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Support Torch financially

Many people not only pray for Torch but also like to support the work financially. Here are the ways that you can give:


Making a Payment:

Make a payment/donations via your bank

This is most cost effective way for Torch, and you can do this for one off donations, regular giving, or paying invoices. Many people now have and use on line banking and find it easy to make payments in this way. All you need is Torch's bank details which are - The Torch Trust for the Blind, SORT CODE: 40-52-40, Account Number: 00017072, CAF Bank Ltd, 25 Kings Hill Ave, West Malling, Kent, ME19 4JQ.

It is really helpful to quote a reference if you have one,  your Client Reference Number or Invoice number as appropriate. You can also alert us to this payment by email to or calling +44 (0)1858 438260. If you would like to make a regular monthly donation please contact us for a reference to quote. Donations made in this way do not attract any bank charges for us and thus every penny you give goes to Torch.

Set up a direct debit

As an alternative to setting up a regular payment through your bank yourself giving by direct debit is really helpful, even if it is just for a small amount, as it increases the proportion of our income that is predictable and helps us plan Torch’s finances.

If you have access to the Internet, you can up set up a direct debit online by clicking on this link with CAF Donate (Charities Aid Foundation) and then following the on-screen instructions.

If you prefer, print off a Direct Debit form, complete it, and send it to Torch Trust, Torch House, Torch Way, Market Harborough, LE16 9HL.

Or please call us on +44 (0)1858 438260 or email us at to ask us to set up the direct debit for you.

Make a donation by phone

Call Torch House on +44 (0)1858 438260 to make a donation using your debit or credit card. Most cards are accepted. Charges made by financial institutions on credit cards are generally higher than those made on debit cards.

Other forms of online donation

You can visit Torch Trust’s donation page on the Charity Choice website to make a debit or credit card donation by clicking on this link.

You can also make a donation direct through CAF Donate (Charities Aid Foundation) by clicking on this link and then following the on-screen instructions.

Please note that giving via these routes incur small administration fees on all debit and credit card transactions.

Send a cheque

Send your cheque made out to 'The Torch Trust for the Blind' to Torch House, Torch Way, Market Harborough, LE16 9HL, UK.

Use Gift Aid to boost your gifts at no cost to yourself

If you support Torch financially and you are a UK taxpayer, you can increase the value of your donations to us by 25% by making a Gift Aid declaration. Please print off a single donation Gift Aid Declaration or a multiple donation Gift Aid Declaration, and post the completed form to Torch House.

If you make donations online or by direct debit you can complete the appropriate declaration online. 

Alternatively, call +44 (0)1858 438260 or email to request a blank Gift Aid declaration; either for a single donation or for multiple donations.

Give specifically

Please let us know if you would like to give towards a specific project in which Torch is engaged. For large donations we restrict the use of these funds so that they can only be used for the purpose that you specify. However, Torch does reserve the option to apply up to ten per cent of such restricted funds towards the costs of organising and administering these projects.

Please call Torch House on +44 (0)1858 438260 and ask to speak to someone who can tell you about our current projects.


Leaving a gift:

Leave a gift to Torch in your will

After providing for your family and friends, you may wish to leave a gift (a legacy) to Torch in your will.

Torch Trust has been greatly helped in its work by the bequests made by those who support through writing Torch into their wills. Such kind gifts are vital for Torch as they currently account for over a half of the income we need annually to continue to fund our work. Gifts to charity are tax-exempt, so the maximum amount possible benefits the people who depend on our help.

By leaving a gift to Torch Trust in your will, you assist in the important work started back in 1959. A gift of any size means so much, and every little bit helps to give real hope and blessing to those with sight loss.

Write a will including a legacy to Torch

If you haven’t already made a will, a solicitor specialising in wills and probate can guide you through the various pitfalls and explain the options most suitable to your circumstances.

As gifts to charities are exempt from inheritance tax, this can be a particularly tax-efficient way not only to benefit Torch, but also to reduce the amount of inheritance tax payable after your death, which will help your other beneficiaries.

A well-drafted will is a valuable investment for you and your loved ones.

Change your existing will to include a legacy to Torch

If you have already made a will, but you want to leave a legacy to Torch, you can make an addition or change to your current will without re-writing it. This addition is called a codicil. A codicil is not legally binding unless it is part of your main will. We advise you to always seek the advice of a solicitor.

Please print off a Codicil Form or request one by by calling us at +44 (0)1858 438260, or emailing

Make a pledge to leave a gift to Torch

If you haven’t yet made a will, making a pledge to leave a gift in your will in the future would really help us find out about your future intentions and enable us to plan for the future.

Pledges are also not legally binding so you are not committing yourself. You are simply allowing Torch to estimate future support for our work. However, if you wish it to be legally binding, we advise you to consult a solicitor to draw up a will for you, which incorporates your pledge.

Please print off a Legacy Pledge Form or request one by calling us at +44 (0)1858 438260 or emailing

Complete the form, retain a copy for yourself and send another to Torch Trust, Torch House, Torch Way, Market Harborough, LE16 9HL, or if you wish to incorporate it in your will now, take it along to your solicitor.


How Torch's Finances Work

God is our provider

Over the years Torch has grown as a faith mission – always trusting God to provide as we prayerfully seek him for all that we need to serve him. We openly communicate our financial needs but we do not ask for money or engage directly in fundraising activities. We hope that the following information will encourage you to join us in prayer over the financial needs of the work.

Costs of products and services

We provide magazines, booklets and our library service free of charge to registered blind and partially sighted people.

Only a small amount of our income comes from sales of literature including braille and large print books. We price each item at or around the price of its equivalent standard print publication, which is well below the true cost to us of producing it. We also run subsidised holidays and events at our Holiday & Retreat Centre (HRC).

Torch relies on the vocational commitment of people who feel God has led them to work with us. Volunteers do much of Torch’s work. However, we do pay core permanent staff a modest salary, which reflects skills and responsibility. The salary only allows simple living and staff trust God to provide for their other personal living needs.


Most (over eighty-five per cent) of Torch’s income comes from donations made by individuals, groups and churches, and from legacies left by those who choose to include Torch when they make their wills. Our donation and legacy income supports all of our literature work as well as all of our fellowship and personal support activities.

It now costs around £2,700 per calendar day to sustain the work of Torch. Our continued operation relies on the generous support of individuals, groups and churches. Please pray for God’s continuing provision; we know that your prayers make a difference.

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Donate Now Button

Torch can receive single donations via both the Charity Choice and CAF websites.

You can also donate by cash, cheque or over the phone by using the most popular credit/debit cards.

If you have any questions about supporting Torch, please call Torch House on +44 (0)1858 438260, explain what you want to know and ask to speak to someone who can help you. Alternatively, email your questions to

Torch Trust: Registered charity no. 1095904

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