadlines

Risk Assessment


Promote the good name of Torch at all times.