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Torch at work in Romania through partnerships

Dezna Torch

Helping Romania's blind and partially sighted people

What is Dezna Torch?

Dezna Torch is a Romanian Christian (non-denominational) organisation. It was established in 1995 to meet the needs of visually impaired chidlren and adults and to show them the love of Jesus with practical care as well as to tell them about Him.

For further information ...

Mike Townsend
Phone. (Office): 01858 438260
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Lazuri  Guest House

Special holidays for special people

Special people- who are they? 

Blind and other disabled people often fare badly in Romania’s impoverished society, and are unable to live independent lives. They frequently end up in institutions, living in appalling conditions and seldom able to go out. 

Imagine living in a Transylvanian castle set on a bleak mountainside -this is Dumbroveni. Inside the castle it is bare and damp - the corridors are wide and long - there is very little heating and it feels most unwelcoming.

Special holidays - what are they?

George Iordan of Pro-Lumina was very challenged by the blind people living in such conditions so, in 2002, Pro-Lumina opened a respite house in Lazuri, which is just 5 miles from Tergoviste.

Here holidays are given for up to 18 visually impaired people at a time. They enjoy food, fun and fellowship.  There is a garden and a meeting room they can enjoy, and it’s here they will hear about the love of Jesus for them.

Guests have been overwhelmed by the hospitality they received.

A number of those who visited Lazuri last year trusted the Lord Jesus as their Saviour! What better outcome from being on holiday could there be?!

It is always a wonderful privilege to be able to do something for somebody who cannot in any way repay us back. You may like to help a blind person in Romania to have a holiday. 

It currently costs about £10 per person per day for a stay at Lazuri. This includes diesel for the minibus which collects and returns people home,  (round trips sometimes being over 300 km), and the cost of trips, visits etc during their stay. Each holiday is usually for ten days.

For more about Pro-Lumina contact:

Janet Stafford
Torch Trust for the Blind
Tel: 01858 438260
Fax: 01858 438275

Light into Europe

Light into Europe’s objective is to help the Romanian sensory disadvantaged children and young people to improve their lives, to expand their possibilities and to become active and accepted members of the Romanian society.

Light into Europe started in 1986 with medical and humanitarian projects across Europe.  Since 2004, we focused our efforts on developing support for two Cinderella groups: the sight impaired and the hearing impaired.

For more about Light into Europe visit or contact:

Janet Stafford
Torch Trust for the Blind
Tel: 01858 438260
Fax: 01858 438275


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