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Accessible Bibles and Bible Reading Notes from Torch

Accessible Bibles

DAISY audio

  • DAISY NIV audio Bible - navigation by book, chapter, section and verse; includes index. The New International Version read by David Suchet on 4 discs, £15.99 Also available on loan from the Library

  • DAISY TNIV audio Bible - (Today's New International Version) read by English actors on 4 discs, £15.99. Also available on loan from the Library

  • DAISY King James AV audio Bible - on 4 discs, £9.99. Also available on loan from the library

Digital AudioMegavoice Envoy S

  • Megavoice NIV Audio Bible - a hand-held, rugged, solar-powered digital audio player with preloaded New International Version Bible read by well known British Actor David Suchet. Three pairs of buttons allow selection of book, chapter and groups of 5 verses. Instruction Manual available in Large Print or Braille. Includes 12-month limited warranty. Available for purchase, £40. Optional mains charging pack with USB lead, £10. Proceeds help to fund Bibles for Africa. For more information or to place an order, please call 01858 438260 and speak to a member of our Client Services team.

Giant Print NIV

Large Print NIrV

The New International Reader’s Version (NIrV) is a translation of the Bible which uses simpler language and shorter sentences. Although designed to be more accessible to children and people who have English as their second language, it is by no means childish and remains as profound as ever.

It is available in 20pt, 25pt and 30pt, and can be purchased in individual volumes, the complete Old Testament, the complete New Testament and the entire Bible.

Individual volumes cost £1.50 each, however, bear in mind that some books will be over several volumes, dependent on their length and font size, and some volumes will have more than one book within them. Please contact Client Services to help guide you through the process of purchasing these to meet your individual needs.

Font size 20pt comes in 30 volumes and costs £45. 
Old Testament 24 volumes, £36. 
New Testament 6 volumes, £9. 

Font size 25pt comes in 38 volumes and costs £57. 
Old Testament 29 volumes, £43.50. 
New Testament 9 volumes, £13.50.

Font size 30pt comes in 56 volumes and costs £84. 
OldTestament 43 volumes, £64.50.
New Testament 13 volumes, £19.50.


Daily Bible Reading Notes

Many people appreciate being able to read the Bible on a regular basis with the benefit of accompanying notes to help them understand, reflect and apply lessons for life.

Torch Trust produces a range of accessible daily Bible reading notes as shown below. For more information, to request a sample copy or to subscribe please email or telephone +44 (0)1858 438260.

Daily Bread (from Scripture Union)

  • DAISY format - issued every 2 months on 1 DAISY CD disc

  • USB Format - issued every 2 months on 1 USB memory stick

  • Braille format - issued monthly in 1 volume

  • Suggested annual donation for DAISY, USB, or Braille - £19.00 per annum (2021)

  • Also available FREE daily in audio from the Registered Users Area of this website which is for blind and partially sighted users only; registration required.

  • Large print format (14pt) - issued every 3 months available from the publisher –

  • DailyBread is also available as an app for the iPhone, iPad and Android. For more details go to itunes or play google play

Every Day with Jesus (from Waverley Abbey Resources)

The Upper Room (from Bible Reading Fellowship)

  • Large print format (17pt, 20pt, 25pt or 30pt) available from Torch - issued monthly in 2 volumes except 30pt, which is in 3 volumes  - suggested donation for Large Print - £18 per annum (2021)

The United Methodist Church based in USA supplies The Upper Room in the following different formats:

New Daylight (from Bible Reading Fellowship)

  • Daisy format - issued every 2 months on 1 DAISY CD disc

  • USB format - issued every 2 months on 1 USB memory stick

  • Suggested annual donation for DAISY or USB - £18 per annum (2021)

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